I still can’t believe that Louis got the dagger.

He got the dagger.

He has a dagger tattooed on his body.

He did it.

I’m just overwhelmed, almost seven months later because I still can’t believe it.

Harry got the rose tattoo in September 2013. We started saying Louis was gonna get the dagger the day we saw it for the first time.

When Louis went to Shamrock in March last year people were like ‘oh is he getting the dagger?’.

When he and Eleanor went to the tattoo parlour in Paris and Louis apparently snapped and they left before he got a tattoo we were like ‘oh what if he was gonna get the dagger’.

We photoshopped daggers on his body, since we hadn’t seen him shirtless in a while we speculated on it being on his torso. We looked closely at gifs of him lifting his top to see if there was a shadow there that could resemble a dagger.

People sent him multiple (hundreds?) of tweets asking him to get the dagger.

There were posts on blogs, and jokes and it was ALWAYS in the back of our minds. Like we would bring up ‘okay, but when is Louis gonna get the dagger’ at least once a week.

Flippant statements like ‘if he gets the dagger I’ll chop my hand off’ were made. Several times. By several people.






I woke up at 4 AM on a Tuesday for seemingly no reason and felt the urge to check tumblr, I did and the first thing I saw was this:

and I kept thinking that it had to be photoshop, or a knife, or a sword or whatever it could NOT be THE dagger. It couldn’t have happened, what were the odds?

Obviously I didn’t go back to sleep, like… why would I??? I watched the whole interview (A Current Affair, Australia, November 27th 2014, I will never forget). And I kept seeing glimpses of it and I was just ‘omg I can’t believe he did it’.

And then we got this:

because subtlety is not even on his dictionary

and  it was captioned like this

in case anyone had any shred of doubt it was a dagger A D A G G E R.

This was completely unprecedented for them with their tattoos. More so, Louis got THREE tattoos that day, the smiley face, ‘given a chance’ and the dagger. And he showed off the dagger. Zayn got a tattoo too that day, but he didn’t show it off????

And to top things, because what is our life?