“The Ashlanders, also called the Velothi after the prophet Veloth, are Dunmeri nomads that traditionally hail from Vvardenfell’s wilderness. In the Merethic Era, Ashlanders and Dunmer were very much alike and on equal footing, but after the formation of the First Council and the Great Houses, they have steadily been forced into the poorest and most hostile lands.”

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Name: Daniel Hunter Naff Gender: Cis male Sexuality: straight as a board Sign: Leo Hometown: Roanoke, Virginia, USA Your color palette: navy, maroon, orange, powder blue, dark green, khaki, purple Perfect meal: two over easy eggs, steak, hash browns, biscuits, baked apples, coffee Dream job: Park Ranger with the NPS An insecurity: I’m not enough If you could be an animal: Bear (sleep all I want, cute as hell, grizzly as fuck) taking-roots highbluehopes clarinetgirl2015 jenna-miilu chokingonliquidcolors