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Okay but a genghis khan musical movie tho think of the possibilities:

  • Dancing henchmen, now with actual personalities
  • Hero having a introduction song thats basically a polished up version of what his life is like: it’s very james bond like and all that stuff
  • Villain having a very typically villainous introduction song and hero interrupting him. 
  • It basically being a running gag that agent always interrupts villains songs
  • Angry duets 
  • Fighting but it basically being dancing
  • Villain debating how to kill hero w/ his henchmen and them being like “Listen dude. It’s blatantly obvious you have a crush on him now go and get ready cause he’ll be there in a minute” and dressing him up in some very nice suit, cologne, maybe polish up his nose lmao, all in a dance number while villain’s protesting
  • Hero shows up and tries very hard not to notice how good villain looks suddenly (not that he doesn’t look good normally)
  • (Ex-)wife and villain having a big dance number where wife says villain has grown soft, villain trying to prove he’s absolutely not gone soft because of some stupid secret agent and is still very menacing (lmao)
  • The henchmen having their whole own song without villain, hero or anyone else. Like in the cafetaria, talking about whatever, then hero storming into the cafetaria with villain following him, fighting each other while the henchmen watch, singing about their thoughts on the whole ‘our boss is in love with his arch nemesis’ thing
  • Cute dancing and singing children!!!! I love them. 
  • Hero seems to almost exclusively take on missions where villain plays some sort of part, according to his boss. They eventually believe him when he says he just hates the dude very much and wants to take him down but he just never seems to succeed, he doesn’t understand how he seems to escape every time either.
  • The agency actually capturing villain in some way, agent helping him escape by providing just the tools he needs
  • Having to pretend he’s upset over villain escaping like ‘Why don’t we have any competent agents around here? Who put the key on a hook right next to the cell door?? Hmm??’ fucking nerd
  • Henchmen with actual personalities I wanna know what the guy who goes ooh in the background is really like
  • The martini glass making an appearance
  • Hero making shitty nose puns and villain getting back at him by making fun of the martini glass
  • Flirting without even noticing it themselves with henchmen rolling their eyes in the background
  • You know that labcoated guy in the background who sits at the computer and also goed ‘ooh’? He needs a part lmao
  • 60s music!!! lots and lots of different 60s music
  • Villain and agent physically fighting over something (a remote, a key, etc.) and them almost kissing
  • Villain deciding this needs to end now because he’ll lose everything he has if it doesn’t
  • Him and a team of scientists constructing the laser, the scientists very carefully asking him whether this is a good idea. Someone says that he could always just shoot him if he wanted hero dead, to which he answers that hero deserves something special. 
  • Hero being heartbroken when he’s placed on the table, discovering that he really can’t get out of it this time, scared for his life.
  • A duet with villain desperately trying to ignore hero trying to interrupt him while he’s singing about him wanting hero to get it on with nobody else but him, and when he’s about to push the button, the buzzer powers down the machine
  • So not only ANGRY duets, also sad duets
  • Wife asking whether he’s killed the agent yet when the children have gone to bed, and giving him an ultimatum when she hears he hasn’t
  • Villain having a reprise of his introduction song: his song was about how evil he was and how he was gonna take over the world yada yada, the reprise is about him hating how he suddenly has goodness in him, and how he hopes he’ll be able to do it the next day so everything can go back to normal. Hero’s part is about how he hoped villain had some goodness in him but apparently he doesn’t, because he’s going to kill him, but he still hopes he won’t.
  • Next day villain’s semi-convinced himself that he’ll be able to do it. He wants to tell hero how he feels but that he knows a relationship between them wouldn’t work out, and he DOES tell him. Hero’s going to die anyway, right?
  • The same events happening as in the video, but with a bigger dance number because come on it’s a musical, the henchmen are gonna do something more than just bopping along in the background
  • Hero reassuring villain that it can work out, and they’ll figure it out together.
  • Wife having observed everything that happened and shooting hero after dramatically appearing from behind a pillar, then escaping
  • Hero lying in villains arms, singing a kind of bittersweet goodbye song and villain being like ‘Shut the fuck up I’m not going to let you die’
  • Hero survives, of course, and is moved to a bed in the hospital wing to rest (not before kissing villain passionately, of course)
  • Wife coming to visit him in the hospital wing to finish the job, him singing about what his life was really like and how he glamorized it to feel better about himself and the image he should uphold as an agent, and how he loves villain and wants him to be happy, doing this to distract wife (but all of it being tru lmao) .Wife singing about how she never had the chance to pursue world domination because villain would amass their empire and she had to take care of the kids, also singing about her tragic backstory and that she worked so much harder for villains love than hero and he doesn’t deserve it.
  • Him using the oppurtunity to push a silent alarm button that summons henchmen to the hospital wing. Wife proceeding to fight off the henchmen and escaping through the window
  • A very Serious Conversation about how thinks will work out, about what wife said to hero, etc. 
  • Villain and hero dreaming about their future together, which turns into a nice dance ending number, complete with a scorned ex-wife as a nice cliffhanger at the end.
  • Which means happy duets
  • Henchmen and scientists with bigger parts holy shit give it to me
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“翔くん 映画おめでとう\(°∀° )/ 櫻井翔主演!!! 東野圭吾原作「ラプラスの魔女」 三池崇史監督 #櫻井翔 #ラプラスの魔女”

17.03.20 Sakurai Sho leading in movie “Laplace’s Witch” O.A. 2018 [English translation]

Story by Higashino Keigo “Laplace’s Witch”, directed by Miike Takashi

ARASHI’s Sakurai Sho-san (35) will act the leading role in movie “Laplace’s Witch” (Rapurasu no majo) (O.A. 2018, directed by Miike Takashi-san), original authored by popular novelist Higashino Keigo-san. It is since four years ago “Kamisama no karute 2” that Sakurai-san takes leading role, and it is the second time he works with Director Miike since the hit movie “Yatterman” (2009) which scored a 3.14 billion yen box office.

The original novel is a commemorative work published in May 2015 celebrating Higashino-san’s debut 30th anniversary. It is the second time Sakurai-san performs Higashino-san’s work, the first time was NHK drama “Tokio Chichi e no Dengon” (2004). “My heart pounds for many ‘since long time’”. This time 12 companies competed for the copyrights of filming this work and Toho won.

The scriptwriter is Yatsu Hiroyuki-san who wrote dramas reflecting social phenomena like “Naoki Hanzawa” (TBS, 2013, original author Ikeido Jun-san), this movie gathers various hit-makers.

Sakurai-san acts a university professor of earth science·Aoe Shusuke. The character investigates two consecutive suspicious death incidents at a strange hot spring, trying to find out the truth. With expectation on Director Miike’s work “Many staff in this crew also worked in “Yatterman”, I savour the joy of being able to be same members again”, the filming started with the aim of making a new hit work.

The filming started crank in at Kanto suburban. The co-cast includes Hirose Suzu-san (18) and Fukushi Sota-san (23). Director Miike also has confidence “there is no way it isn’t interesting”. Sakurai-san also said “I want to make a “big chemistry” with Director and everyone of co-cast at the filming site”. It is Sakurai-san’s first time acting a professor. While he is active in works of artist and caster, he would also demonstrate his excellence in acting work stimulated by the two co-acts with whom he works for the first time.

Source: Paper news scan from twitter @chiy0830

How about a reality tv show following the henchmen working for villains organization. Every time something dramatic happens, ooh guy looks at the camera and, of course, goes ooh.

Because drama is happening. I mean, there’s probably some rivalries in the ranks, office gossip that escalates, machines that explode due to avoidable mistakes, which villain’s bound get mad over, all with nice commentary, given by the henchmen on the confession cam.

Sometimes, the field missions also get filmed. The camera people get paid a lot on those days. Well, if they survive (most of them are ex-assassins or agents anyway).

The series starts when villain and hero are still enemies. Sometimes, when hero is captured by villain that day, he also appears on the confession cam: tied up with rope, but still. He gets along with the camera crue, but he never manages to convince them to free him (he always has to do that himself).

Villain always denies any feelings he has for hero, but the montage team makes sure to show footage of villain smirking at hero or looking at him for a bit too long after those moments.

The episode where villain and hero hook up has the highest ratings. After that, hero starts appearing a bit more frequently. And he’s not trapped during confession cam anymore either.

I like to imagine hero getting the mission to break into villain’s house and he didn’t know what he expected, but he certainly didn’t expect to find himself in a suburban house in some ordinary neighbourhood. He’s even more surprised to find that the man appears to have two children. 

The thing is: villain is probably very concerned for their safety because of his profession, so naturally they were thought what to do in a situation where a strange man breaks into their house. My point is: they call their mother and what she walks in on is her two children beating the shit out of hero as best as they can and she’s just so proud.

I think we can all agree that evil ex-wife needs a girlfriend. Or a wife, however you wanna call her. It would honestly be great if she lets go of villain and gets a cute (possibly secret agent) lady to date.

This doesn’t mean she can’t hold a grudge, though.

She doesn’t want villain back anymore, but this is still the man who wasted a decade of her life. She has also discovered that she really enjoys being a supervillain. So what does she do? She climbs to the top with her partner fully supporting her and becomes villains biggest rival.

Hero and evil ex-wife’s new wife get along great though. They meet each other for coffee every thursday. They exchange recipes and talk about their spouses and what they’ve been up to.

This whole situation is a popular topic to gossip about among other supervillains. The kids have one hell of a childhood.