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The very next morning, as promised, Ozai’s cell was outfitted with a mattress, pillow and a few blankets to make him more comfortable. He spent the next few hours resting on his new accommodation. It was a far cry from a real bed but it was a welcomed feature after spending years sleeping on the floor. His tired bones would benefit tremendously from it.

Later that day, after lunch, the guard named Ming entered the cell carrying a tray with tea.

“Enjoying your new bed?” She chimed as she set the tray down in front of the bars. “None of the other guards wanted to do it so I volunteered. I hope you like it. It was your brother’s favorite.” Ming had assumed that Ozai would enjoy the flavor much like his brother; a very ignorant assumption. Ozai didn’t share much in common with Iroh. They may both like tea, but their taste was very different.

Ozai sat up and stretched, moving shortly after to sit in front of the tray. “Hmph.” He could smell the nauseating scent of his brother’s favorite tea. Picking up the cup, he took a sip anyways. 

“I’ll leave you to your thoughts.” The female guard walked out, giving the former Fire Lord some privacy.   

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Wahh, there're more, I didn't see that: Periwinkle, Blush, Cinnamon (even though it's now from near, but who cares, I admire you anyways)!

CINNAMON = You’re a really cool person and admire you from afar.

PERIWINKLE = You make me laugh

BLUSH = Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better.

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MY GOOODDDNESSSS you make me smileeee everytime (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄) Thank you so much! I’m so glad!!!!  。(*^▽^*)ゞ

I was tagged by theemmed to put on shuffle for 20 songs! Tagging anyone who wants to do it :D

I cheated a litte and swapped some songs out for songs from the same band that were available online. Also this goes anywhere from indie “netlabel” EDM to art rock, haha.

  1. Futo Subete Yume to Shitta — LLLL feat. Ano from Yurumerumo!
  2. Magic of Love — Perfume
  3. Snapdragon — NemesisTheory
  4. Star (Miii Remix) — Meishi Smile
  5. Sharp (tofubeats Remix) — Negoto
  6. rump — baroque
  7. It’s Alright Now — Bombay Bicycle Club
  8. Horses Fell — The Darcys
  9. Binetsuka de Shajitsu Shita Shinsou wa Atesaki Fumei no Tegami to Naru — Rentrer en Soi
  10. Saihate no Parade — Merry
  11. Into the Sun — Luna Sea (flashing cw)
  12. Metal & Dust — London Grammar
  13. Trust Me — Kanno Yoko feat. Sakamoto Maaya
  14. Does This Mean You’re Moving On — The Airborne Toxic Event
  15. Something Else — Diamond Rings
  16. Koko Dake no Hanashi — chatmonchy
  17. Ai no Bakudan — B'z (flashing cw)
  18. Aka no Seijaku — Ishida Youko
  19. Anata ni Deawanakereba ~Kasetsu Touka~ — Aimer
  20. Welcome, Ghosts — Explosions in the Sky
To precisando de um manual de como conversar com uma pessoa, porque serio, assim como ta não da pra ficar. Sabe quando tu tem todos os assuntos do mundo pra falar, mas tu não quer nenhum deles, pois acha que a outra pessoa não ira gostar? Eu sou assim, e nem sei o porque. Tenho total consciência que deveria falar sobre o que eu quiser, se a pessoas for gostar de mim, vai responder ate as perguntas mais sem sentido que eu fizer, mas não é assim que eu penso, eu tenho medo, não tenho autoconfiança, acho que qualquer coisa que eu falar e a pessoa não responder rápido é porque eu sou uma retardada que não sabe conversar, sabe, tenho vontade de bater em mim mesmo por pensar essas merdas.
—  miii-mo

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Lo hiciste con ella el verano pasado? Que paso con MIII, donde me deja eso ami? Dime... Y cuando lo hagas mirame a los ojos, se sincero...Yo te amaba, TU PIZZA DE PEPERONI TE SIGUE AMANDO.😭😭💔 APESAR SE TODO TE SIGUE AMANDO.

El verano pasado fui con mi familia y no soy infiel, tampoco podría ser lo ya que no conozco a ninguna otra chica soy un perdedor en ese aspecto >:C

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Ya kiz çocuğuyum ben. Soyle bir sorunum var babam var ama yok. Olsa bile anca orospu diyor ise bak 😁 bu lafa gülüyorum ama cidden canimi acitiyor. Erkeklere sunu diyeyim eger bir kızınız olursa dediginiz laflara dikkat edin.+kavga eksik olmaz miii

Kız çocukları babalarından çekiyor :( o lafı bende bi kaç defa duydum ve insanın canını çok yakıyor biliyorum. O kavgalar umarım bir gün biter tek şans evlenmek sanırım o da ayrı bi dert gibi ama resmen ironi ya -_-

Burdan erkeklere duyurulur. Kızınız olursa lütfen daha dikkatli olun kızlar babalarını daha çok sever,sevmek ister :’) bilin.

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OH MIII GOD !?!?! What the hell is Tremayne on? Not only is he cheating but he's lying! Explain this to me Kim. please? What's going on?

Oh my goodness. Lol, I know. Tremayne is a trip. As you can see Tremayne is married to Olivia. They have been married for 3 years and been together since college. At this point of Tremayne’s life he is confused because he brought another woman into the picture (Cody) and he doesn’t know what to do. Lying and trying to protect the lie is what seems best for him but he’s getting tired of it. He knows he will never leave Olivia but he says he will for Cody to make her feel like he will. He doesn’t know how the relationship between them even went to how it is now but he really doesn’t want to let her go. He knows he’ll probably lose both but for now he’ll stay lowkey and lie through it all.