Naruto 700+9
  • the title is called “I’LL PROTECT YOU”
  • corny but super sweet and cute tag with “off to save sakura, susanoo dancing in the heavens” 
  • sarada noticing the sasusaku moments! (even though she wasn’t in fangirl-mode like we were) and then her resolve to focus on mama
  • sakura kicking some giant rocks!
  • enemy getting squished like a bug
  • sasuke taking those knives out of sakura and burning the shit out of it 

  • she called him darling!!! <33333333

  • he held onto her <3
  • they have those smiley faces at each other
  • chouchou being chouchou with “why is he sarada’s dad and not miiiiiineee” (i feel ya girl, why can’t sasuke be mine too?)
  • chubby shin jr and chouchou voicing out loud exactly that “a few chubby ones in there i see” (chouchou, do you fancy chubby shin jr? *wink)
  • chubby shin jr the titan attack on team 7+kids (plays “guren no yumiya”) but then he gets knocked out
  • sarada punching that one-eyed digimon
  • sakura trying to shield herself in front of sarada
  • sarada going sakura-mode and making mama surprised and papa proud

me the entire time: