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"Sherlock asked me to be his best man," Greg told John over a pint. "I know," John replied. "Really?" Greg said surprised, " because I was sure you were going to ask me." "It was important to him that you be his best man," John explained, "he didn't say why exactly but you mean a lot to him, he turns to you for help before he turns to his own brother." "So who's going to be your best man?" Greg asked a bit later. "Mike," John replied, "he's had his speech written since he introduced us."


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Mira Belle was strolling around the Luxury Ball, hoping to find Mac. Around this time, she would find him hanging around the bar, chatting with Sinead about their day. Of course, she found him there, sipping on some of Sinny's fresh milk. "How adorable~..." She whispered to herself The plump Zoroark then strolled up to him, her oversized pajamas adding to her cuteness factor. "Oh, Miiiiiiiiike~..." she cooed, wrapping her arms around the boxer, hugging him tight. "Finally found you~..."

Mac chuckled a little bit as Mira wrapped around him, holding her back. “Hey Mira, I didn’t think I was too difficult to find.” He chuckled a bit at her. “I mean, you know I have a pretty usual routine. Anyway, what can I help you with love?” He asked her with a smile, softly petting and stroking her fur.