I've missed tumblr so much!

Finally I am on break guys and I have less work so I can tumbl (?) again!! I missed it so so much, and seeing your funny comments :) I know I’m a bit quiet but I love reading other peoples posts and seeing what y'all are into.

For those of you reading my lame tweets, you know I had loads of deadlines and stress totally annihilated me. Also I went to the Big Bang concert in London this saturday and…guys omg…I can’t put it into words!!! I’m still in shock tbh, I have been a fan for many years and never even imagined I would ever get to see the boys live.. but it happened, and it feels like a dream. 

ALSO I have a new username and url for my tumblr. It used to be CIGARETTESANDCANDYFLOSS (pretty shit haha) but I finally changed it to what most people call me “miidorii” (miiidoriii.tumblr.com) 

Anyways, tomorrow I fly back home, so expect me to abuse that reblog button! I hope you didn’t miss me too much!

Big Kiss, Artemis ~~☆o(≧▽≦)o

So I have like 81 followers and none of them ever talk to me :c sometimes I may seem unsocial, but guys im really not. :p

I think when I get 100 followers I might do an RP give away or something. :3

But I want asks and stuff! Even if they’re anon! I don’t bite, and I’ll answer anything. :p want advice about league? Have questions about life? Wanna see how uncomfortable you can make me feel? XD ask away!

But yeah, if I start getting more social followers and I get to 100 followers, I’ll definitely do a give away. :) RP for everyone!

i need a boyfriend who;
plays league of legends
likes stupid movies,
likes odd humor,
would like to travel,
isn’t afraid to be themselves,
is a bit nerdy :p
will game with me all day long! >.<
and that can deal with the attitude i get once in a while.

only someday can i hope!

bahahaha, i’m lame,
and lonely.

oh well.
back to watching LCS.
I’ve never been a big fan of Dig,
and I’ve been pulling for Summon the whole time.
Locust is a godly support <3
Would suck to see Dig go though,
as Wick’d said on twitter,
LCS just wouldn’t be the same without them.
They’re just such a prominent name in the LoL Esports scene.
I think a bit of a change up in the line up for the Summer Split,
might be nice though.
Especially for the North American teams of which
haven’t been to impressive anyway.

Best of luck to Dig, but I’m really hoping Summon takes the spot in the Summer Split!

so i bought the license for xsplit

cause i really enjoyed the way the software was set up and just the ease of it’s use, and at this rate i shoulddd be starting my streaming stuff tomorrow. depends on if i get my interfacing stuff done and actually like it. (the horrors of being an ocd designer >.<)

not that it matters, cause i dunno if anyone will watch it anyway.
but i will say, i have some pretty interesting conversations,
and i’m sure they’ll happen when i stream.


haha but srsly, will be duoing with the bestfrannn, and it’ll be pretty fun. we both like to interact with people too, so if we do get viewers, you guys should feel free to message us and stuff, we’d love to chat with you. :3

So, here we go again,

still attempting to work my way out of bronze.
would’ve started streaming today, but i went all ocd, and i decided to wait until my overlay is 100% perfection. besides, bronze streaming, who really gives a fuck? i should probably just wait until i’m silver to start streaming, but i really don’t want to. so it’ll happen here in the new few days. :3

but i’m on a roll today, my leona is just to strong.
3-0 with her so far, and on a hot streak. fuck yeah.

let’s boogie.