“The Best Policy”

This rewatch is making all of my synapses fire or something.  Um…it was weird, I thought, having Carol move out without any word as to why, or why we never hear Carol’s insights on Rick and Michonne, or see her reaction like we see the others.  This is post “No Way Out,” and hopefully lends a bit of fanwanky insight on what could have happened…

“What are you doing with my cherries?”

Rick paused, tablespoon frozen halfway to his mouth, full of cherry pie filling.  He looked at Michonne, who seemed decidedly cross with him.

Eyes squint with mirth, he put the spoon in his mouth, eating it slowly.  “I didn’t know these were yours.”

Michonne’s eyes narrowed as she walked over to him.  “The hell you didn’t.  I was saving those,” she said, reaching for the can.  Rick stood, holding it out of her reach.  “Give them here.”

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