miichan oshimen


Guys! If you don’t have much money to vote wor Miichan this year, this could help you!! HKun, a really big Miichan fan from China that is currently living in Japan, is hosting a fundraising to buy votes for Miichan this year. Last year she did it with chinese fans and bought 887 votes for Mii. She herself (HKun) buys about 100~200 votes just for Miichan every year; is a really trustable fan. In the pictures you can see how the project went last year (;

To help her (and Miichan), you just have to send money to her Paypal account, hopeli919@gmail.com, she would be receiving money until the 31th of May. Guys, this is the best way to help, together we can do MUCH MORE! Last year, if Michan had got just 1000 more votes, she would had been 20 instead of 22. We can help even from far away :D

Let’s do our best.

Minegishi Minami 33,162

Kodama Haruka 33,545

Iriyama Anna 34,002


Guys, I have seen @sunog-baga’s post in regard to the amount of dislikes in Miichan’s CM, I was not aware of it before. 

Japanese hater netizens are always picking on Miichan but I think is awful of them to get to this extreme… She did a great work, as a fan I can’t rest assured watching as they continue on throwing all her effort to trash and commenting bad things about her.

I have started to ask people on facebook to show support by giving like to the video and I’m here to ask for the same thing, we need a lot of people to revert this situation, it will only take a second of your time.

Please support by giving a thumbs up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CvDj5tOJ8o