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Thank You, Nintendo. Finally in sm4sh we can play with fat plumber with 7 weird people others company: astroboy, sanic, pizza, metal gear, zack fair, kyo from streets and leg woman

And Fat Plumber still the strongest like his company.

Halloween Costume Headcanons for those in the 3DS

Mario: Dr.Luigi: He would also groom his mustache in such a way to fully grow into the disguise. The only 2 people who know about this costume before hand are Luigi and Dr. Mario, who aren’t too far behind him when other smashers guess that it’s Luigi or Dr. Mario wearing a costume, futher confusing the poor smasher.

Dr. Mario: A cavity: Because nothing is scarier than terrible hygiene kids!

Luigi: Mario: Getting called just “Mario’s Brother” gets boring, so why not take it up a notch and BE the brother? It should be noted that on that day, Daisy came in to talk with Peach, but confused Luigi as Mario due to his costume. He was going to correct her, but than she started to ramble about how amazing she thinks Luigi is, and how she personally looked up to him for putting up with being in Mario’s shadow for so long. When the real Mario walked into the room, he had to question while Luigi was dressed like him and crying on Daisy’s shoulder.

Donkey Kong: Since Halloween is a scary time, he goes as the scariest thing ever to him…A EMPTY BANANA PEEL!

Link: Zelda. Link was close to giving up when people started calling him “Zelda” too many times, and made this costume as a way to shown them how HE would be Zelda, seducig the male smashers till they found out who it is and run off in disgust, which lead to…

Zelda: Shiek. Zelda pretended to be a male Shiek and successfully fooled Link while he was dressed as Zelda, who was flirting with her. It wasn’t long till the REAL Shiek comes in, and have Link put 2 together…They than decided to have Shiek dress up as…

Shiek: Link. And thus, the most confusing costume trio is complete.

Samus: She actually is the one staying home with Rosalina and the other quiet/isolated smashers (Marth, Ike, Robin, Palutena whom more or less enjoys the costumes and pranks, and Lucina) giving out the candy.

Wii Fit Trainers: They are usually found on the streets promoting people to either ban Halloween or to make people give out veggies and fruit instead. The authorities have been notified, and each time they have about 10 cars destroyed and some cops injured. Eventually, they just advised everyone to just “Live and let live”, as doing that would cause less destruction than any kind of propaganda they do.

Kirby: Meta Knight. Kirby actually looks up to Meta Knight in some respects, and this time of year he always does his greatest sacrifice for him ever…splitting the candy 3/5…in Meta Knight’s favor.

Meta Knight: Himself without the mask: Always waiting till Kirby heads for his room for bed, he takes off his mask and goes out to see if he can’t get more candy. Since by this time it’s about 8:30-ish, the houses are closing down for the night, but that lets Meta Knight rack up just enough candy to give back to Kirby in the morning as a way of thanking him.

Fox: Wolf: Dyeing his hair gray, he goes out and scares the more adult smashers. Every year, he also ends up getting in a fight with a real wolf as well as THE Wolf.

Falco: A Bird in all of its naked glory: At the risk of having the police arrest him for indecent exposure, he dons his birthday suit and goes out. Why naked? Because personally, he prefers the air.

King Dedede: Himself: He’s already perfect how he is, why change even FOR Halloween? However, if pestered by Kirby enough for not enjoying the holiday, he gets a white sheet to be a ghost or a black hat and black sheet and call it a witch to shut Kirby up. However, it just leads to Kirby rambling on about how while he likes it, it can be bigger and better, leading to Jigglypuff being…

Jigglypuff: A dead witch: Hearing one of Kirby’s talks with Dedede, she decides to do just that for Halloween, and makes a witch costume with a broomstick, all while throwing on a light white sheet so she can she through it and the others can see her wile she floats in the sky, making it look like she actually IS a witch. Kirby is amazed by this and King Dedede promises to outdo her next year.

Pikachu: Raichu: A nice bath in some orange dye can convince anyone that he has evolved into his final evolution. However, he always has to alert Ash, his owner, of this first because he doesn’t want to scare him into thinking he became someone else.

Bowser: Giga Bowser: Bowser tried to raid the smash balls room for a Giga Bowser costume, but failed when it’s revealed Mario was on watch till “Trick or Treating” time occurred. However, with the help of his son, they managed to make him a cardboard replica of the Giga Bowser. 

Bowser Jr.: Bowser: Bowser Jr., looking up to Bowser as a role model due to him being his father, he eats a Super Mushroom and takes off his mask, looking almost like the real deal. He usually ends up ,on ACCIDENT for once, scaring the people into giving him enough candy for the koopalings, who are out performing pranks, only to be stopped by…

Caption Falcon: Police Officer: Being too old for candy but not for the day itself, he goes out stopping pranksters and punish them by giving their gains of candy and what-not to the people that have been pranked. The police were too busy dealing with the Wii Fit Trainers to stop the pranksters, and give Captain Falcon a certificate and badge to show his authority for all Halloweens.

Mr. Game And Watch: 3D Metal: Donning a metal block, he becomes the most uncanny costume there is, but not because he’s scary, but the smashers, hell, not even Master and Crazy Hand know what he looks like in 3D, and it looks…wrong, to them.

Pit<——->Dark Pit: Wanting to help improve his standings with the smashers, Pit gets dressed as Dark Pit and acts nice to the other smashers, while Dark Pit does the OPPOSITE, trying to fool the others into hating Pit. Unfortunately, Palutena informed them that no one, not even King Dedede or Wario, bought it for even a second. In the end, they gave up and drowned their sorrows in candy.

Villager: Freddy Krugar: Eventually, the rumors of how the others think he’s a ax-wielding killer got out, and he decided for just one day, just dress like one to poke fun at himself. While some of the smashers thought he finally snapped, others, like Rosalina, Mario and Palutena, realized that he’s just making fun of himself. Soon after, he was finally warmly accepted into the Smash family, axe and all.

Mega Man: ProtoMan: While Mega Man tells others he dressed up like him since he saved him (and he is genuinely thankful for that), it’s actually because his secretly likes how Protoman looked over his own Blue suit. Otherwise, he would totally be the Terminator and spam Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes.

Olimar: Buzz Lightyear: Dressing up as the green space ranger and having his Pikmin be the Little Green Men, he gets a kick out of looking like Buzz. Now only if he’s tall enough for to see him though…

Charizard: Ridley: Despite it being a disastrous prank, Charizard still thinks it looks amazing on him. Samus WOULD be angry at him, but if it wasn’t for him striking up her fear before hand, the next time she met the real deal in a fight she completely CURBSTOMPED him, it would’ve ended differently. Samus calls Charizard dressing like Ridley a trophy of what she did.

Sonic The Hedgehog: Shadow The Hedgehog: Sonic LOVES making fun of Shadow’s personality, and on this day, you’ll see him literally grumble “grumble grumble murder darkness” and run into ANYTHING really and shout “OW! THE EDGE!” This never fails to amuse the smashers, mostly because the real Shadow appears, fed up with it and challenges Sonic to the ultimate match to decide who’s the one most deserving to be called the real Shadow; A Brooding match.

Toon Link: A Phantom Knight: After being helped by them so much in one of his adventures, he decided to see how wearing one would feel like. It’s actually quite colder in there than you would think. Now MOVING AROUND on the other hand…Thank goodness for the wind waker to help him walk, wind going with him.

Lucario And Greninja: Mewtwo: Like it was previously theorized, these 2 that were friends at birth look forward to his arrival in Smash, and are ringing it in by dressing up as him and seeing who has the honors of being his first 1v1 foe.

Little Mac: BIG MAC…aka wearing stilts: Little Mac tries to fake a growth in his size with stilts for Halloween, only to constantly fall off. Samus eventually took pity on him and said he could borrow her jet heels. In her defense, she didn’t think he would activate them and glide right into a wall, causing more loose teeth than any boxing match he ever entered.

Diddy Kong: Banana: Side effects of wearing a banana costume for Diddy is getting a urge to sprout out the “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” song which can be adverted by singing the “DK Rap”

Yoshi: Birdo: Not hat big of a stretch really. All he needs to do is feed Kirby paint to activate his Art abiliity and have him paint Yoshi pink with spots and wear a red bow. However he is still having a hard time with that English concept…

Mii Fighters: Each other: No one knows what they are, so why not add to the confusion by having them dress up as each other for one day? Who knows; they may not change back at all if they aren’t home by the time the sun rises because magic. No really; that’s how Robin best explains it. Sheer magic.

Pac-Man: A human-ized “Ghostbuster Container Unit”: In a attempt to let others feed him, Pac-Man tried the cuteness ploy and tried to act like a cute human-ized Ghostbuster Container Unit. He was disappointed when he woke up in New York with a Banshee in his mouth.

Shulk: Eren YeagerSeeing himself in him, the blonde swordsman dresses up like the black haired one for the Wall. And plus, anything to get away from those comments about him “So very much touching the goal/object at hand.”

Ness: A Magician: He already has the PSI, now this costume will make him a true one hit wonder! But where are we going to find a classical bunny?

Wario: A King: Dressing up as royalty, the already greedy plumber is now looking the act as well. Unfortunately, he confused Zelda with Link in Zelda’s clothes while out in the courtyard, and this was the night where he was finally going to get that investment from the real Zelda as well. However, this was sadly staged against our anti-hero, as…

Ganondorf: A Weeping Angel: Jumped off the podium he was playing a statue on and pushed him into the fountain, ruining his costume and causing Wario to shamefully hide in his room till the next morning. It was decided between Ganondorf and Link that they should team up against other jerks more often. It’s also decided that the best way to bond is with tennis. It’s rare that you see a cross-dresser and a weeping angel play tennis with each other in the sports center of the mention, like the Wii Fit Trainers found out.

Duck Hunt: Banjo And Kazooie: Hearing of the duo that left when Rareware left, they decided to do all in their power to relieve their spirit for a night by doing a full-fledged reenactment of Banjo Kazooie on Halloween. The duck had to lift books, than textbooks, than weights, bigger weights, than finally he could walk while holding the Duck Hunt dog. Don’t ask how he managed to get the egg part down though. Not even the Duck Hunt dog knows how.

R.O.B.: A Virtual Boy: Dressing up in classic red and black, the Robotic Operating Buddy can also operate Virtual Boy games, and as a robot, can’t get headaches. However, projecting them onto screens can drain batteries quickly as well as the lookers seeing it get headaches f they look at it over a minute.