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Me: *messing with mii maker*... Is there a buff option? Friend: Oh my god. Me: What? I want dorito characters with square jaws. Friend: They're Miis. Me: I can't draw so this the best I got


Shalalala I don’t know how shading works

Shalalala I don’t know how digital art in general works

I found a folder with sketches from 2013 and decided to redraw them (The original is drastically different. And ugly. I deleted it already)

From now on, Sunday shall be my digital art practice day. Because I REALLY need the practice…


Also yes I know the glas should warp the light and stuff but I couldn’t be bothered going that much into detail…

At least someone’s happy


Fen & Al

F: Where the fuck did you get this big book? it doesn’t even have pictures!.
A: Who cares? Fenrir, are you paying attention? PLEASE!

My precious babies and my HC: Alberich is Fenrir’s teacher (*ノωノ)
I want to dedicate this drawing to the seapancake @spiralgaia for THIS and @thalassa-caelum my dear Maria who love the God Warrior as much as I LOVE THEM (///∇///) thank you my beautiful ladies ♥

Why did I buy this game again?

Oh, right. Fishing.

Character: Coraline (Mii Plaza - Ultimate Angler)
Drawn by me ( mimi-min ).
Please do not repost, trace, or remove caption. Thank you!