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Hey, remember when I told you I had an idea for a KobaTohru child, but couldn’t show you because her sis was still being designed?

Here they are! Kobayashi Miho (美火 meaning: Beautiful Fire) and her sister Kobayashi Midori (翠 meaning: Green (designed by @askmisskobayashi))

Miho looks a lot like her working-mom, not just appearance-wise, but also personality-wise. So much that people often joke about if she’s even related to her maid-mom. Whenever they do, she casually shows off her fangs and tells them “I got these from her”.
Unlike her sister, she’s a human but can secretly use magic. She often pranks Midori by setting the curtains on fire and blaming her because “I’m a human. I can’t use magic.” She’s very laid back and often prefers playing indoors to doing anything active. Not very fond of physical contact, which is not so much fun when you have Tohru as a mom. 
Kobayashi once bought clothes for her and after getting scolded by her wife because these are not cute or fashionable, she was finally able to admit that Miho was the one who wanted to buy these. 

Midori is a happy-go-lucky dragon child. Her wings and tail are still non-existent, but she’s really proud that her horns are already growing. She’s the youngest sibling, but also the tallest which bothers Miho just a tiny bit. 
As sweet and loving as her mythical mother, Midori is a ball of sunshine and joy. Honest, but a bit of an airhead, she enjoys spending time with her mom and tries not to mess with her sister because she hasn’t forgotten all the pranks Miho pulled on her. 

Still they love the other a lot and often use each other’s laps during nap time, a habit that auntie Kanna taught them. 

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You such great person to translate from other when they ask you to translate,but you know in ANN Radio,myao,shimada and chiyori write letter for kojiharu too,can u translate that?And then when there is mc with sashi,jurina,kitarie,yuki and michan they talked about memory with kojiharu. if you don't mind please translate for kojiharu oshi...


“Dear Kojima Haruna,

I never thought it would come the day in which I’d have written a letter to you. First of all, thank you very much for letting me attending this All Night Nippon broadcast with you, being it your last one. I was sure that, for your last broadcast here, you would’ve gathered with all others very popular, up in SSK rankings members, and that my letter would’ve just gotten sent to you; yet, here I am, a not so popular member who doesn’t even know if she’ll make it in SSK this year, chosen by you to attend tonights bradcast. You really are a goddess, after all. You know, among the members we’re really asking ourselves if you aren’t a goddess for real, lately. You’re usually told that you’re beautiful, both in the inside and outside, but it’s actually the truth. 

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"Koji Hotaru, reporting for duty, sir!" The man stood there in front of the woman with a forehead salute for a few seconds before cracking a small smile. "So would you have me do, Miho-san? Also, maybe it'd be more polite if I used your last name? You ARE my boss from today onwards."

She smirked at his over top salute. It was a little funny after all. “Well yes I am, You will call Ms. Nagatomo now got it? Good,” she said as she smooths her business Skirt. “So now you get ready for the day”.

Fundraiser (Ft: Kagami from KNB)

I read this and I couldn’t get this out of my head. Kagami is such an awkward dork when it comes to stuff other than basketball…I couldn’t resist. I also threw in some shenanigans for the fun of it!!!

There is not much romance, not enough time!

“Hana-chan wait!” Gou cried out, but seeing as Hana was already a few yards away, the brunette didn’t seem to hear her. Bending over, Gou tried to catch her breath, today was not going the way it was supposed to. They were supposed to be putting up flyers for the fundraiser that the swim club was going to do, and she asked Hana to help but she ran away.

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