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Finally got this colored and polished for the @ygoreanimate project. Sorry for the long wait on this. Life just got he better of me and well finally found some time today between classes and projects.

It ain’t much, but I’m glad I got to do this. Plus show off my style that I do for my YGO work.

Really can’t wait to see the whole project all put together!



a yugioh x revolutionary girl utena AU focusing on the female characters competing as a different kind of duelist. whitemistrose and i had a lot of fun retooling the designs of the original girls and weaving in references to their YGO counterparts – hope you can spot all of them!

Hey, so I did a shot for the @ygoreanimate project! It’s not as good as I would like it to be, as I did it over about 4 days, but it’s not too bad! I plan on doing another shot for it when I have more time, because it was fun (I opted to not do my homework in exchange, haha whoops). When I can, I’ll edit a comparison video but for now, here’s this!

That moment you realize your friends are working a part time job even though they shouldn’t be.

A WIP for my bit for the @ygoreanimate project. I’ll probably tweak the blinking a little but overall it’s just a still frame so not a lot to worry about. Really excited to be part of this project. I’ll hopefully get this colored soon, just thought I’d show my sketch.



But within all seriousness, I just wanted to say this: please respect other people’s choices on pairings. Don’t be rude and call a person “homophobic” because their favorite shipping is a hetero one, or call a person who ships their fanmade character with a canon character a “Mary-Sue” because honestly who gives a shit? As long as that pairing makes a person’s heart warm up with happiness when they see their favorite characters in love, that’s ok. No more bashing and hating, alright? Be respectful and open-minded. Just because something is different doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Thank you and goodnight.

Hostage at Gunpoint

Each version has a very different set of events at this point.

In the manga, we cut to a scene of the escaped criminal, still on the run, making his way through some greenery, thinking about how he needs something to drink and something to smoke. He then spots Burger World and again thinks about how lucky he is. Gun in hand, held slightly behind his back, he approaches the restaurant. We see Yuugi and Jounouchi inside the restaurant, oblivious, talking about Anzu’s goals, with Jounouchi saying he thought Anzu was a “show-off” but that she wasn’t that bad, and Yuugi saying New York sounds really cool. The criminal enters the restaurant, where Anzu greets him (apparently not tipped off by the 777 tattoo clearly indicating him as the escaped criminal that her teacher presumably told them all about), asking if he’s by himself (in order to seat him). The criminal confirms this and says that he’s lonely, before grabbing Anzu around the neck, covering her mouth, and announcing to the entire restaurant that he’ll kill her if they “make a sound” (presumably meaning “alert anyone to his presence – particularly police”). Yuugi and Jounouchi turn to look in alarm.

People start panicking, recognizing him as the escaped prisoner. He shouts at them to shut up, saying that he’s not going to stay long, just enough to get his sustenance, but until then, he’s keeping Anzu hostage. Anzu tries to say something, muffled, which prompts the criminal to force her to blindfold herself with her uniform ribbon. He monologues about how it will make her too fearful to make a noise, commenting on how that’s what’s done to prisoners right before they’re executing, stating that he would know, being on Death Row (okay, but…you clearly haven’t gone through that yet, so…). I don’t know if I’m misremembering, but I thought in one translation I read, he said something about how muffling a person did the opposite, emboldening rather than making fearful. It doesn’t appear in this translation, though.

Yuugi and Jounouchi continue to watch, unable to do anything. Anzu thinks about her dream and how she doesn’t want it to end here. Yuugi tries to think of something to do to help her.

The Toei version, because of the different situation of the criminals, has a longer build-up to the hostage situation. The cop who was chasing Tasaki earlier enters Burger World. Jounouchi notices that something is going on as the cop speaks with the manager and the employees (which seem to be only Anzu, Miho, and Honda). It cuts to Miho freaking out about the escaped convict before Anzu claps a hand over her mouth. The manager nervously asks if the convict is in the restaurant. The cop confirms that, saying that the break-ins are occurring nearby. At this point, Jounouchi and Yuugi sneak up to listen and no one takes any notice of them. The manager nervously asks what the convict looks like. The cop holds up a picture of Tasaki.

Yuugi and co peek their heads out to survey the crowd.

Honda notes that he doesn’t appear to be there. The cop then decides to inform them that the criminal is in disguise. It spans over several customers. Jounouchi says they should check each person, but the cop rejects that idea, stating that the criminal has a pistol.

This then leads to shenanigans, as the manager asks if there were any identifying characteristics of the criminal, and the cop states that there was a struggle where the criminal was struck on the leg, prompting the group to look for bruises on the customer’s legs. Since you can’t just go around looking at people’s legs for no reason, Anzu spills a convenient basket of toy cars, which spread out all around the restaurant, and Anzu, Honda, and Jounouchi go around checking legs on the pretense of picking up the toy cars. Yuugi and Miho hang back, with Miho commenting on how it’s making her heart pound and Yuugi commenting on how everyone is so brave.

Anzu comes across a man who has his legs put up on the table where she can’t check surreptitiously. She asks him to not put his legs on the table, then grabs them to check, which upsets the man. The manager comes over to apologize to the customer, saying that there is a situation. The man is not appeased by this, yelling at the manager instead until the cop comes over, showing his badge. The cop then announces the likely presence of the escaped convict and the necessity of checking everyone’s legs because he would have a bruise on his calf. This provokes some various reactions and criticism from the customers.

Jounouchi and Honda come over to again ask for clues about the culprit. The cop states that the criminal is known to be allergic to eggs, being admitted to the hospital while in prison because of it. Anzu immediately picks up on that and loudly announces to the room that they’ll easily know if the criminal is present, as the hamburger buns are made with egg.

We then get a first-person view from Tasaki (as to not yet reveal which one he is) watching the group, internally freaking out over there being egg in the hamburger. This is enough to make him think he’s having a reaction. The cop takes notice and approaches, saying “You don’t look well?” (would’ve really sucked if there was an innocent there that was allergic to eggs). The music speeds up as Tasaki is revealed to us as he tries to escape. The cop catches him and announces that he’s under arrest. Tasaki begs them to call an ambulance. Anzu calls him an idiot and says it was a complete lie, that the buns have no egg in them. Which, considering the guy had been eating at the restaurant for several days and had no reaction, he should have realized – but I suppose it would be nerve-wracking enough to have the cop there looking for you that it could cause one to take leave of their rationality.

Tasaki is so upset that he was caught out by that, that he tries to escape once again, but only succeeding in knocking the manager to the floor. And then, the necessary twist. This reveals a bruise on the manager’s leg, which Tasaki immediately takes note of. Confused, he then recollects that he hadn’t actually been struck, and that there must have been another criminal involved. He starts shouting, and tears the manager’s shirt as the cop pulls him back, revealing a spider tattoo on the manager’s back, identifying the manager as Jirou the Yellow Spider (I’m tempted to just call him Spiderman) an apparently well-known criminal who had escaped sometime prior to Tasaki (he was mentioned briefly at the beginning of the episode when the guards were discussing the breakout).

The manager, Jirou, recovers quickly and darts towards Tasaki, grabbing the other man’s pistol and immediately grabbing Anzu and pointing it to her head, threatening that if anyone moves, he’ll kill her. The cop then asks if it’s really Jirou the Yellow Spider, who just straight-up admits it, stating that he changed his face with surgery (but apparently didn’t think to invest in tattoo removal) to blend in with the town. He then addresses Tasaki, apparently also knowing him, stating that he never thought he’d come to the restaurant, but that he could recognize him instantly. He also states that (somehow) he could tell where Tasaki intended to rob, and went there first to commit the crime ahead of him, loudly announcing that he was the one who committed the crimes that Tasaki was suspected of. Tasaki realizes that he ate burgers at Burger World before each of those attempts, upset that Jirou took advantage of that.

Jirou then demands that everyone get on the floor, and blindfolds Anzu himself with her ribbon. He gives the same speech about how losing sight will terrify her into not being able to scream that the prisoner in the manga gives, and leads her over to a table.

The DM anime doesn’t exactly have a hostage situation, however, it does have a blackmail situation that is clearly intended to be a loose adaptation of this event, in that it follows the same general outline of “Anzu’s in danger, she gets rescued by Atem, this is her first encounter with him and the start of her confusion between him and Yuugi”, and tangentially relates to her working at Burger World.

The scene (still in flashback) shows Anzu opening her locker at school, finding a strange note – blackmailing her to meet in the gymnasium after school or else her secret will be revealed, with a picture of her working as a waitress on the back of the note. She stares at it, stunned.

The scene cuts to Anzu bursting into the gym, angrily shouting first “Jounouchi!” and then adding “Or Yuugi” as an afterthought (clearly she suspects Jounouchi of doing such a thing more than Yuugi, although of course it was neither of them). She storms in, continuing to shout at them, and the door closes behind her. She turns around, where some random creep is approaching her with a camera in hand. He demands that she stay quiet, as she’ll be expelled if he lets the school know that she’s working, so she has to do as he says. He films her, focusing on inappropriate areas. Anzu angrily declares that she’s not going to keep quiet about it, and he says she’s in no position to make threats.

The dub does this completely differently – first, she’s narrating the scene as appreciating what they did next. She also pulls the note out of the locker, but it’s read in Yuugi’s voice – it states that they found a place in an old warehouse that she could use as a dance studio. Instead of the picture of her, it has an image of ballet slippers on the back. She narrates that she “couldn’t wait to check it out”. She calls out for them, and when she doesn’t get a response, marches in and starts to threaten them if this turns out to be a joke.

The creep in this case isn’t as much a creep – he’s just a mugger, all the parts with the camera are cut out. He demands she hand over her money and no one will get hurt. Anzu says nothing, only backs away slightly. He demands the money again, saying to make it quick.

I think in this instance, each adaptation has good and bad points.

The manga is generally strong, my one criticism would be the fact that the prisoner has a clearly identifying tattoo 777 across his forehead – there’s no way that that wouldn’t be spread around to the public to look out for, and as such, Anzu would immediately realize the threat.

The Toei version…the whole two criminals thing doesn’t work very well. I get they wanted a twist, but it doesn’t make much sense. Jirou was somehow able to escape prison, get fake identity stuff that was convincing enough to a surgeon to get facial surgery (or he went to an unscrupulous place, I suppose) and convincing enough for…whoever got him the restaurant management job. And also that he went to the trouble of plastic surgery for his face, but not for tattoo removal. In general I think what they went for was introducing unnecessary complication (or convolution, really) into what didn’t need to be anything more than a fairly straightforward story as the manga told it.

Ah well. Season Zero was a silly show. I did really like Anzu’s clever ploy to trick the criminal into revealing himself though, I would give it that strong point. And an attempt to involve police in this series (I suppose it is before card games become the only law, though), I can appreciate that.

The DM anime. The changes are mostly, I suspect, because the whole “Atem sets a guy on fire” was just too dark of a characterization of him for what they were going for in the anime. It doesn’t quite hit the same sense of the situation, though. Yes, Anzu’s still in a lot of danger of something really horrible happening to her, but there’s something very powerful in the image of her with the gun pressed to her head, thinking about how she doesn’t want her dream to end here, that camera creep just doesn’t have the same effect. And like the Toei anime, the situation doesn’t make a lot of sense. Somehow this guy knew where Anzu went to school (which I suppose if he saw her in her school uniform, he could figure out), knew that the school forbid working after-school, was able to get into the school, was able to get a note into Anzu’s locker, etc…without anyone noticing.

I’m actually gonna give props to the dub here, because even though the changes look silly in comparison (and I can grumble about censorship all day – although in this case I at least can kind of understand why they didn’t want to show kids a situation like that), at least they make sense. I can definitely buy Yuugi trying to find a place for Anzu to dance, but a mugger happening to be hanging out there, a lot more than camera creep being able to do all that stuff, and going to all that trouble just to lure out one particular girl. It also makes more sense once Yuugi shows up, because he was planning on meeting her there anyway, whereas in the original…how does he know that Anzu went to the gym and was in danger?