Deva Evolutions:

Bakumon - Centalmon - Indaramon

Bokomon - Bullmon - Vajramon

Burpmon - Boarmon - Vikaralamon

Chuumon - Opossummon - Kumbhiramon

Hyokomon - Buraimon - Sinduramon

Koemon - Hanumon - Makuramon

Kudamon - Coatlmon - Majiramon

Kudamon - Coatlmon - Sandiramon

Labramon - Siesamon - Caturamon

Liollmon - Lynxmon - Mihiramon

Lopmon - Turuiemon - Andiramon

Pilomon - Sheepmon - Pajiramon

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Dreaming To Reality: 02 Remix Chapter Thirty Five - 14

Mihiramon grit his teeth before he looked about wildly to find Witchmon, only to see her off in the distance re-attaching her cape.

Witchmon smirked as she turned to meet the tiger’s gaze. “For shame, dearie. Weren’t you supposed to be allies?”

Mihiramon baring his fangs as his ears canted back. He let out a roar of rage as he rushed at Witchmon, murder ever more firmly on his mind.

“Down to five,” Ken said, with a sigh of relief. His mood was improving considerably, with the odds more equal than they had been at the start. FlaWizarmon and Witchmon were in top fighting form, as he knew they would be, and the controlled partner Digimon were doing fairly well on their own. And while the controlled army was little more than cannon fodder, they still served as a valuable distraction so that his real fighters could get their opportunities. Even so, the sooner they finished off the rest of their enemies, the better. “We need to hurry, before-”

At that moment, a bright light caught Ken off guard and he whirled just in time to see a Digital Gate open on the battlefield - and with it, the arrival of the Chosen Children and their Digimon. Takeru, Hikari, Daisuke, Jou, Mimi, and Koshiro appeared with their respective partners, as to be expected. But even more alarmingly, Iori had arrived with his own partner - the baby, Fufumon.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Ken muttered in disbelief before he bristled, anger flooding him. “Those imbeciles-!”

Takeru gathered his bearings after the jump and gave a start, his face going pale at the sight before him. Controlled Digimon stretched as far as the eye could see with several large Digimon fighting with great vigor, including one he recognized with great dread - Skull Greymon. “This is…”

Mimi’s breathing hitched as her hands reached up to clasp over her heart. “Horrible… this is horrible…!”

“It’s a war,” Koshiro said, feeling small at the sight of so many Digimon fighting one another.

“What are you morons doing here!?” the Digimon Kaiser’s voice came from far above the Chosen, who looked up sharply to see the corrupt boy hovering above them on an Airdramon, angrily fidgeting with his whip. “Do you have a death wish!?”

“Cease and desist all hostilities immediately!” Iori commanded, pointing his bokken at the Digimon Kaiser. “We won’t allow you to murder Lord Xuanwumon!”