Trying something a little different by using photoshop watercolour brushes, what do you think? Its so different from the way i normally colour but its a fun little experiment, i want a simpler way to colour my smaller sketches and drawings rather than my usual and i’ve made a few of these digital water colour drawings (you’ll find them in my posts) felt i should try them with my pencil drawing.

DOGS to Resume!

According to Anime News Network (source), Shirow Miwa has announced that he is planning on resuming DOGS! The article does not give a date or estimate when DOGS will be resuming, but it’s still happening!

Miwa tweeted about ending the RWBY manga (source) and mentioned preparing to resume DOGS again (source). I know very limited Japanese, so if anyone can offer a better translation of Miwa’s tweet, it would be greatly appreciated!

Miwa also tweeted earlier today a video showcasing much of the DOGS artwork he has done in the past for volumes, color inserts, and more. Check out this video here!


(via Cottage in Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire | George Mihai Leonte | Flickr)