miguels girlfriend

Above is what could be Richard Ramirez as a child, what happened in Ramirez’s childhood was detrimental to who he would become in the future-

Ramirez’s earliest traumas were lacerations to his head, at the age of two, Richard had an entire dresser fall on him, this knocked him unconscious and required thirty stitches, then again at five, Richard was hit by a moving swing- this also caused Richard to lose consciousness. The combination of both of these traumas are what many speculate resulted in his epileptic fits during his younger teen years.

Not only did Richard receive physical trauma from his childhood, he was also a survivor of child abuse: the first account of this is actually from Richard’s own father, Julian Ramirez; Julian had a tendency to burst into fits of rage and violently beat his children, this rage and unpredictability was the same that Richard displayed on his victims, due to Julian’s anger, Richard found himself fleeing from home and sleeping in a local graveyard. Later on in Ramirez’s childhood, his brother’s fell victim to a child molester- whilst Richard insisted that he was never a target to said predator, it would make much more sense if he was as it would certainly explain his self centred and sheltered attitude.

The last childhood factor to have a major effect on Ramirez’s life would be his exposure to his cousin, Miguel. Miguel subjected the young Richard to drugs and both graphic porn and gore that Miguel had taken himself in Vietnam. At the age of 10, Richard witnessed Miguel murder his girlfriend with a .38 caliber revolver; Richard never told his mother or father about this incident and so therefore never sought help for his trauma.