We’re very excited for artist Miguel Luciano, who will be leading a kite building workshop to accompany Hunter College’s “Anchor,” an exhibition centered on the photography of Hiram Maristany, curated by Arden Sherman.

In 2006, Juan Sánchez organized a solo exhibition at CUE of Luciano’s work. Sánchez describes Luciano’s practice: “Miguel Luciano is a cognizant and dynamic artist. His paintings, sculpture, videos and combined media installations raise critical questions about globalization and colonial dependency, in particular examining the social and political impact on Puerto Rican and Latino communities.”

Read the catalog for Luciano’s show here.

Miguel Luciano, Plátano pride, 2006

Pure Plantainum (2006) is a body of work that commemorates the plátano (green plantain), a stereotypical yet iconic symbol of Puerto Rican and Caribbean culture. In the Pure Plantainum series, actual plantains were plated in platinum. The objects boast a pristine, precious exterior, while the actual fruit decomposes within. They are presented like emblematic jewels that transform cultural stigmas into urban expressions of pride.”

Miguel Luciano in 'Crossing Brooklyn' at the Brooklyn Museum

A shaved ice cart, community notice board in the form of an equestrian sculpture and more project-based artwork characterizes Brooklyn Museum’s brief survey of some art trends coming from local artists. Miguel Luciano’s ‘Amani Kites’ – pictured here - originated in a kite-making workshop he directed for kids in Nairobi, Kenya. (Through Jan 4th).

Installation view of ‘Crossing Brooklyn: Art from Bushwick, Bed-Stuy and Beyond,’ at Brooklyn Museum, Nov 2014. Featuring: Miguel Luciano, Amani Kites, paper, string, wooden dowels, photograph on vinyl, Kanga cloth, video, 2012-14.

"Se le puede ganar a los aparatos", dijo @JoseArteaga en el lanzamiento de su candidatura

“Se le puede ganar a los aparatos”, dijo @JoseArteaga en el lanzamiento de su candidatura

El referente massista de La Plata realizó el lanzamiento oficial de su candidatura y la presentación de su lista. “Las propuestas que no son nuestras, son de la Ciudad”, destacó el dirigente

La Corriente Fuerza Renovadora, el sector del massismo platense que lleva como precandidato a intendente a José Arteaga realizó en el Club Atlético Platense, ubicado en 21 entre 51 y 53, el acto de…

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