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Cristiano launches a new edition of his fragrance - Legacy: The Private Edition

“I am a perfectionist in all areas of my life and this was no different. I’m involved at every step. This time I got a few of my close friends involved.

“The Private Edition bottle is really distinctive. The colour is a rich blue and it features beautiful copper details. I wanted the bottle to represent me - it’s bold, powerful and unique!

“That’s what The Private Edition is about. It’s luxurious, sophisticated and an essential addition for the times when you want to look and feel your best.

“It’s definitely an evening fragrance; masculine, distinctive and sexy. It’s quite a sensual scent so would be perfect for a date night or when you want to impress.

“The bottle was always going to be blue; it’s one of my favourite colours and reminds me of growing up near the ocean in Madeira.
warm copper tones were also added to create something unique and different.”

Stella Maxwell in Vogue Spain January 2017

Ph: Miguel Reveriego
Style: Belén Antolín
Hair: Ben Skervin
MUA: Fredrik Stambro
Nails: Casey Herman