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BEAUTY GAME CHANGERS - model: Khoudia Diop - photography: Miguel Reveriego - text: Jusine Harman - styling: Kate Sebbah - hair: Lacy Redway - makeup: Courtney Perkins - manicure: Gina Edwards - Glamour April 2017

Growing up in Senegal, Khoudia Diop was bullied for her darker skin tone. She was so ashamed that she used to try and wash her skin right off. She overcame her fears and embraced her uniqueness. Nowadays Diop is professional fashion model, inspiring young women worldwide.

“Diop, 20 model with The Colored Girl agency and face of Make UP For Ever’s #blendinstandout campaign.”

“It used to be difficult to find a foundation shade that matched my skin tone,” says Diop, who has tried everything out there. “ But these days there are finally so many more options for people of all complexions,” Her foundation one-and-only? Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD in R540

  • Autumn Cashmere sweater. Man Jewelry hoop. Borgioni ear cuff. Closer by WWAKE earrings
Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 Official Line Up + Information


  • Adriana Lima
  • Alessandra Ambrósio
  • Candice Swanepoel
  • Elsa Hosk
  • Josephine Skriver
  • Jasmine Tookes
  • Lais Ribeiro
  • Lily Aldridge
  • Martha Hunt
  • Romee Strijd
  • Sara Sampaio
  • Stella Maxwell
  • Taylor Marie Hill


  • Aiden Curtiss (newcomer)        
  • Alanna Arrington      
  • Alecia Morais (newcomer)        
  • Alexina Graham (newcomer)      
  • Amilna Estevao (newcomer)        
  • Barbara Fialho
  • Bella Hadid     
  • Blanca Padilla        
  • Bruna Lirio        
  • Cindy Bruna      
  • Daniela Braga       
  • Devon Windsor      
  • Dilone    
  • Estelle Chen  (newcomer)      
  • Frida Aasen (newcomer)    
  • Georgia Fowler
  • Gizele Oliveira (newcomer)      
  • Grace Bol (newcomer)    
  • Grace Elizabeth    
  • Herieth Paul         
  • Jourdana Elizabeth       
  • Karlie Kloss
  • Kelly Gale
  • Lameka Fox      
  • Leila Nda  
  • Leomie Anderson      
  • Liu Wen
  • Maggie Laine    
  • Maria Borges  
  • Megan Williams
  • Ming Xi
  • Nadine Leopold (newcomer)
  • Roosmarijn de Kok (newcomer)
  • Samile Bermannelli (newcomer)      
  • Sanne Vloet
  • Sui He        
  • Vanessa Moody (newcomer)  
  • Victoria Lee (newcomer)
  • Xin Xie  (newcomer)
  • Xio Wen      
  • Zuri Tibby 
  • One Wy (Road To The Runway Winner)

Date: The show will air November 28 at 10/9C on CBS.

Location: Shanghai, China.

Fantasy Bra: Lais Ribeiro with the “Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra”

Segments: Nomadic Adventure, Porcelain Angels, A Winter’s Tale, Millennial Nation, Goddesses and Punk Angels

Performers: Harry Styles, Miguel, Leslie Odom Jr. & Jane Zhang


UPTOWN SOUL - models: Shaman Edwards & Lane Timberlake - photography: Stas Komarovski - fashion editor / styling: Miguel Enamorado - hair: Edward Lampley - makeup: Candle Komarovski - casting director: David Chen - manicure: Eri Handa - Interview October 2016

featured designers: Miu Miu - Prada - Hillier Bartley - Maison Marginal - Dries Van Noten - 3.1 Philip Lim - Gucci -  Chloe - Loewe - Coach - Chanel - (mixed with vintage pieces)

Music Series: Coffee by Scavenger Hunt (Miguel cover)

The second I listened to the lyrics of this song, the imagine was forming in my mind without even having to think much on it. Pulling it a bit from something I’ve written in the past but haven’t shared yet.

This Anon specifically requested the Scavenger Hunt cover of this song that was originally done by Miguel, but wanting to give credit to the original artist, I’ve included a link to his version on Spotify, too, which I really like. This imagine is for “Coffee”, the original being located on my Spotify playlist called ‘Fresh Fresh’, and I hope you like it. Thank you for the request! (only a slight bit of smut in this, but wanted to mention)




I wish I could paint our love

These moments and vibrant hues

Wordplay, turns into gun play

And gun play turns into pillow talk

And pillow talk turns into sweet dreams

Sweet dreams turns into coffee in the morning

You stretched and yawned as your eyes peeked open, seeing the hint of sunlight that was beginning to stream in through the windows of the bedroom. You glanced to Harry’s side of the bed and saw he was not there. Knowing he didn’t have work that day, you went about your morning rituals, assuming you would find him at some point around the house.

You walked into the kitchen, starting a pot of coffee and deeply breathing in the deep, rich scent it carried throughout the house. As you poured two cups of the morning brew, fixing them just as you both liked them, you thought you heard soft music coming from another room of the house and walked there, cups in hand. As you stepped through the opened doorway of Harry’s studio, a small sunroom Harry had taken over for his hobbies and interests, you saw him concentrating on a painting he had been working on and smiled, seeing how involved he became in his work.

As you sat the drinks on the table, you stood behind him, gently wrapping your arms around his chest, kissing his neck lightly from behind. Harry smiled, his hand finding your arm and lips kissing your hand.

“Mornin’, baby,” Harry said, lovingly, enjoying the morning sentiment from you.

“Good morning,” you answered, leaning your head softly against his. “It’s really beautiful, Harry.”

“Thank you, love,” Harry smiled, setting down his paintbrush and gently turning toward you, his arms pulling you against his body as he kissed you lovingly. You smiled at him, giggling at the paint on the end of his nose and accepting another kiss before his lips trailed down your neck. “But, my painting is going to have to wait for a bit now.”

“Oh, why is that?” you questioned, looking at the wet canvas again as you felt his hands finding their way inside your t-shirt.

“Because, love…I’ve more important matters to tend to at the moment,” he grinned as his lips found your jaw, teeth nibbling lightly. “Very important…”

We talk street art and sarcasm

Crass humor and high fashion

Peach color, moon glistens, the plot thickens

As we laugh over shot guns and tongue kisses

Bubble bath, Truth or Dare, and Would You Rather

A cold flame, the thrill of no shame

Drugs, sex, and polaroids

Pick a star in the sky

We could both say goodbye all night

Harry felt the heat of your breath on his mouth, as his hands roamed your body beneath your t-shirt, fingers slowly tracing over the lace of your panties. His eyes closed as your lips brushed over his neck, finding a temporary home just below his ear along the angle of his jawbone. Slowly you trailed your lips along his jaw until they met his lips but only for a second, as Harry’s mouth searched for yours again.

“God, you’re such a fuckin’ tease,” he grinned, making you giggle.

“You love it,” you whispered against his ear, sending chills through his body.

“Fuckin’ right, I do,” he whispered back to you, as your lips moved closer to his again, your tongue tracing lightly over his lips. “Gettin’ hard just from the anticipation of tasting you, love. How do you do that?”

You grinned, tugging his bottom lip between your teeth, making him groan.

Coffee in the morning

I don’t wanna wake you

I just wanna watch you sleep

It’s the smell of your hair

And it’s the way that we feel

I’ve never felt comfortable like this

You felt Harry move you backward so that he could stand, catching you by surprise when he laid you down onto the drop cloth on the floor beneath his painting, your arms gently pinned under you. You loved the feeling of him pressing himself between your legs, his smile only inches from your face, but laughed as you felt he had your arms tightly held under your body, his weight on top of yours holding them there, leaving you helpless and at his mercy.

“Now how are you going to tease me, love?” he giggled, knowing he had you defenseless. He felt you jut your hips upward into his growing dick and gave you a look. “Be careful what you ask for, baby. May be more than you bargained for.”

“I hope so,” you flirted, lifting your face to his and kissing him before he had a chance to try and pull away. You felt his mouth curve up into a smile as he pulled back further than your head would lift from the canvas under you, his body holding the pressure over you, as he managed to slide your t-shirt up, revealing your full breasts, a bit of a surprise even to him at how they took his breath away. Harry loved every measure of your body, and loved slowly seducing you.

You felt his mouth kiss and nibble around your nipples, slowly tasting you. You groaned lightly in complaint, as he returned your teasing, avoiding your nipples, only allowing his breath to touch them, then looking at your face with a smile.

“And I’m the tease?” you chided.

After a bit more teasing, you moaned as you felt his hot mouth take your nipple in, his tongue lightly flicking it into a hard pebble as his lips suction around it, only leaving it to apply the same treatment to the other. Harry pulled your nipple with his mouth as he moaned, releasing it audibly, as he watched it perk right back into place.

“Oh, look at that,” he spoke quietly to himself, observing how beautiful your breasts are to him. After another moment of suckling you, Harry kissed his way back up to your face, tasting your mouth with his then smiling.

“How about we go upstairs where we can make good on the teasing more comfortably?” Harry asked, kissing you again, his hands rubbing circles over your nipples. He leaned up on his knees, pulling you up to sit, then stood, taking your hand and walking toward the door.

“You still haven’t told me what your painting is. It’s so beautiful,” you said, looking at the amazing abstract on the easel.

“It’s us.”

I wish I could paint our love

These moments and vibrant hues

Wordplay, turns into gun play

And gun play turns into pillow talk

And pillow talk turns into sweet dreams

Sweet dreams turns into coffee in the morning