miguel gifs


so, we all know that originally Tulio & Miguel were meant to be a married couple. and we have them saying these parting words, which’s kinda funny and all-


in Russian dubbing the above convo goes WAY better and really changes the story.

it starts with Tulio, saying: “Well, we’ve been friends…”

then Miguel adds, quite timidly: “I just want you to know… I’ve been admiring you for a long time-

and Tulio ends with: “Same here.”

so, it’s like Miguel wants to confess his eternal love for Tulio, then they’re interrupted, then there’s Chel, and then Miguel goes all nuts and angry bc he had no chance to say ‘i love you, pardner’ (and it was kinda obvious to me when i was a kid, okay, it was literally the only plot i knew back then!)


Miguel Ángel Silvestre: Estoy enamorado de la vida [x]

Translated Interview:

“Creo que una de las cosas más bonitas de Sense8 es como habla de la diversidad y la empatia y como representa la diversidad como algo que supone la evolución, algo que supone el futuro. Es un mensaje tan necesario hoy en día que necesitamos formar parte de la diversidad. Comprenderla y abrazarla.”