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ok I want your thoughts: fave songs the mutant boys like to fuck to? very important

OHHHH SHIT (sorry this took so long i basically made mini playlists for the boys)


two weeks///fka twigs, you can///body language, rasberry beret///prince, urgent///foreigner


lovers and friends///lil jon and the east side boyz, all i want///rossi, dangerous woman///ariana grande, freak like me///adina howard


lullaby///the cure, supermassive black hole///muse, bang a gong (get it on)///t. rex, kiss it better///rihanna


the morning///the weeknd, desire///meg myers, bad woman///arctic monekys, the thrill///miguel, do you wanna touch me///joan jett


TOUCH///troye sivan, flesh///simon curtis, primetime///janelle monae feat. miguel, motivation/// kelly rowland, fallingforyou///the 1975


verse///rhye, pull me down///mikky ekko, closer///kings of leon, simple things///miguel


get on your knees///nicki minaj feat. ariana grande, million///tink, dim all the lights///donna summer


worship///brandyn burnette, earned it///the weeknd, crazy in love (remix)///beyonce, sex calls///harrison brome


cherry pie///warrant, pour some sugar on me///def leppard, closer///nine inch nails, whole lotta love///led zepplin,

it’s not a big deal at all but if you want your spanish spelling to be Extra Authentic TM in sense8 fics, remember some of the character’s names have accents (which is the little flick on top of some vowels - á é í ó ú - we call them tildes). Lito Rodríguez, Daniela Velásquez, and Joaquín Flores all have them


Miguel - Do you

It’s you and me tonight.

  • Miguel: Sophie at the next like seemingly appropriate break would you eat a piece of celery really loudly?
  • Sophie: Absolutely Miguel it would be my pleasure.
  • Miguel: Can you do it right at the beginning of the battle sequence when everyone is being really silent and you can just hear the wind?
  • Sophie: Yeah absolutely I will gladly - I've got it ready to go.
  • Miguel: It's coming now I’ll give you fair warning.
  • Sophie: Is it coming now?
  • Miguel: I'm going to count it off for you.
  • Sophie: We should have like a good 20 seconds of awkward silence before I eat the celery though right? Just so it makes it thrice as effective.
  • Miguel: I’m glad we’re talking so much -
  • (Kit crunches loudly on a piece of celery)
  • (cackling all around)
  • Sophie: OH KIT!
  • Miguel: That's too early!
  • Sophie: That's Kit! Kit's got it! You b@st@rd. Sabotage!
  • Kit: Aww I f*cking hate celery. Why did I do that? Yuck.

Adann: Listen, Miguel… Do you know anything about… about woohoo? <___<

Miguel: My Goddess! Let’s draw, please!

Adann: Tulip! Do you know anything about woohoo?

Tulip: I know only one thing - I’m FAT! :( But every time I see all these sweets  things - I can’t resist! :(

Adann: NIRS! Do you know anything about woohoo?? Never mind. Don’t answer. Nobody knows :(

  • ~~~12 years later
  • Miguel: *pointing at young daughter of Luna and Matteo, playing with her cat plushie* look at her, she's beautiful, isn't she?
  • Matteo: she really is, i almost can't believe
  • Miguel: And now imagine her starting to date a boy
  • Miguel: he comes to your house with a smile and flowers and you find out that they are together
  • Miguel: your daughter is so happy and excited about him and you can be only happier for her, can you imagine it?
  • Matteo: yeah, I guess
  • Miguel: now imagine
  • Miguel: that he has some online interview
  • Miguel: and he says that he'S NOT DATing anyone of course, why would he what is gf
  • Miguel: do you like the feeling?
  • Matteo: ...
  • Miguel: ...
  • Matteo: oh mY GOd