Across the frozen land, the flock of birds made its way through cottony clouds.

I made a bunch of paintings as part of the visual development for my Babayaga project. I like the idea of a land enshrouded with mystery, both quiet and intimidating. I like the idea of Babayaga exploring such a timeless and wild land with the Nameless Boy ! 


Humpback season off the Hawaiian Islands


Life Between Borders: Black Migrants in Mexico

“With Trump’s rise to power, thousands of Haitians seeking entry to the US are now left stranded at the northern Mexico border. But Black migration is not new to Mexico, as people from the African Diaspora have lived here for centuries. In this short documentary, we meet Haitians stuck at the border as well as Africans in Mexico City to explore Black migration and identity in Mexico.” via Vimeo link


Cuba is considered the crossroads of the Caribbean, and the designation is especially true when it comes to migratory birds. Many species use the archipelago’s varied habitats—wetlands, forests, mountains, and even human-dominated areas—as a place to stop, eat, and rest on their long annual journeys between North and South Americas.

“Cuba has long loomed large in the consciousness of bird conservationists,” says ornithologist Leo Douglas, president of BirdsCaribbean, a group dedicated to protecting avian wildlife throughout the region. “The whole of the archipelago is important to migratory birds.” Above are just a few of the many bird species that call Cuba their home away from home.

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