The stories of those crossing the Mediterranean and overland through Eastern Europe are truly heartbreaking. How can any of us living comfortably in the West judge those fleeing murder, rape and persecution? Please ignore the right wing scumbags who peddle myths of migrants ‘coming for your jobs’, 'taking your houses’ etc. All they want is the FREEDOM to live their lives in peace and raise their families free from the threat of death.

As a citizen of a privileged country (I’m English/British), I’ve always been of the opinion that we should share the wealth. My country opened its doors to German Jews in the aftermath of Kristellnacht, to Asian families during Idi Amin’s expulsion policy, and as a thank you to the service given by soldiers in World War Two, invited ALL members of the Commonwealth to live in the UK. Our proud history is going to be undone by a silent Government unwilling to show empathy and compassion to a people desperately in need.

I decided not to use the image of the small Syrian boy being brought out of the sea as all people deserve dignity in death. All we can hope is that his passing will mark a change for the better in the experiences of those seeking sanctuary and a better life.
Images Of Drowned Syrian Boy Shows The Tragic Reality Of Refugees
Shocking images of a toddler’s lifeless body washed up on beach have broken hearts across the Internet as the photos reveal the tragic realities Syrian refugees endure.

Much has been talked about the politics of Europe’s migrant crisis, but little has been said about the horrors and struggles refugees face in their dangerous journey to Europe — until now.

Shocking, graphic images of a toddler’s lifeless body washed up on beach have broken hearts across the Internet as the photos reveal the tragic realities Syrian refugees endure in their desperate escape to safety.

Photos released on Wednesday morning of a Syrian refugee boy who drowned in a capsized boat attempting to reach Greece and subsequently washed up on Turkey’s shore have gone viral — emphasizing the harrowing risks refugees are willing to take for a better life.

The first image shows the boy lying face down in the surf, the other shows a Turkish paramilitary officer holding the boy’s dead body as he turns away from the sea. His grim expression further elevates the heartache and pain this scene encapsulates.

The boy was part of a large group of 23 Syrians fleeing the Islamic State in Syria hoping to reach the Greek island of Kos. A dozen, including the boy, drowned, five were rescued and two reached the shore in lifejackets. Five children and a woman were among the dead.

The lives lost in Wednesday’s tragedy puts the toll at 2,500 refugees who have died this summer crossing the Mediterranean to Europe.

Greece has become one of the focal points of the migrant crisis as many refugees seeking asylum in Europe land in the Greek islands of Kos or Lesbos before continuing their journey onward to northern parts of Europe.

The Greek government has announced emergency measures to handle the flow of migrants flooding the country that have erupted chaos over fears of disease spreading due to the influx of migrants. The measures are meant to improve conditions for both residents and refugees.

“There is no migration issue, remove that – it is a refugee issue,” Greece’s migration minister, Yiannis Mouzalas, said.

On Sunday, the European Union announced it will be holding emergency talks on Sept. 14 to quell the crisis.

“The situation of migration phenomena outside and inside the European Union has recently taken unprecedented proportions,” the Luxembourg Justice and Home Affairs Department said in a statement. “In order to assess the situation on the ground, the political actions underway and to discuss the next steps in order to strengthen the European response, [we have] decided to convene an extraordinary JHA Council.”

Germany’s Prime Minister, Angela Merkel, echoed the urgency of the issue on Monday, implying a compassionate, humanitarian response to the refugee crisis:

“If Europe fails on the question of refugees, this close connection with universal civil rights … will be destroyed, and it won’t be the Europe we want.”

Evolution by natural selection -

does not guarantee intelligence; but reveals life’s purpose of why and how: live long, and prosper (to the chagrin of Trekkies everywhere). Really. Call it what you will – our cosmic purpose, the “why are we here” question – to survive and flourish.

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Uniformly, it means it’s in our best interest to survive, adapt, repeat; however, a species - (properly) Homo evolutus - revealed on this planet and perhaps to the Universe that an organism could arise which can become a danger to itself. 

If we judge ourselves honestly, side by side with the exquisite biodiversity of life and form and complexity we’re but a shade of, our species would - regardless of whether or not we really do find we’re artificial projections in a holographic universe - be characterized as a glitch in the cosmic matrix.

Because our species has become overwhelming obsessed with control over itself so much so that it’s suffocating our creativity, imagination, and ability to apply knowledge-gaining potential technologies for tools that peer into the most profound underpinnings - reality and the laws that bind it - this has become a problem for us, and generations hence.

Our society appoints decision-making tasks to those within our global community whom have the least knowledge, scientific literacy or breadth of vision to propel our society forward. It’s not as if we don’t have millions of species to learn from. We owe our lives to everything dead and living. Yet, understanding all of this, a specific type of ignorance and fear pervades our human family; its grip anchors us to this terrestrial crib. 

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However, we’ve come to a point where it’s becoming obvious to those who have been paying attention and keeping score – there are roughly 5 billion years left until our source of evolutionary development on this planet (allowing for all of us to take our sweet time) exhausts it’s hydrogen supply and goes supernova; leaving behind an Earth-sized stellar remnant of stable and unassuming material we classify as a white dwarf. 

Pluto, at this time will turn to Earth - or where Earth used to be - and say, “How does that feel? Taken out by a dwarf!? Karma is a bitch black hole…" 

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Live long, and prosper. Survival of the "fitting-innest” as Bill Nye describes. And indeed it is. Those that have survived thus far have done so at the advisory, guidance, and meticulous inquiry of science and research. They - researchers, scientists, curious humans - those who remain and with which we continue to acquire at an accelerating measure, continue to ask questions due to the destiny of our civilization we’ve revealed long ago but now tuck away under Category: Special Interest…

We are not simply obliged to become spacefaring, it’s our imperative as organisms who have been enabled by such an evolutionary lineage. We must leave, spread our presence out amidst this universe we’ve been fortunate enough to be curious of and actually explore what’s beyond our horizon. 

In order to preserve our species, we must plan for it, because we have the foresight to do so. But – again, it’s not a built in mechanism of evolution for us to all be intelligent, logically following the scrutiny and accountability that scientific inquiry and research provide upon our path forward.

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Those we appoint to decide upon the priorities and ultimate fate of our terrestrial brethren mirror the public conscience and perception of reality. Fortunately, our questions are becoming better, our tools faster, our results immediate, and our growing human community captivated by our potential and resolve to do so, flowing like a wave of reason throughout our tiny ocean world of curiosity.

A new Age of Enlightenment is building.

The paradigm niche of sedentary paralysis is coming to a closing few paragraphs before a monumental step forward for human society. Awakening, after revealing to itself what a “giant leap” actually looks like; the basis for the next chapter in the story of life on Earth and in the cosmos. 

Human expansion into space. The final nomadic journey. Earth’s autobiographical account of life in the universe, authored by an organism that evolved penmanship.

It’s become far too long since we realized this was our natural process of maturation as a byproduct of a biological process we’ve spawned from. Forget about conspiracy theories or greedy, dark deals; ignorance is our greatest threat. And everything which enables it to proliferate, impeding our society - our collective species - from evolving. 

War over wisdom? That’s bananas. 

The steadfast way - rapidly, proficiently, safely, and sustainably - for our species to evolve is through adapting in lockstep with our technology and exponentially expanding knowledge while refining our questions. 

How to go about this? Cooperation and collaboration as a truly Open-Source society; where everyone is an integral moving organism that not only recognizes its future forward, but moves like a cohesive mind, resembling the family of life we’ve survived with on this world. 

Evolution by natural selection to “evolution by intelligent direction” Peter Diamandis would say. We see it brewing, ready to bubble over, even. As the brain of our species lights up neuron after neuron, communicating with the next in synchronous behavior to improve, memorize, apply - we’ve become far too comfortable letting ignorance act as the impediment of those with alternative perspectives - whose navigational skills may result with dying in much more fascinating ways than incineration by celestial fireworks.

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It’s become our duty as citizens of Earth and the universe to craft and perpetuate a society of thinking beings who not only understand their “place in space” (borrowing more Nyebonics) but also recognize the path forward and the disposition we must cultivate if we are to indeed, dif tor heh smusma (live long and prosper).

Creatures birthed by noble gases, we’ve been gifted with the ability to explore this universe, nobly.

#NewWorlds    #NextGiantLeap    #OneOrbit    #staycurious

African countries receive a lot more migrants than the continent exports abroad. In fact the bulk of Africans looking for opportunities outside their countries go to another African country. Less than 2-million seek a destination abroad every year, which is a tiny number in relation to migrant stocks, particularly in Europe
Germany greets refugees with help and kindness at Munich central station
Volunteers sort through piles of donations and police hand out bars of chocolate on the frontline of Europe’s migration crisis
By Kate Connolly

I’m not proud and never will be proud of my country but I’m happy that my hometown is helping with everything we can, time, money, food, work. Refugees welcome!
'Airbnb for refugees' group overwhelmed by offers of help
Refugees Welcome, which matchmakes citizens willing to share their homes with displaced people, also receiving offers to set up schemes across EU
By Jessica Elgot

Refreshing. Full of compassion and love for humanity. 
“Two of the site’s founders, Jonas Kakoschke, 31, and Mareike Geiling, 28, live with 39-year-old Bakari, a refugee from Mali, whom they are helping with German classes while he waits for a work permit”
A tale of two crises in Greece – economic depression and migration
In the islands near Turkey, such as Kos, the two phenomena have collided, turning the usually lucrative tourist season into a ‘relentless August’
By Daniel Howden

On the islands closest to Turkey, such as Chios, Samos, Kos and Lesbos, where 33,000 migrants have arrived in the last month alone, the two phenomena have played out simultaneously. In Chios Town, the island’s capital, Greeks queuing at cashpoints due to continuing caps on withdrawals, have watched far longer lines of refugees at the mobile phone stores, anxious to get a sim card and let loved ones know that they have survived the passage to Europe.

For Greeks weary of their own troubles there has been no summer hiding place from the scale of the influx. Inevitably, there are some who have taken advantage of the situation. On Chios, sharp operators have been going to the most popular landing sites and gathering up discarded lifejackets and the outboard engines from abandoned dinghies, which they then resell to smugglers across the water in Turkey.

Others, like the baker on Lesbos who signed on to feed a few hundred migrants on a government contract and has found himself months later unpaid and feeding more than 8,000 refugees have shown great patience. A handful of people such asSandra Tsiligeridu and her friends, whose day trip to a small islet off Kos on a speedboat turned into a drama when they rescued a Syrian man who had been adrift in the water for 13 hours, have responded with great humanity.

In Africa, a son who migrates is the family’s dream come true; they think it’s the end of their problems.It takes courage and ambition to return

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The US Keeps 34,000 Immigrants in Detention Each Day Simply to Meet a Quota | The Nation

On any given day, Immigration and Customs Enforcement keeps at least 34,000 immigrants locked up while they wait for their cases to be heard in immigration court. Many of these detainees are incarcerated not because they are dangerous or likely to skip their court dates, but because ICE must meet an arbitrary quota set by Congress. This quota, which is often referred to as the “detention-bed mandate,” is a disgrace and should be eliminated.

The quota is written into the federal law that appropriates funding for ICE. Congress requires the agency to “maintain a level of not less than 34,000 detention beds” at any given time. The quota was first enacted in 2007, and it appears yet again in the 2015 appropriations bill currently pending in the House of Representatives.

The quota is unprecedented. No other federal or state agency is required by law to detain a specific number of people without any regard to whether the quota makes sense from a law-enforcement perspective. Indeed, the quota is so excessive that it has been criticized by the very immigration authorities charged with enforcing it. At a congressional hearing in April 2013, then–Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano argued that ICE should be detaining people “according to public-safety threats, level of offense…not an arbitrary bed number.”

For the 2015 fiscal year, the Department of Homeland Security has asked Congress to lower the quota to 30,539 beds. But even that number is too high: immigration detainees have not been convicted of any crime, and many are eventually released and allowed to stay in this country. 

(Read Full Text) (Photo Credit: #1-3 Family of Rosendo Juarez-Hernandez, scheduled to be deported that day, wait to see him before he is sent back to Mexico. Saverio Truglia for Al Jazeera America | #4 AP Photo/Los Angeles Times, Rick Loomis, Pool | #5 Maer Torrescano, 6, rests with his father Havacuc, 24, from the state of Morelos, Mexico, at the U.S. Border Patrol detention center in Nogales, Arizona, May 31, 2006. REUTERS/Jeff Topping)

The Vikings Sacrificed to the Gods in Rivers and Lakes

A doctoral dissertation from 2009 shows that the Vikings sacrificed valuable and beautiful objects to the Norse gods and their forefathers at bridges and fjords because they believed they were the boundary between the living and the deceased.

The thesis by Julie Lund, Lecturer at the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History at the University of Oslo – offers an insight into sacrificial customs of the Viking Age lasting from year 793 – 1066 AD.

Previously it was believed that this type of sacrifices came to an end in the Migration Period around year 500, but it turns out that the tradition continued into the Viking Age.

Bridges and Fjords

The Vikings used special places in the landscape for these rituals. Bridges and fjords were particularly important because they served as a boundary between the living and the deceased. Viking settlements and burial sites were almost always close to water or connected by a bridge.

Lund examined the findings from about thirty sacrificial sites in Scandinavia, from the River Thames in Southern England and the River Shannon in Ireland. Places that came under Scandinavian influence in the Viking Age. Many of the sacrifices or ritual closures took place at bridges.

Many of the sacrificial sites were named after Norse gods, such as Tissø in Denmark, i.e. Tyr’s lake – the god of war and the one who decided who won battles.

An important discovery is that these special places often are highlighted in Norse sources as central to how people perceived the world.

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