In Belgrade, about 2,000 people, mainly from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Syria, are currently sleeping in abandoned buildings in the city center, while temperatures plummet far below freezing.

We are witnessing the most cruel and inhumane consequences of European policies, which are being used to deter and victimize those who are only seeking safety and protection in Europe

My family is not one to talk about our feelings or problems, let alone trauma. We haven’t sat around the family dinner table unpacking the emotional weight of seeing everyone you love die and your surroundings entirely collapse before your eyes. How do you even begin to heal when you’re thrust onto a plane to Europe, America, or Australia only to find yourself dealing with anti-blackness from the state?
i did poorly on all my homework

but i persevered and finished it. 

now, its Delores Huerta day. 

if anyone has any burning questions related to community health, migrant health, social movements and Delores Huerta, i’ll be happy to pass them on. 

it doesn’t seem fair. this school is so elitist they better be paying her a lot. my mentor told me to think of it that way, because i was like its not fair. i invited some community clinic people. i’m going to be working in a clinic soon, a community sponsored migrant health clinic. its grant funded from the university and other places i guess, so we won’t be needing ID’s or insurance or anything, which is sweeeet. but i guess we’ll only be running it once a month. blagh. that means the waiting list will be huge and affects minimal. but i’m excited to be back on the clinic scene, i’m tired of watching people on campus walk around like they’re special. 

off to use the free printing that they only have on my (new) part of campus, seriously  the sciences and medical schools are so privileged. my broke ass women and gender study majoring undergraduate ass could of used some free printing. damn.