migrant strike

I think its also important to see the source of all these liberal rags saying “2016 WAS THE WORST YEAR EVER” like when was the last time the huffington post was on our side lol. I obviously feel for and want to support to the best of my abilities he migrant proletarians and marginalized groups threatened by the rise of trump and brexit but its important to look between the sensationalist headlines.

This apocalyptic misanthropy is just daft tbh, its very easy to see us as losing or being beaten but in 2016 we’ve seen the biggest strike ever in history in india, autonomous workers in china seizing factories and lynching bosses, the kurdish comrades make massive gains in terms of both territory and setting up communes and collectives, the western liberal establishment shit itself, the far right lock itself in the dead end of reformism even here on this rainy fascism island we’re greeting the new year with a wave of logistics strikes and migrants on the frontline making demands in the gig economy and winning tbh.

On a more radical note the whole economy hasnt recovered since 2008-11 and to riff on the kaiser chiefs I predict many more 2011 style insurrections in the coming decades both here and abroad. And as a marxist, not just of struggle but of crisis too its important to remember that capital is eating itself and collapsing so of course things look dire, I mean I think Gramsci hit the nail on the head when he said “The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters.”

Thousands of Polish workers to take part in the first ever migrant workers strike in Britain
Thousands of Polish people working in Britain are expected to take part in the first ever migrant workers strike in this country later this month. The protest, planned for Thursday 20th August, is the result of discussions on Polish internet forums by people angry at immigrants being blamed for Britain's economic problems.