i was tagged by tinydotts (thanks Madelyn!)

you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. hit shuffle on your music player and write down the first 20 songs and then tag 20 people

Heres ma songs (this isnt from my whole ipod just my current playlist called “emo trash”):
1) Awkward conversations-tfb
2) objects in space-la dispute
3) migrane- tøp
4) ode to sleep- tøp
5) everything i own- tfb
6) doubt- tøp
7) goner- tøp
8) blame it on bad luck- bayside
9) theres no “i” in team- taking back sunday
10) i was scared and im sorry- the wonder years
11) corrigan- sorority noise
12) i still remember who i was last summer- old gray
13) holding on to you- tøp
14) mediocre at best-sorority noise
15) father- tfb
16) first day of my life- bright eyes
17) i was never your boyfriend- tigers jaw
18) hooped earings- tfb
19) coals- modern baseball
20) golden ticket- manchester orchestra

Im gonna tag yung-npr
art-romantic-alchemist born-t0-lose -brokenbones- itsstuckyinmyhead joshdvn knucklepuckil thestorys0-lame whacklemore clairecendo hyperfreak22 beyond-optimism pandabub slingshxt kuhnahpuhpuh maddie-overboard stonesandskeletonbones poppunk-and-junk youfuelmylungs holla-balloo

signs as tøp songs

Aries: car radio

Taurus: fairly local

Gemini: polarize

Cancer: stressed out

Leo: migrane

Virgo: the judge

Libra: house of gold

Scorpio: *is all of them combined* 

Sagittarius: holding onto you

 Capricorn: heavydirtysoul 

Aquarius: ride

Pisces: doubt 


Twenty One Pilots - Migrane (Toy Piano Edition)