I could feel myself physically hitting the third trimester. Migranes and fatigue are getting the best of me lately. But it’s okay. My son is healthy. I’m healthy. And compared to majority of women, I have had a fairly easy going pregnancy thus far. I’ve gained two and a half pounds. And my doctor is expecting my gain to be 6-12 pounds total, which is just way too awesome. I have yet to receive stretch marks, but I am not going to allow myself to get my hopes up. I’m sure they’ll come at some point. And when they do, I will have to accept them as they are. My heart burn has really kicked in this past week. I feel as if anything I eat will be causing it. I even have to fall asleep propped up, or else I will die from acid reflux. Food doesn’t seem that appetizing anymore. Everything is starting to taste bland again. Although I am terrified about labor, I am looking forward to meeting my human.

signs as tøp songs

Aries: car radio

Taurus: fairly local

Gemini: polarize

Cancer: stressed out

Leo: migrane

Virgo: the judge

Libra: house of gold

Scorpio: *is all of them combined* 

Sagittarius: holding onto you

 Capricorn: heavydirtysoul 

Aquarius: ride

Pisces: doubt 


Twenty One Pilots - Migrane (Toy Piano Edition)