migraine story

  • Me: I have a migraine
  • Coworkers, family, friends, non-migraine sufferers in general: Oh, sweetie- drink some water and eat your vegetables! You're just unhealthy and need to take better care of yourself! Then those darn migraines will go away! :):):)
  • Me:
  • Me: That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works.

honestly though, why do we worry so much about the future? who is there to say that we’ll even have a future? what if we die tomorrow and all we did the day before was whisper about boys we’ll never have the guts to talk to, or complain about how hard science class was, or say how bored we were all day. whats the point of a future then?

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Since I read your Bucky x reader fics, I have had to change my vibes batteries! Is there going to be more than the two parts? It's ok if not as they are super hot!

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Energizer & Duracell: Time to step up your game!

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“Because I’m scared, okay?” She let out a deep sigh. “I’ve seen how this story ends before. We may be perfect for each other, but we’re too young. It always ends with someone hurt.”

“Listen,” he tilted her chin up to meet his. “I know that realistically no one our age ever works out. I know that most of the time life swoops in and screws everything up, and that the chances of us working out are very small, but tell me,”

He grabs the palm of her hand, inspects it with both of his. “Can you seriously imagine not holding my hand 70 years from now?”

—  Excerpt from a story I’ll never write #5

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I've got another #senthomesick story, sorry 😂 In high school I got a migraine and the matron made me wait until lunch time to go home, so I staggered through my lessons, and at lunchtime walked into the nurse's office and puked all over the floor. She was really nice, she wiped my mouth and put a cloth on my head and stuff, but it was awful because there were a load of other kids in there and they all looked disgusted XD


Why did she make you wait until lunch time?!? That seems unnecessarily cruel! 😧  And it sounds like she deserved you puking all over her floor after she’d made you suffer through classes! 

Pfft to the other kids - I bet they’d all been in a similar position at some time or another! 

Send me your #senthomesick stories! 

Spoonie Life #24

When a new doctor thinks you’re a drug dealer because you have such a cocktail of meds on repeat prescription.

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In grade school the school nurse wouldn’t send me home, even though I didn’t feel good. I had a migraine; too much noise and so many lights. I went to the nurse 3 times in 1 class period, all she did was take my temperature then send me back to my class to suffer. She told me only kids that are actually sick get to go home, and because I didn’t have a temp, in her eyes I was just fine. So the 3rd time I went to see her she’s saying I’m not sick and to just stay in class, then I threw up all over her. I was feeling like shit, she didn’t believe me, so she ended up getting covered in my vomit. Only then she sent me home :)
I hated her so much, and thinking back on how I just puked all over her makes me smile.

Bad writer is bad.

I had EVERY INTENTION in the world of getting ‘CHICKENSHIT! Part 9′ up today.

I did ya’ll.

Migraines fucking suck. And it all boiled down to a damn caffeine withdrawal. What the hell is that shit???? At any rate, hoping for tomorrow or Thursday.

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Migraine theatre kid here. I did go on! I had some pretty nasty bruises and some things popped out of place but I went to the chiropractor and was good as new! The character I was playing was an old hag so the director just thought I was hobbling around in character

YOU  ARE A TRUE BEAST! Taking that “the show must go on” seriously to heart omg! 

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After recovering from his injuries, Heckyl settled in well at Jungle Karma Pizza. He hated wearing the uniform, walking around without his usual clothes made him uneasy. He was thankful that RJ let him keep wearing his goggles though. He felt ridiculous every time he left the ship to go to work. None of Sledge’s crew teased him about he getup, not after he blasted them for laughing about the uniform.

He did have to run off every now and then because of Snide, but thankfully they all bought the story about migraines and didn’t question him too much. If he came to work grumpy because of losing another battle to the Dino Charge Rangers, he played it off as roommate problems.

Heckyl actually enjoyed working at JKP, the staff was much friendlier to him (Theo being the exception) and RJ did pay him better than Kendall had. He became a surprisingly good team with Fran, helping her out whenever RJ’s team had to run off to save the day. He’d thought about looking up this Dai Shi guy but decided it was better to stay out of other Rangers’ problems and focus on his own.

Well fuck, my head hurts from all the thoughts I have always ceased to let out
and i cannot bear the constant drums in my head trying to convince me to open up my chest and scream out for help.

I just can’t.

Lately, it feels like everyone is always screaming my name in such an angry tone which drives me insane.

Everything is so fucking loud from the sound of my phone going off, to my family’s footsteps and the way the house vibrates when someone walks down the stairs. My father claims the building lives just like we do which explains the noise and though I never quite considered it, now I cannot help but notice it.
It adds itself to the sound of the cars getting parked and my alarm clock setting off at 6:03 because i’m just fucking weird.
The agonzing bus rides with the mere echo of the engine rolling.
The what-seems-to-be thousands of students walking down the halls and the teachers ordering us to “sit down”.
The stupid gossip and the on-going drama, the homeworks and pointless assignements which my teachers will only throw away after correction. Such a waste of work.

It’s about the way life moves and how times moves 2x faster and how I can’t reach it with my fingers.

I seem to be watching my life slip away with only the hope that someday it’ll get better.

“You start living after high school” well fuck, how about those 5 years wasted in those rotting buildings?

I keep changing school and escaping everything hoping to find that “happy place” i was brought to believe in thanks to media and all those delusional tales i’ve swollowed down when I was a kid.

I find myself having this urge to pull out my hair and cry myself dry but i’m so numb to a point where i’m left in my bed, staring at my ceiling with this war in my mind.

I tried closing my eyes, hoping for one side to surrender and for silence to take over but it didnt change much except that things got much darker.

—  Spilled ink: i’m getting bad again and I just want everything to stop spinning.