migraine gone... for now

Today started so badly

I woke dizzy and nauseous, the heating broken and it is very cold at present. I ended up with a migraine and feeling terrible. Also, all weekend, my dog was very sick, we thought he may have to be put down, he was vomiting and had severe diarrhoea and was not eating or drinking anything, we thought he was poisoned.   

But now, 

Migraine is gone, the heating is fixed, Bálor ate his breakfast and dinner and is back to himself again, happy and excited. And I got a job. Literally could not be any happier right now :D 

Lennon hums cheerfully as he reorganizes everything in his office after noticing how untidy it was. He has had a bad migraine all morning, but it seems to have gone now. It put him in a good mood, perhaps. After he is finally done, he sits down, wasting no time to get some work done– he can’t believe how much work he let piled up. “It’s open!” He answers immediately as he hears the knock.