migraine gone... for now


Okay so this is inspired by my own experiences with migraines and what a friend told me aura migraines are like. The idea popped into my head an wouldn’t leave me alone. Let me know what you think?


As a Paladin of Voltron, Lance was familiar with pain. He’d been blown up, tossed around through space, and beaten up by the Galra, who weren’t known for holding back. Pain was a regular part of his job now. It had been since the beginning. And yeah, it hurt (duh!), but he’d learned to cope. Lance was pretty sure he could handle just about anything.

Except migraines.

To Lance, migraines were like a tsunami in his brain; a sudden, unstoppable wave of confusion and hurt that swept him away. He’d had them ever since he was a kid. If he was lucky, he would sense one coming on and take some advil before lying down in a dark room and trying to sleep through it. If he didn’t catch it in time, the pain could incapacitate for hours at best, days at worst. And once one hit, all he could do was wait it out and hope it ended quickly.


Lance was dozing on the couch with his arm over his eyes. It had been a long day of training, and he could feel a small ache forming behind his eyes. The lights were dimmed and the other paladins were at dinner, so he had some peace and quiet to himself. At least, he did, until the alarms sounded throughout the castle. Lance shot up, but immediately slouched forward as the pain behind his eyes sharpened and moved to his left temple.

“Fuck,” he muttered. “Not now!”

Lance slowly straightened up, pulled himself to his feet, and made his way to the hangar as quickly as he could. With each step, he felt the pain at his temple pulse and radiate out through his sinuses and down into his teeth. He felt the tendons in his neck grow tight as a burning sensation made its way from the base of his skull to his shoulders. By the time he made it to the hangar and into his Lion, he was fighting back waves of nausea.

“Lance where are you?” Shiro called over the intercom. “We need you out here!”

Lance swallowed hard and muttered through clenched teeth, “On my way!” Of all the times to get a migraine, he thought, it had to be now.

He felt Blue reach out in his mind, concerned, but he cringed and quickly limited his mental connection. With the pulsing in his head, the Blue Lion’s feelings were too much to handle and only made the pain worse.

“Sorry, Blue,” he whispered, “I can’t.”

Though he couldn’t hear her in his mind, he thought Blue must have understood because as soon as he wrapped his hands around the controls, she shot out of the hangar and into the fray. Three large war ships were converging on the Castle, firing shot after shot from their ion cannons. The particle barrier around the castle was shredded and the Lions couldn’t defend it separately. As soon as Lance was close to the rest of the Paladins, he heard Shiro shout.

“Form Voltron!”

Immediately Lance joined in the formation to form the giant robot. As each Lion joined together, Lance could feel an increase of pressure in his mind. His mental link to the rest of the Paladins and Voltron was closed off, but he needed it to open complete the formation. Lance closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and lowered the mental block.

The pain was overwhelming. He could feel Hunk, Pidge, Keith, Shiro, Blue, and even the other Lions in his head. It felt as if they were all pressing against his migraine, squashing it and condensing into a point of unbearable agony. There was nothing but the pain. He wasn’t aware that Voltron was formed. He wasn’t aware as they rest of Paladins piloted Voltron and destroyed the warships. He wasn’t aware that he was screaming in pain through it all. He couldn’t hear the shouts of concern and panic from the others as they listened, but could do nothing.

After what seemed like hours, Voltron separated. The pressure lessened in Lance’s head and he exhaled a great sigh of relief. The migraine lessened to something he could manage as his senses came back to him. He could feel the controls tight in his grip, the tears streaming down his face, the raw ache in his throat. He could hear his own heavy breathing and his teammates, desperately calling out to him. He could taste blood in his mouth, and it vaguely occurred to him that he had a nosebleed. Slowly he blinked his eyes open and looked around.


Lance blinked again, shook his head, and opened his eyes once more.

Still nothing.

He couldn’t see.

He couldn’t see!

Lance pulled his helmet off and scrabbled at his face, feeling for blood or cuts, something to explain his blindness. But all he felt were his own features. No damage. His breathing escalated as he kept feeling around and waving his hands in front of his eyes.

“I can’t see,” Lance whispered. “Guys I can’t see! I can’t see, I can’t see anything! I can’t–”  his voice raised to a panicked shout and he continued to hypervenitlate. He could hear shouting, but he couldn’t figure out what the others were saying.

“Lance!” Hunk’s voice finally caught his attention. “You need to try to slow your breathing. Just stay exactly where you are. We’re coming to you! You’ll be okay.”

Lance tried to take a breath, but he couldn’t focus beyond his blindness. He couldn’t see, he couldn’t breathe. He clutched at his head as he felt a painful pulse behind his eyes. With a choked off scream, he felt himself fade into unconsciousness.


Lance woke up slowly. He felt fuzzy, like his whole body was made of cotton fluff. As he became more aware of himself, he tried to remember what happened. He remembered a battle, trying to form Voltron, then–

Lance sat up quickly, his eyes wide open, trying to see. Everything was a gray fuzz, but he thought he could make out the faintest blobs of color. As he blinked and looked around, he felt a hand on his shoulder that gently pushed him back down onto the bed.

“Lance it’s okay,” it was Shiro. “You’re okay. You’re in the med bay.”

“Shiro…why can’t I see?!” Lance’s voice was strained and raspy. He tried to keep his breathing even as he angled his face to where he thought SHiro was.

“We’re not sure. Do you remember anything?”

“I…I remember fighting….and trying to form Voltron. It hurt.” As soon as he said this, he felt the dull ache of a migraine. “Still hurts,” he mumbled.

“What hurts?” Shiro’s voice was gentle, but Lance could hear his worry.

“My head.” Lance felt his energy draining. “Shiro can I sleep now?”

“Yeah buddy. Go back to sleep. We’ll be here when you wake up.”

Lance smiled in thanks before immediately succumbing to sleep.


The second time Lance woke up was slower and easier. He felt groggy as he carefully blinked his eyes open. The sight of the med bay was still slightly blurry, but Lance didn’t care. He could see again! He carefully levered himself up onto his elbows and looked around. Shiro, Hunk, Pidge, and Keith were all sitting in chairs around his bed. Hunk, Pidge, and Keith were slumped over fast asleep, but Shiro was leaning over Lance, concern etched into every line of his face.

“Shiro,” Lance smiled. “It’s good to see you.”

Shiro breathed a sigh of relief and sat back in his chair.

“Your vision is coming back,” he stated. “I’m glad it was only temporary. I think I know what caused it, now.”

Lance pulled himself up into a sitting position, giving Shiro a questioning glance.

“You said your head hurt, right?” Shiro asked.

“Yeah,” Lance said. “I had a migraine before the fight. I get them pretty often. It’s mostly gone now though. What does that have to do with my vision?”

“Some migraines can cause a variety of physical symptoms like hallucinations, weakness, and temporary loss of vision. They’re called aura migraines.” Shiro looked at Lance thoughtfully. “I think when we formed Voltron, it caused an aura migraine.”

Lance considered this new information. What if it happens again? What if he can’t fight?

“Does–Does this mean I can’t be a Paladin anymore?” He asked, his eyes downcast.

Shiro looked surprised.

“What? No of course it doesn’t mean that!”

“But if it happens again–” Shiro cut him off.

“If it happens again, we’ll deal with it. But you’re part of this team Lance. We’re not kicking you out just because you get sick sometimes.” Shiro grabbed Lance’s shoulders and looked him in the eyes. Despite the blurriness, Lance could see Shiro had a stern look on his face. “We. Need. You.”

Lance gave a watery smile and leaned in to wrap his arms around Shiro.

“Thank you,” he whispered. Shiro patted him on the back before pulling away.

“You should get some more rest, Lance. You still look pretty worn out.”

Lance nodded slowly. He was still tired. And just having a conversation left him completely exhausted. He slowly laid back and rested his head on the pillow behind him. As he drifted off, he smiled, safe and surrounded by his team.

How I get rid of headaches

When I was a kid, I used to get bad headaches, I guess the precursor to my migraines that I started getting as an adult. As a kid, I developed this way of getting rid of them.


What I would do is find a quiet place to sit/lay down. Then I would close my eyes and visualize my pain as something filling my head. Usually water, a ball of string, or even blocks, almost always red for some reason.

Once I had my pain visualized, I would imagine getting rid of it. If it was water, there was a faucet at the back of my head, slowly letting out the water. If it was a ball of string, it was slowly unraveling out the top of my head. For the blocks, it was being taken apart block by block. Until the pain was gone. It almost always worked.

For worse headaches/migraines: Now that I get the occasional migraine, I still do this, but in conjunction with ice packs, rest and pain killers. 

*I am not a Dr. This is just something that works for me.

cptncassianjandor  asked:

I need some advice, i work for the golden arches in the uk and have psorasis which makes my skin red and scaly, it isnt infectious in the slightest but they force me to wear long sleeve tops which is fine in the winter but its been hitting 28 degrees celsius this week and i need to know if they can legally make me wear it, as ive gone home multiple times with migraines now. Do i have an sort of legal arguement?

Any U.K. People here can help?


Voyage, Pt. 1

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Summary: Five years, four friends, three lovers still stuck in the past, two love stories, one ship hundreds of miles away from shore, all set on a voyage that would change their lives from here on out.

Characters: Taehyung, Jimin, (she/her) Reader

Tags: Romance, slice of life, mild angst

Notes: After a terribly long wait, I humbly present my second project: ‘Voyage’! This mini serial is based on my First Love Commemoration Series, and will follow, in more depth, the stories of Taehyung and Jimin and their respective first loves. The serial will be about 3-4 parts long, perhaps five if I’m feeling wordy. With no further ado, please enjoy the first segment of this voyage of a lifetime!

Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4, Pt. 5, Afterthoughts

          You had hit many milestones in your twenty-four years of life—your first friendship, your first falling out, your first time attending a concert of your favourite band, your first time crying over celebrities who had no idea who you were, your high school entrance ceremony, your first boyfriend and your first break-up, graduation, attending college away from home, experiencing dorm life for the first time, making your first steps towards a career you had no idea if was right for you.  

          Twenty-four years was no small amount of time, but it had felt so short, so fleeting, you blink your eyes and suddenly foot races down school corridors to get a good spot in the lunch queue had felt like eons ago. Even at graduation, the reality of leaving your teenage years behind had not hit you—you hugged friends goodbye, thanked teachers for their guidance, took a tour of the building you spent the most beautiful years of your youth in—and you had left it all behind. In those instances it hadn’t felt so heavy, so irreversible, but when you moved into your dorm and lost yourself on campus trying to get to class, you had realised how small you were, and how gargantuan the world was.

          Adulthood. Four years into college, into your twenties, and that word still sat on your tongue like a clump of wet sand. You’d loll it around, stuff it into the pocket of your cheeks and work around it, but it was always there. You wondered when you would grow to fit the shoes you had haphazardly worn and sprinted in for the past four years, wondered if the transition would happen like a car collision—jarring, instantaneous—or if you’d slip into it unknowingly like a daydream. 

          Then one day you received an email class, and you had faded away from the lecture hall, away from the hubbub of classroom noises and your professor’s lecture on abnormal psychology, and you had found yourself standing at the foot of a very long, long flight of stairs.

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ALLURE | Eric x Reader - Part 5

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A/N: This is chapter five. You can find previous chapters here.

“When can she get back to training?”

“She needs another day to rest, and then she will be cleared to leave.”

You heard the hushed voices in a room nearby. Your eyes fluttered open and instinctively you tried to get up, but you couldn’t. You were on a bed in the hospital ward. Your head was pounding, and everything was too bright.

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Better Health

Anonononon asked: Hi can you do a smut where you have a horrible migraine and Jongin says he read somewhere that orgasms are great for relieving migraines and things just… -yours sincerely, fam

Summary: You were in pain and he knew the remedy.

Idol: Kai/ Kim Jongin

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,356

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Hello, Are you feeling better ?

Getting there. The migraines are gone but now I’m very sniffly and coughing. The smoke, thankfully, seems to have floated in a different direction than south. 

Also kind of feeling selfish because here I am sad that I’m getting sick from smoke inhalation while others have lost everything they have. 

Sorry, again, if I haven’t been on lately. I never want to answer questions if I’m not feeling 100%.

//Me: I’m going to be productive and post stuff/write today! :D
Migraine: Nope.
Me: DX
I wanted to be active today ;A; But alas. At least the migraine is gone now. Hallelujah. But sleep bc I get up so early. I intended on trying to get back into the routine of being here!!!! Bc Sasuke <33333
However, life. So, I’ll try to be here tomorrow!
Goodnight all <3

KBTBB Fan fiction: All 5 KBTBB guys take care of MC

I used the name Charlotte in this one. Hope you likey! ;-)

Ugh…I don’t feel too good…

Last night, I had a massive headache hit me, and this morning, my stomach hurts, my chest hurts, and the headache has turned into a migraine. Great. I called the hotel saying I needed the day off because I was ill, and I texted Eisuke, Soryu, Baba, Ota and Mamoru to say that I wouldn’t be cleaning the penthouse today because I was ill, but none of them had responded. I just lay in my bed in my apartment and slept most of the day away. Then at around 6:00pm…

“Ding Dong!”

“Huh? I wonder who that could be?” I ask myself. I put my bunny slippers on and I slipped into my dressing gown before answering the door. I open the door slightly and I see Eisuke, Soryu, Baba, Ota and Mamoru waiting outside!

“Guys, I told you I was ill! You should go, I don’t want you to see me like this,” while in my head I’m thinking, “Especially not in my pyjamas and slippers with my hair in a mess!”

“Nonsense.” Eisuke responds.

“You take care of or needs,” Ota says.

“So we will take care of yours this evening, Charlotte.” Baba finishes.

“Aww, you guys are so sweet!” I say in delight. I didn’t know they cared about me this much! I then notice that Soryu is standing more to himself and avoids my eyes; his cheeks are slightly red, clearly embarrassed by what I just said. Who can blame him? He is a high up member of the Hong Cong mafia organisation, the Ice Dragons, he isn’t meant to be ‘sweet’.

“So, you gonna let us in or what, kid?” Mamoru asks.

“Uh, yeah, sure, of course, please come in!” I say as I open the door wider to let them in. “I’m sorry, my apartment is a lot smaller than the penthouse.”

“It’s fine, I like it. It’s kinda cosy.” Baba says with a wicked grin, and I can’t help but blush slightly.

 Suddenly, they all look down at my feet, and they burst into fits of laughter, even Soryu, who never usually smiles at all.

“Nice slippers, kid!” Mamoru says between laughs.

“Looks like Alice is too fond of the White Rabbit!” Ota says. Baba and Soryu were clutching their sides as they laughed, and Eisuke had tears streaming down his face while he laughed!

“Oh, you guys are so mean! And while I’m ill too!” I take off my slippers and dressing gown off and creep back into bed and I pout. As I look around at them, I notice they’re all grinning at each other, and I immediately get suspicious. It’s almost as if they’re all hiding something. Then Baba comes towards me and reveals from behind his back a huge bouquet of calendulas, and says while presenting them to me,

“For you, pretty lady.” He smiles and winks at me.

“Oh Baba, how lovely… how did you know they were my favourite, though?”

“Well, with Eisuke’s help, I went through your employee records, and…”

“You did what!” I sit up a little bit, shocked that he would even consider doing that!

“Let me finish. I went through them, and I noticed that your birthday was in October, and I knew that a Libra’s birth flower was a calendula, so I thought I would get a few for you. I have to admit though, I didn’t know they were your favourite. You know, Librans are also known to be good looking and romantic.” He flashes me a devilish grin and winks at me.

“Okay… Well, thank you for the flowers, Baba.” I say shyly, not quite sure what else I could have said in that situation.

“Come on, Baba, it’s my turn!” Ota says, obviously excited but slightly impatient.

“Okay, calm down, no need to get your knickers in a twist! Charlotte, shall I put these in a vase for you?”

“Oh, yes please, Baba. There should be a vase in that cupboard there. Thank you.”

“Anything for a pretty lady such as yourself.” Baba says casually as he goes off to get the vase from the cupboard. As he walks away, Ota sits close to me on the bed, and he sets a notebook and pencil on my lap.

“In case you get bored sleeping your sickness away!” Ota says, flashing me his best angelic smile. I look at the front cover of the notebook, and I notice that on the front cover, Ota’s newest piece of artwork, the bluebird in a cage, had been printed on it!

“Hey, this is…”

“Yeah, I saw it and thought of you.”

Ota previously said when he showed me his artwork for the first time I inspired him to create it because when he first saw me, I was in a cage on the stage of the auction hall.

“Thank you, Ota. Now I definitely won’t get bored! What a cute gift!”

Ota looks away to hide his pink cheeks and says, “You’re welcome.”

Suddenly, Soryu rises from the chair he was sitting on and walks into the kitchen.

“What are you doing Soryu?” I ask, extremely confused about the fact that Soryu is about the last person I would expect to cook something himself. He turns to face me before saying with a wry smile,

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back.”

‘Pfft, I bet he got that from one of his detective novels.’ I think to myself. Then Mamoru comes towards Ota and playfully shoves him off of the bed.

“Ow, what gives, Mamo?” Ota says as he gets up and sits next to Eisuke and Baba. Mamoru sits close to me on the bed, where Ota was, and he ruffles my hair.

“I got you a present too, sweetheart. I heard that you like to read, and it just so happened that I had nearly finished writing a detective story, and I then got the text you sent saying that you were ill, so I avoided work all day to finish it so I could give it to you. You’re a pain though. Couldn’t you have gotten ill tomorrow?” He says jokingly as he hands me a book.

“A Maid put up for Auction, by Mamoru Kishi. Hm, I wonder who this could be about.” I say teasingly. “Thank you, Mamoru.”

Mamoru then leans over until his lips are right next to my ear, and he whispers, “Get well soon, sweetheart.”

“Hey, I have something for you too.” Eisuke says. Mamoru gets up and sits back down on the sofa, and Eisuke sits next to me on the bed. He then hands be a tissue box. “Open it.”

I do as I am told, and I take out one of the tissues, and I notice the pattern on them.

“Heh, it looks like a $1 million note!”

“No, really? I never noticed.” Eisuke says sarcastically as he chuckles. “I have one more thing for you.” He then leans over and kisses my forehead, and a sweet sensation rushes up my spine and stops where he kissed me, and I can’t help but blush. Eisuke pulls away, and shouts, “Soryu! Are you nearly done?”, and the sweet sensation I just felt turns into a wave of indescribable pain.

“Ow! Eisuke, loud noises *cough cough* make my migraine *cough* worse!” I struggle to say as I try to hold in a sudden coughing fit.

“Sorry, Charlotte.” Eisuke says, a look of guilt spreading across his face. Baba then comes over to the bed and supports my head as he plumps up my pillow, and Ota hands me a glass of water. Eisuke pulls the blanket over me a little more, and Mamoru tries to help my patting me on the back. Tears start to well up in my eyes; I’m so happy knowing how much they actually care about me.

“You guys are the best, you know that?”

“Well, duh.” Eisuke says with his trademark confident smile.

“Hm, and modest too.” I say sarcastically. I then notice a delicious smell wafting in from the kitchen. “I hope it’s not just me, but do I smell eggs?” I ask. Soryu then enters the room with plates, and sitting on those plates are some good looking omelettes. I then notice with embarrassment that Soryu is wearing the apron that Sakiko gave to me for my last birthday, and it says on the front, ‘Warning! Hot stuff in the kitchen!’ I am mortified, and I feel my cheeks get red with embarrassment. The other four are trying to hold in their laughter, as am I, and we try to focus more on what Soryu has made for dinner. He gave the other four their omelettes, and he carefully placed mine on my lap and said,

“Careful, it’s hot.” He then whispers so only I can hear him, “Just like me.” Usually, I expect Baba to say something like that, but not Soryu! Soryu sits on the bed next to me and starts tucking in, when he notices that the guys are still smirking at him wearing the apron. Mamoru then summons the courage to say,

“Hey, how you doin’ hot stuff!” and the other three laughed as quietly as possible so they don’t make my migraine worse. Then Soryu does something unexpected; he chuckles. The others stop laughing and gives him a puzzled and worried look, and Soryu says,

“What I find funny is that this apron isn’t mine, its Charlotte’s.” Everyone turns to face me, and I blush as I say,

“Hey, I didn’t get it, Sakiko got it for me for my birthday!”

“Uh-huh.” Says Soryu doubtfully.

“Sure she did.” Ota says in a sarcastic tone of voice.

“Heh, I don’t know if she’s red because her temperature has gone up, or because she’s embarrassed.” Eisuke says in amusement.

“Ugh, you guys are so mean.” I pretend to pout as I eat my food, but I was a little bit cheerful on the inside. “Well, that was delicious Soryu, thank you.”

“Well, you have always cooked for us, so I’m just returning the favour.”

We all finish our omelettes, and Baba takes all of the dishes and starts the washing up.

“Oh no, Baba, leave it in the sink, I’ll wash up.” I start to get out of bed, but Soryu gently holds me in place and says,

“Listen, you’re not well, you need to stay in bed. Let Baba wash up.”

“But…” I start to argue back, but I realise that I won’t win this round, and I give in and make myself comfortable in bed again. We all chat while Baba washes up, and when Baba comes back, I suddenly start to feel really drowsy. Soryu sits closer to me, and starts to gently stroke my hair.

“That’s…nice. Thank you for…taking care…of me…today…” I just manage to say to the guys before falling into a deep sleep.

I wake up in the morning to find that the guys had left my apartment and gone back to the hotel. I smile to myself as I remember how the guys took care of me yesterday. Speaking of which, I feel much better! My stomach ache is gone, my cough is gone, and my migraine is now nothing more than a minor headache! By the afternoon, I was feeling totally better and I decided to go to work.

Sakiko and Chisato are very happy to see that I am well again, and dare I say even Erika and the twins Rhina and Khana seem happy to see me back at work, but that being said, they most likely got more work while I was off, so that is probably why they are pleased to see me.

After work, I head for the penthouse elevator. When I reach the penthouse lounge, I see that everyone is sitting around a table, and it looks like they’re playing poker. I am just about say hello when I hear Eisuke say,

“I wonder how Charlotte is doing?”

I am intrigued by the conversation and I decide to hide myself and continue to listen.

“I hope she’s back soon, my room is starting to get a little bit messy, and I don’t want some other maid to clean it.” Baba says in a depressed tone, which is surprising, considering Baba almost always has a smile on his face.

“Yeah, she’s good at her job. I miss the way she always comes in so cheerfully, and not only cleans, but does extra and cooks for us too. She isn’t paid to do that, and yet she always does it for us without a single complaint.” Soryu says.

“I miss the way she would always get flustered when we tease her and yet when she got into a dangerous situation with us she would be fearless and stand her ground.” Ota says.

“Mm, I miss her too. She’s a good person.” Mamoru says with a lazy grin. At that moment, I decide to go in and yell,

“I’m back, everyone!”

All five of them jumped and turned around to face me, and can’t help but laugh as I say teasingly, “Aww, I didn’t know you missed me that much.”

“You weren’t meant to hear that.” Ota says while blushing. Now that I look at the others, I see that they are all blushing.

“Anyway, I thought you were ill.” Says Mamoru with a confused look on his face.

“Yeah, that was quite a miraculous recovery.” Baba says, obviously shocked.

“I guess all of the special care you gave me yesterday made me all better.” I reply.

“You looked so adorable when you fell asleep, we left so we wouldn’t wake you up.” Soryu says, is cheeks going pink.

“Um, thanks..?” I say, embarrassed that Soryu said that out loud in front of everyone.

“I can’t deny that, Sor.” Eisuke says with a grin.

“Me neither.” Baba says, and he winks at me. I really didn’t want to talk about this any more; I try to think of something to change the topic of the conversation, and then I remember the guys were playing poker before I came in.

“You guys playing poker?” I ask. I can see the others know I’m trying to change the subject, but I think they decide to let it go, because Soryu says,


“You wanna play, Charlotte? We can deal you in.” Ota offers.

“Thanks.” I sit down next to Mamoru and Baba and join in. I enjoy the rest of the evening having fun and playing poker with the baddest bidders.

My first fanfic… I don’t think I did too badly. :-)

My dearest Philip,

Your migraine has been gone by now, luckily. I really think you should sleep more honey, if you want it to stop.

As for the rest, we watched a documentary about monkeys together and it was pretty lame but if you love it I’ll watch it for you. But no Phil, we’re not filling our house with monkeys!

Also, we added some new merch to our Dan&Phil shop!!! I hope the phans like it… Yeah they probably will, I’m sure of it!

Xxx Daniel

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Would uh. Would you be willing to share the conversation that Oliver and Felicity were having before Abby walked into the kitchen? The thirst I have for this verse knows no bounds.

“Add a little more for me?” Felicity says from the doorway.

Oliver twists around from the chamomile tea steeping in the porcelain pot, right next to the milk warming in the saucepan. He looks her over, with her rumpled hair and her creased pajamas, and he turns around and leans against the counter. “I did.”

She smiles, and she comes over to tuck herself against his side. “Five out of five stars,” she sighs into his shirt. “Would marry again.”

It’s an old joke, but he doesn’t mind comforting familiarity tonight. “Can’t sleep?”

“I don’t like him vigilante-ing three thousand miles away,” she grumbles.

Here in Starling, if something goes drastically wrong, Oliver knows he can be suited up and anywhere in the city within half an hour. If the shit really hits the fan, he doesn’t even have to stop for the hood. Do not pass go, do not conceal your identity, just head straight for the offspring and drag him out of whatever trouble he’s gotten himself into.

Tonight there are five hours of flight time between him and his kid. “I don’t like it either.”

“I keep telling myself that Terry is watching his back,” Felicity says, melting deeper into Oliver’s side. “They’ll take care of each other.”

Oliver does not point out that, when Jon ended up in the emergency room during college, half the time Terry was sitting in the waiting room bleeding right next to him. The other half, he’d been holding Jon’s beer. “He’s got a solid team.”

“I wish he had one here,” Felicity says, nosing deeper into his shirt. “I’ve barely worked Watchtower lately. Abby has had to fill in for me a couple of times. Max has been trying to pick up the slack, but she doesn’t know Starling.”

He moves her a half-step back and tips her chin up with one finger.

She looks tired, because it is past midnight after a long day and because she has looked tired for months now. Her crow’s feet, which he loves for the way they make her eyes seem that much brighter when she smiles, just look like worry and exhaustion tonight.

“Is the new medication working?” Oliver says quietly. “If the migraines haven’t really gone way - ”

“They have,” Felicity assures him. “For now, we’ve got them beat.” She sighs, sliding her hands up his chest. “But, Oliver, I’m not thirty anymore. I can’t pull all-nighters. I can’t live on coffee and cat naps.”

“Neither can I,” he admits, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of her pajama pants.

Her fingers twine together behind his neck, and she lays her head on his chest. Her hair smells strongly of her familiar shampoo. “What if he needs me, and I’m not there?”

Even after months spent teaching the kid to shoot and climb and interrogate a suspect and slip restraints and operate a grappling gun, Oliver shadowed Jon out in the field on his first few missions. He offered very little commentary, none of it criticism. Just watched from a distance.

The first night he laid in bed while Jon was out in the hood, he stared at the ceiling for a long time and tried to turn off his imagination. Finally he said into the quiet and the darkness, “Are you asleep?”

Felicity shifted beside him, and she pressed her mouth against his shoulder. “No.”

“What if something happens?”

“Well,” she said slowly, insinuating herself between his arm and his side. “He’s big now. And you trained him yourself.”

“I mean,” he curled his arm around her, “what if he needs backup, and I’m not there?”

She reached for his free hand and twined their fingers together. “Any what-ifs come at him, he’ll beat them up.”

He smiled, and he turned his head to kiss her. When that proved an excellent distraction, he kissed her some more.

Half an hour later, they had a brief, sleepy argument over which side of the wet patch they should both scootch over to - his or hers - and then they fell into dreamless sleep.

Tonight, he kisses the top of her head, and he says, “You know what we do to what-ifs around here.”

She sighs appreciatively, nestling up under his chin, and he splays his hands over her ass and breathes her in. For a long time, he just holds her.

Then the milk is ready, and they take their mugs to the table.

Lennon hums cheerfully as he reorganizes everything in his office after noticing how untidy it was. He has had a bad migraine all morning, but it seems to have gone now. It put him in a good mood, perhaps. After he is finally done, he sits down, wasting no time to get some work done– he can’t believe how much work he let piled up. “It’s open!” He answers immediately as he hears the knock.