Another awesome anniversary (AAA)!!

December 29th, 2011 at 7:54pm

Today is another awesome anniversary for my love and I. (:
Today is our 1 year, 2 month, 3 week, 4 day, 5 hour, and 6 minute anniversary~!!
<3 <3

I’m just so happy that we’ve been together this long, and I hope we’ll be happily together for an even longer time.
I pray that this coming new year will be a prosperous one for us both, and that we’ll share it together and make more memories. :]

Maria Isabelle Granada Procalla [and one day Rondilla], I love you oh SO much. <3 <3
Thank you for staying. ^ - ^

Happy 10 months!! <3

Wow. 10 months. We’re close to being together for a year, love. :)

This time, last year, you didn’t even have a Tumblr. Haha. You didn’t even have a working laptop. But there was always the texting. :3 Haha. I definitely made my mom’s phone bill a little higher then. Lol.

10 months. We’ve been through so much already.
10 months of happiness, laughs, smiles, inside stuffs, hugs, hand holding, kisses.
10 months of struggle, complications, fights, arguments, assumptions (right and wrong), near-ends.
But we’ve made it through everything, like we always do. ^^ Over these passed 10 months, we got to know each other more. We became comfortable with each other over the days. :]

I know I’m not the easiest person to handle at times, but thank you. Thank you for sticking with me this long. Thank you for saying yes at 2:48pm that Monday on October 4, 2010. Thank you for everything. <3

I love you oh SO very much, Maria Isabelle Granada Procalla. With all my heart and everything that I am. I’m not going to leave. I do and always will love you unconditionally. ^///-///^

Most people would say that they could fill up a whole page of a book or more about how they feel about someone. Well… Then there’s us. Haha. We’re weird. ;D My feelings for you… Can’t really be accurately described. So compared to whoever’s page-long confession about how they feel about someone, here’s mine…

“You make me incredibly happy. I love you, Maria. Please stay with me forever. <3 :]”

And I will make another post. Haha. This seems… short? I don’t know. Lol.