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4:00 AM thoughts: I actually don’t have a problem with the new gen in theory it’s just they’re trapped in a narrative that vilifies and distorts the characters I grew up with and have loved for years so I can’t properly enjoy them. When they’re on their own and I repress all thoughts of how terri-bad the naruto ending was and how technically fucked up the world they exist in is I really like them but otherwise it’s just like be gone thot.

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Straying Chocohoe: even though I started eating meat again, I still can't really get into chicken. Thank the vegan vids and documentaries for that.

I’ve seen snippets of those kinds of documentaries, and had folks suggest more for me to watch and I just fucking can’t

I love meat too much.

But no seriously, I do. People tell me how much red meat is bad for me because xyz and I’m like, “fascinating. *SHOVES MEDIUM-RARE STEAK IN MOUTH LIKE THE SAVAGE I AM*”

Chicken actually is my least favorite of meats, though. Steak is king, then pork (BAACCOONNN), turkey is next, all before chicken. Maybe because outside of fried goodness and a few heavily seasoned dishes, chicken often comes off as tasteless to me. :/





The filet mignon, aka the most tender part of the tenderloin.

It’s not as flavorful as a ribeye, and it’s not as big as a porterhouse, but it’s small size is made up for by it’s buttery texture and mild, but pleasant flavor.

Today, we’re gonna make use of this filet in the funnest way I know how: by crusting it in pepper and covering it in my all time favorite sauce.

You’ll find out why it’s my favorite soon.

Steak au Poivre
(serves: 2, one for you, and one for your weirdly clingy rich blond host club boyfriend)



  • 2 filet mignons
  • ground or fresh cracked pepper (use as needed)
  • salt (use as needed)
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • ¼ cup cognac
  • 2/3 cup heavy cream



  • Rub the steaks in some olive oil and salt and let them sit out in room temperature for like an hour. Go watch some ouran high school host club in the meantime. Try not to break any vases.
  • After an hour’s up, rub the ends of the steaks with some cracked or ground pepper. Throw the butter and oil into a pan over high heat and wait until the butter’s browned up a bit.
  • Plop the steaks onto the pan and cook em for 4 minutes on each side.
  • Remove the steaks from the heat and turn the heat off. Wait for like 5 minutes and then pour the cognac in. AND GET PSYCHED OKAY THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART.
  • take a match and light the entire fucking pan of cognac on fire. Take the handle and jiggle the pan around so that all the cognac catches on fire.
  • Once the cognac’s been reduced, add the heavy cream and mix it in with the cognac. Let that boil for a bit over medium heat until it’s thick enough to coat the front and back of a wooden spoon.
  • Once you think the cream’s done, taste a bit of it, and then pour in some more cognac and salt just to taste. 
  • Pour the sauce over the steaks and enjoy them. Pretend to be a fancy mofo as you bite into these lil miracles.



I don’t even feel comfortable calling filet mignon steak. IT’s like…too informal over a word.

I just wanna call them meat pillows. Because that’s what filet mignon is. Delightful, tender, buttery meat pillows that are insanely expensive but insanely good.

Enjoy them, nerds. Enjoy them.

Asgsjhsj every time I stream Cherry Bomb and the part “right cherry bomb feel it yum” I always hear “feel it yum” as “filet mignon” which is a steak 😥😥😥

Ppali ppali pihae right cherry bomb filet mignon

Ppali ppali pihae right cherry bomb filet mignon

Ppali ppali pihae right cherry bomb filet mignon

Ppali ppali pihae right cherry bomb filet mignon

Ravenstag Dinner

You should never feel guilty about eating anything.

While this dish isn’t made out of human (darn), it’s still an extremely decadent dish that would be best served to someone you like very much. Layered filet mignon steak and seared duck breast in a red wine sauce make up the meatier end of the plate, while roasted tomatoes with cheese, mushrooms, and egg-filled pastries with crumbled bacon complete the other end. 

A little red meat, a little bird, and a wildness that’s impossible to resist to tie it all together.  

Bon appétit.

- MJ & K

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One-Shot: Food Coma

Imagine being Tony’s secretary and ordered by your boss with keeping Peter happy until the fight. Which would definitely be easier if he didn’t know about it. “That he still acts awkward doesn’t mean he doesn’t take advantage of it – completely!” ~ -Requested by anon
This is supposed to be an imagine but I got carried away, and now it’s a one-shot :D ✯

Characters: Tony Stark, Peter Parker
Word Count: 751

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The Herbivorous Butcher: sausage and steak – but hold the slaughter

Mahita Gajanan // Friday 29 January 2016 14.57 GMT

‘In a newly opened butcher shop in north-east Minneapolis, customers can find hand-cut salami, Sriracha-flavored bratwursts, meatballs, and nearly any other cut of meat that comes to mind.

The only catch? Nothing in the store is made from an animal product. Everything at the Herbivorous Butcher is 100% vegan.

Five years ago, after learning about the environmental impact of eating meat from books and documentaries such as Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, brother-sister duo Kale and Aubry Walch started making vegan meats and cheeses themselves.

The Walches soon took their products on the road, selling them at farmers’ markets and breweries across the midwest, before returning to Minneapolis and opening the Herbivorous Butcher on 23 January. More than 5,000 patrons visited the shop on its opening weekend.

The idea for the business came from a shared concern for the environment, and a desire to spread awareness of the benefits of going meat-free.

“The easiest way is just to offer an alternative and say: ‘Hey, you like meat. We do too. Why not make it plant-based?’” Aubry says. Aubry, 34, has been a vegetarian since she was 14 and became a vegan when she was 18. Kale (yes, that’s his real name), 22, became a vegan about five years ago.

To make the vegan meats, Aubry and Kale make doughs and broths out of different juices, vinegars, spices and herbs. The mixtures then get steamed, baked or pan fried to taste just like real meat.

On Wednesday afternoon, Kale had just made a batch of porterhouse steaks from a mixture of tomato and apple juices, and garbanzo flour to get a meaty texture.

“We’re a bit like a savory bakery,” Aubry says.

Creating the recipes took months of trial and error. For Valentine’s Day, Kale made a batch of filet mignon steaks that did not go over so well with customers.

“It worked out perfectly at home,” Kale says. “But when I multiplied it by 40, something went wrong. We were just handing out these hockey puck filet mignons.”

The siblings insist they run their store similarly to a more traditional butcher shop. Everything in the Herbivorous Butcher can be found at any other butcher shop, Kale says, only each item is made out of plant-based goods. Customers buy each item by the pound, as they would at other butcher shops, and prices are similar to those at organic grocery stores, Aubry says.

“We’re here to bridge the gap so that omnivores can switch over,” Aubry says. “We don’t use funny words for our products. We call them what they are.”

A perusal through the store website finds butcher shop classics like Italian sausage, barbecue ribs, pepperoni, bologna and Mexican chorizo, among many other vegan meats. Cheese fans will find camembert, dill havarti, pepper jack and cheddar among a collection of many dairy-free delicacies.

The word butcher brings to mind bloodstained aprons, imposing knives and windows of hanging carcasses, and the Walches aim to repurpose the term.

“We’ll stop calling ourselves vegan butchers when they stop calling it ‘humane slaughter’,” Kale says.

Originally from Guam, Aubry and Kale were inspired to create the vegan meats to preserve family customs. Vegetarianism is not a common concept in Guam, and family dinners usually consist of at least four meat dishes on the table.

“It’s not something that’s normal at all, culturally,” Aubry says.

But the siblings say the time spent with their families around the dinner table was very valuable. They didn’t want to lose the tradition or the memories of smelling steak on the grill. So, to make sure each product tastes and feels like real meat, the Walches have their father conduct a taste test.

“He’s our harshest critic,” Kale says.

Among the most popular products at the Herbivorous Buther are Korean barbecue ribs, pastrami, smoky house ribs and all of their cheeses, which contain a soy milk and coconut oil base; Kale adds vinegars and nutritional yeast for flavors and texture.

Animals are not harmed in the making of the vegan products, but Kale says he has likely developed carpal tunnel syndrome in his right arm (his “stirring arm”) – the creation of each product requires much stirring and kneading, and his right arm is now “five times bigger” than his left.

“It just hurts to make,” he says.’

Despicable Meat

It’s rare I cook up something so bloody tasteless, but I will steak my reputation on being grade A, moosually.

For a follower on my Instagram account (@morris_less) who, for her punzzle prize, requested a steak pun. Sorry if it’s a bit Gru-some!

Index: Filet Minion; filet mingon pun

Merry Christmas

I always get sentimental during the holidays. I’m not particularly religious. I’m afraid the baby Jesus doesn’t mean much to me. However the time of year has always been special. I love the lights and the songs and the family. 

I’ve been on this tumblr ride almost since tumblr started. 7 years, maybe? I can’t remember. I’ve made some amazing friends through this platform. I’ve acquired people that I consider to be family. I only wish I didn’t fall prey to that tumblr rule where the people you meet live super far away. I desperately want to hug them all. 

Speaking of family, mine is about to get a bit bigger. We just learned that my brother is pregnant. Err… his wife is pregnant. I am going to be an uncle. Uncle Ben. I’ve never held a baby before. I hope I don’t drop it. 

Tonight my parents and I will participate in one of our Christmas traditions. We always treat ourselves to Filet Mignon steaks. Quite the tasty tradition. 

Lastly, I just want to reiterate how much you all reading this mean to me. When I’m down it is amazing to have a few thousand people there to lift my spirits. I hope you all have a happy holidays and may this next year be awesome. Take care everyone. 

I’m going to add a question mark so you can leave replies?