MightyGOES - Still Water

it’s time I put out some of this hurt-human rap I’m sitting on, laden with it’s artery-clogging sentiment. Time to put it out so I can move on.

I wrote this song last year, in separate pieces, recollecting the intense despair I experienced 2 years before that, after dropping out of college and going back home.

I was really fatigued from school and all the flaming hoops and hurdles I had to caper and cajole through to keep that show rolling. Eventually I was ecstatic in my submission, too ready to go home and rest, and recharge on familiar familial energy. But home wasn’t safe from the real world, and I learned some humbling truths upon my return.

These words all came together on a bench at the College Park MARTA station, while waiting on a white Grand Marquis.

FSCK FY - a short lo-fi beat ep. songs made sporadically over 2013, inspired by ratatat, povertous stir-fries, rjd2, coova & bud melvin, otakon, the oculus rift, idlewild, james blake, javis faux, reggie watts, nattan nakoma, dolo cousin, hungover standby flights, overdraft fees, pokemon x, and the ever incremental dementia of a dying hard drive.

“oh so you fancy cuz you can make pikmin music? pfffft" 


chopped up a great song and beat out a subpar but fun pattern.

did this today. the name I saved it as was ‘frozencoke.’ the sample is Edwin Birdsong’s 'Cola Bottle Baby.’ you could sniff it out if you reversed the track and pitched it up a bit.

I’m not friends with quantization just yet. tis raw with informal counts


I’d completely forgotten at that point. Thanks @lesfortune & @paladin_vann #humbled #mightygoes