The Thing ^-^

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Rule 1: Always post the rules
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1) Cooking or Take-away?

2) favourite Video Game?
I don’t play video games, so I don’t have one. 

3) Day or night?

4) Do you have or want to have tattoos?
Don’t have one, but recently started considering getting some small tattoo. But I have no idea what or where…

5) If you could go back in time, where would you go and what would you do?
I have no idea… hmmm… at this very moment i’d love to tell my younger self not to choose the university i’m currently studying at. I know, boring answer n_n

6) Best fandom?
I can’t choose only one ToT But i really do love Merlin fandom. This TV series was the first one i watched from the beginning until the very perfect end. I feel kind of sentimental about it   ^-^

8) TV or Books?

9) Ultimate OTP and NOTP
NOTP: please, don’t kill/hate me, but I really didn’t like when in the end Harry ended up with Ginny. I just… no. 
OTP: well there is more than one, but i’ll stick with Merthur - my first proper OTP n^n  

10) Worst Fear?
Drowning… and just basically water in a tanks bigger than a bathtub.

11) Who inspires you?
I’d say that… hmmm… Misha Collins, Patrick Stump, and Dan and Phil… yeah. 


Uff… n_n   Now, my questions: 

1. What’s your favourite song to perform in the shower? 
2. Which one do you prefer: beach, forest, or mountains? 
3. Top three albums you could listen on repeat. 
4. Do you have any siblings? 
5. What’s the biggest lie you got away with? 
6. Do you like your handwriting? 
7. Do you wear glasses or contacts?
8. Is there a sound that makes you cringe and escape from the room when you hear it? 
9. If you look at your celebrity crushes right now… What do they have in common? 
10. Give me a song that everyone would hate, but you can’t help but listen to it  n^n
11. How are you today? 

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