These crossbreeds are quite stubborn and persistent, but are popular with trainers who want a companion that makes them seem more intimidating. Shady Zorua are known to be very bite-y (both with friends and foes), while Alpha Zoroark are only satisfied being the “leader” of their team, and will be very unruly if they are not.  

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justgottabehonest  asked:

My Mightyena, Pulse, is very smart and has trained the neighborhood kids to give her hamburgers whenever they walk home from school, pops outta of her pokeball to ransack the kitchen, and makes habit of escaping from the yard and terrorizing the local Skitty and Purloin. Any tips to refocus all that intelligence and energy that doesn't involve me battling?

Sounds like your pup needs something to do, but it does not necessarily require battling. Some trainers will teach their guys tricks to keep them occupied. A very popular viral video shows a Delcatty that was trained to retrieve tokens hidden throughout the house and put them in a treat-dispenser, providing both snack satisfaction and mental enrichment.

The proper amount of exercise is a must. Are you walking Pulse for at least an hour and a half a day? Mightyena are distance predators, so if your Pokémon does not burn off the energy they’re made to, they will focus it on other, less desirable activities.

Mightyena are also pack animals, so Pulse may be escaping to seek company. Is your Pokémon left alone for hours a day? A daycare may be able to address that. If funding is an issue, see if there’s a neighborhood co-op you can join (most Pokémon centers and shops will have information on local situations).

Regarding the kid/Skitty/Purloin situations, Pulse may need more socialization. The local Pokémon Center should be able to point you towards some good resources.

I know a lot of this is pretty vague, but I hope it can point you in the right direction. Please keep me posted!