Pokemon Fusion - Dusyena

This was a really fun exercise to do in between jobs. Plus i love my little vampiric baby. 

As a little text:

Dusyena are incredibly rare to find in the wild. Their natural aptitude for stealth and stalking give them a fundamental edge when hunting for prey in their woodland homes, often appearing where battles and blood have been spilled. 

They are known man-eaters, feeding primarily off of blood and bone marrow once their prey is deceased with their highly evolved mouths. 

Dusyena are also hard to train, given their natural diet and combination of types, but can be fiercely loyal partners when trained from pups. Their monstrous features, however, often put trainers off of owning and training them, and so it is believed that a large portion of the wild population are descended from abandoned adolescents that proved too hard to train.

Painted over a few hours and added in a photo background from shutterstock that i owned for the effect. If you like this then please let me know and i might do some more! :)