People are genuinely complaining about the Power Rangers movie casting Elizabeth Banks for Rita and are comparing it to Ghost in the Shell and asking for boycott…


So first things first: yeah, it could have been better that they casted a woc for the role. But that said, I don’t mind this too much, and I definitely wouldn’t compare this to GitS and boycott it, you know why? Because holy crap, look the actual Rangers:

See them? There’s only white actor in the team. ONE. The entire team is formed by PoC! Compare to the original team from the show where only two were poc:

So Billy is being played by RJ Cyler. Zack is being played by chinese-canadian actor Ludi Lin. Trini is being played by mexican-american singer and actress Becky G (and as a bonus, she released a song about mexican and chicano pride in response to Donald Trump, which instantly makes her awesome). Kimberly is now played by british-indian actress Naomi Scott

So we got a majority of poc on the team. The heroes we are supposed to root for and kids should identify with. This movie will future the first mainstream latina and indian superheroes on the big screen. They corrected the infamous “black ranger is a black guy and the yellow ranger a asian gal”.

Rather than boycotting the movie because the villain is a white woman, why not celebrate the fact that this is, quite possibly, the most diverse superhero movie to be released? This is a movie that’s taking the better steps towards representation. It should be a example on how we represent the heroes on-screen. Comparing it to GitS is jarring since that features a entire main white cast playing japanese characters.

If you don’t want to watch this movie because it the trailers and the like didn’t got your attention, fine. But if you boycott this movie because the alien villain got whitewashed and entirely ignore all the right things they got with the main heroes, I’m gonna tell you that you’re doing a disservice for future positive representation in blockbuster movies.


Centuries ago, a legendary inter-dimensional being known as Zordon came to the city of Angel Grove to establish a command center for his never-ending struggle against evil. With the aid of his trusted assistant, Alpha 5, the noble master sought six extraordinary teengagers and gave them the power to transform into a superhuman fighting force. In time of great need, the young heroes could use their powers to call upon colossal assault vehicles known as Zords. The identity of the six remained a guarded secret. Today, that tradition continues…

Power Rangers Next in Line for a Big Screen Makeover!

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers haven’t been seen in at least 20 years (!!), but creator Haim Saban has announced that Lionsgate will reboot the series for the big screen.

According to E!, with recent box office smash hits as the Twilight and Divergent franchises, Saban is confident Lionsgate will do right by the beloved, universally-known characters and their world.