And it feels like jealousy (Harry Styles Imagine)

For alexm4301:

“Mum, whats for tea?” your teenage son asked. “Well your friends are popping round aren’t they so what were you thinking? you asked. “Pizza?” your son beamed. “Pizza it is lovely” you warmly replied. “Any preference?” “Well, maybe a mighty Mexican and ham and pineapple?” “Yeah sure hun, ill bring it out and you can have it whilst your playing xbox if you like?” “Yeah that’s great! Thanks mum you’re the best!” Edward shouted whilst running upstairs to get changed.

Moments later the door opened, and your Husbands arms were soon wrapped around your waist. “Evening love” Harry’s husky voice whispered in your ear. “Mmmm evening” you smiled. “What’s for tea?” “Well Edward wants pizza because he’s having his friends over so i thought me and you could maybe go out and get a takeaway?” you asked whilst turning to face your husband. “His friends?” Harry questioned looking skeptical. “Yeah, you know, Freddie, Ryan and Mike.” “Yeah, i know them” your husband replied whilst furrowing his eyebrows. “What about Darcy?” “She’s staying with Kelsey” “Ahhhh” he replied. “So what do you say” you asked. “Yeah, takeaway sounds good love.”


It was now around 6:30pm and Edward was playing xbox with his friends in the living room. As the kitchen and living room was open plan you could see everything that was happening.

The cooker dinged signalling that the Pizza was ready. Putting on your oven gloves you removed the pizza from the oven and placed it onto the side to cool. Harry then used the pizza cutter to separate the pieces as you were never any good at that part. “All done” the curly haired man smiled to himself.

You then grabbed the plates and walked over to the boys. “Dinner is served boys” you smiled whilst bending over to put the plates down. Edwards friends took this as a good opportunity to stare at your arse much to Harry’s annoyance. “Thanks mum” Edward smiled whilst tucking in to the pizza.

You walked back into the kitchen to be faced with an angry looking Harry. “Whats up?” you asked. “Nothing love” he replied whilst beginning to wash the dishes.

“Mate, your mum is fit” Freddie chuckled, earning agreements from Ryan and Mike. “Don’t even go there” Edward warned.

Harry then sighed and turned towards the lads. “Leave it” you spoke in a hushed tone whilst pushing back on Harry’s torso. “But your mine” he growled. “I know baby, just ignore them, they’re just young lads having banter. The boys used to say it about Anne remember?” He furrowed his brows and then smiled in remembrance. “Oh yeah they did” he laughed. “See, its just teenage boys having banter.” 

“Anyway, come on, i’m hungry!” you moaned, pulling him towards you. He took this as an opportunity to pull you towards him and engulf you in a warm embrace. “I love you Harry” you whispered. “I love you too Kitten, more than you will ever know” he smiled before leaning down and kissing you.

“Oi, can you not!” Edward shouted whilst throwing a cushion in your direction causing you and Harry to pull away. You then erupted into a fit of giggles.

“Anyway lads, my dad will eat you for breakfast if you go near my mum” Edward spoke. Harry soon laughed along with you. “Too right boys” Harry replied causing the hold household to be a in a fit of laughter. 

Okay so its not very long but hopefully it’s what you were looking for! Please send me feedback and like if you read. If you have a request feel free to message me!

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Mexico Beats US 3-1, Wins 12th U-20 Title

Mexico won its 12th U-20 CONCACAF title against the United States, beating them 3-1 in overtime.

Jesús Corona scored early on an aggressive charge to give Mexico the lead at minute 4’. However, only minutes later, a controversial penalty call allowed Benji Joya to tie the game.

In overtime, it was a repeat of the 2011 U-17 World Cup with Julio Gómez scoring with a chilena to give Mexico the lead. Jorge Espericueta sealed the 3-1 win with a penalty kick in the 113th minute.

Photo: NoticiasMVS