Here’s a set of some tiny, simple, fan animations of Alta. She’s from the WayForward game Mighty Flip Champs. These were made way back in 2014 (an exact 2 years ago from this date actually) when I just started learning animation. My goal was to make extremely limited, but convincing, loops using only 4 frames each.

Originally, these were going to be sprites for a Mighty Flip Champs fan game that was being made in-between some other fan game projects that I was part of at the time.

Now… I look back and think of the many things that I would have done better. If I was to remake these now, there would be vast improvement! Consider these stepping stones I guess.

Alta and Mighty Flip Champs belong to WayForward.

Tonight’s late night drawing is Alta from Mighty Flip Champs!  WayForward’s always has had surprisingly on point character design, and Mighty Flip Champs is no exemption, despite it pretty much being a tech demo side project.  Secretly, I really wish she’d make it into the next Smash Bros.

By the way, if you have a DSi, 3DS, PSP, PS3, or PS Vita, you should download Mighty Flip Champs, because it plays on all of those devices and is stupidly good.  You have no excuse.