Tranny Shorts.

So, day two on Androcur instead of Spiro and you can most definitely see a change of glow in my face…

No. In these 1 year and almost 3 months on hrt, I can impart only one key lesson (or whatever, like virtue) that you will have to learn, or perish - and can you guess what that is?

Did I hear PATIENCE?

You get a special Princessé kiss 🌌💋🌌

my ass is lookin mighty fine these days!


Yours forever

Princessé 💖

anonymous asked:

Boy yo, erblore! That's a mighty fine #ButtTrumpet you got there? It me! How you? Did you find the Nurse to lead you to the Blacksmiths #PeeHype party? I heard Boat Dog was there, along with Dark :3 (I forget the other memes... Am sorry :/)

Do not be sorry, this was grand. Thank you XD