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What did you think of the episodes Earthlings and Beta?

Phew! WELL FIRST OF ALL, Kimberly Brooks KILLED IT in the delivery of Jasper’s final lines! Hats off to that mighty fine performance!

I was really happy to see that Steven’s first fusion with a gem ended up being Amethyst, even happier that their combined weapon was a battle yo-yo! 

Jasper desperately struggling to remain fused with the corrupted gem (look at her faaaaaaace) was honestly the most hard hitting for me personally. She was trying with all her might to come out of this on top but only manages to push away others in her single-minded pursuit of revenge against Rose Quartz, only to end up completely beaten and alone. Just her expressions as she’s trying to hold back the beast, that shift from anger to this desperate, almost pleading look definitely sticks out in my mind. There’s a feeling of this sort of aching loneliness in that scene, made abundantly clear with her remark about nobody ever wanting to stay and punctuated overall with Jasper’s continual defeat at the hands of fusions.  

Even though it pained me to see Jasp corrupted and bubbled, I was extremely glad to see just how much Amethyst has grown as a character with the compassion toward Jasper she showed when bubbling her gem, and even after that as ‘Jasper’ in To the Moon (on Eyeball asking her where she was when PD was shattered, declining to speak because she “was still pretty messed up about it” shows that she definitely recognized the pain of Jasper losing her diamond had caused her.)

And I know this came after those eps, but the Ruby Squad! It did my little heart good to see that somegem out there somewhere thought highly of Jasper (or at least the idea of her).  

In any case, I definitely believe that isn’t the last we’ll see of Jasper. We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of the things she’s gone through, along with other Homeworld Gems during the war. I’ll still be drawing and dreaming of a redeemed Jasper either way~

*sees nightmare card illustrations*

*insert wild squealing here*

*suddenly whispers* does that mean we also get the bio 2 class 2-1 / 2-2 illustrations soon???