Mighty Fine’s 80’s Fashion X-Men T-shirts: NOW AVAILABLE IN LADIES’ SIZES!

As previously featured on FTFCS last month, Mighty Fine released this gorgeous collection of Nagel-esque t-shirts featuring the ladies of X-Men, all of which are now available in women’s sizes and in a larger array of t-shirt colors!
Check out the selection below:

  • Fashion Phoenix t-shirt, $25 [link]
  • Fashion Jubilee t-shirt, $25 [link]
  • Fashion Shadowcat t-shirt, $25 [link]
  • Fashion Storm t-shirt, $25 [link]
  • Fashion Mystique t-shirt, $25 [link]
  • Fashion Rogue t-shirt, $25 [link]

Attention Fashion Tips From Comic Strips subscribers:
Between now and July 22, 2011, you can get 10% off your entire Mighty Fine order if you use the coupon code FTFCS. Happy shopping! :D


My five designs for the Steven Universe shirt design contest over at Mighty Fine.  I would really appreciate it if everyone could take a minute or two to click the link to each entry and rate them. 

In order:

You have to make an account on the site to vote, but it only takes a few seconds.

Thank you in advance!