First Game Center CX movie trailer ⊟

Ahhh this looks great. The full title is Game Center CX THE MOVIE 1986 Mighty Bomb Jack, and the film releases around February next year.

Summary of the plot courtesy of Zari-Gani (and posted in our comments by Ray Barnholt):

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“Game Center CX The Movie: 1986 Mighty Bomb Jack” poster

Game Center CX is going to the silver screens in February! To add to the other art I’ve done for the show (1, 2) I was commissioned to draw a fun and exciting illustrated poster aimed toward kids. They sent me the script and let me come up with everything on my own.

The movie features both Arino’s live Mighty Bomb Jack challenge in 2006 (documentary) and a Wonder Years-esque story about a boy and his stolen Mighty Bomb Jack cartridge in 1986 (drama). The poster depicts both parts, plus Jack and his enemies. For Jack’s design, I took elements from the JA, NA and EU covers of Mighty Bomb Jack.

A special pre-order ticket package comes with a clear folder with this pic on the back, and I have to say, it’s one of the coolest pieces of merchandise with my art I’ve ever seen. The colours are really bright and vivid on the plastic material.


New cover!! This time we’ve collaborated with Light to do Mighty Bomb Jack! Enjoy! :) 

Happy 54th Birthday Yoshizawa-san! :D

I may be a bit late with this, but I’m just glad I got this finished. For those who don’t know, Hideo Yoshizawa is the one who created such classics as the NES Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, Mr. Driller, and of course, Klonoa! His works may not be as recognized as others, but he deserves all the appreciation he can get :)


This song isn’t sung by KAITO but it’s a pretty famous KaiMei video on NicoNico, and it’s still adorable.

(Sorry for the inactivity, I had stuff I needed to take care of before starting school.)