man you know what show rlly deserves a chance? the mighty b

it manages to pull off spastic humor and some toilet humor in a woman-centric show, and basically features star butterfly as a girl scout in the lead, and it’s like Super Weird but also kind of sweet 

i miss it… wheres my mighty b fandom

Fictional Girl Band Week!

The Pretty Pretty Princesses (Mighty B)

I hadn’t even heard of this show until my friend Molly swooped in with a last-minute suggestion. I now feel my life has been improved immeasurably.

The episode We’ve Got the Bee sees batshit crazy protagonist Bessie long to join her local rock idols, The Pretty Pretty Princesses, after being entranced by their hit song Riding With the Rainbow Unicorns. This song is incredible, so I can understand her obsession.

Anyway, they don’t want her, mainly because lead singer Portia is mean, but also because Bessie displays no sort of musical prowess. But, like a true riot grrrl, Bessie’s enthusiasm wins out over such trivial practicalities, and soon she becomes a drumming demon with the help of Rocky and his band the Integritones. 

But fear not! Bessie eventually lives her dream and joins the Princesses on stage after Penny faints at the sight of the audience, replacing Penny’s meek triangle playing with her own wild percussion.

Here’s a list of shows that i loved as a child that no one seems to remember exist. They literally should all be brought back in my opinion.

Three Delivery

Speed Racer: Next Generation

Kappa Mikey

My Life as a Teenage Robot

Danny Phantom

El Tigre- The Adventures of Manny Rivera

The Secret Show

Making Fiends 

Tak and the Power of Juju

The X’s

The Mighty B


and creepiest of all children shows that scarred me for life that should never me brought back because it will scar everyone for life:

Mr. Meaty

“The premature demise of The Mighty B just shows you that if you’re a female character who dares to be different, tomboyish, and eccentric, than that’s unacceptable. Honestly, even though her shenanigans may be over the top, I think Bessie is a good role model for girls. Too bad Nickelodeon’s too fucking stupid to see that.”