GIFS to respond to homophobes or people against Gay Marriage

So there still people whining about the recent legalization on Gay Marriage through the 50 states of the US  by the Supreme Court. I thought it would be fun to respond to them like this. Enjoy. 

If you’re offended Im sorry, but if youre a homophobe and against gay marriage. I have nothing to say to you. 


Here comes Mighty B! B! B! B!

🌈🐴  vine by @ashlynanstee!

Plus a #TBT theme song!

So mighty!!! So B!!!

Finally putting my Moleskin to good use… or am I putting it thru hell? Either way, this was a fun little piece to carve out in there! Some Mighty B fo’ my Homey Erik Wiese (who co-created the show w/ Amy Poehler)!

no photoshop manipulation on it at all (except for watermarking the bottom w/ my blog addy). :P

straight up paint markers, permanent markers, color markers and even a dry erase marker there too. It must’ve gotten me HiiiigggggGhhHHH, cause those colors are cray. and a gel pen for the glasses. ;)


man you know what show rlly deserves a chance? the mighty b

it manages to pull off spastic humor and some toilet humor in a woman-centric show, and basically features star butterfly as a girl scout in the lead, and it’s like Super Weird but also kind of sweet 

i miss it… wheres my mighty b fandom

“It’s so disappointing that Nickelodeon allowed Spongebob to basically soak up all the cartoons (no pun intended). I mean, what’s wrong with showing As Told by Ginger, Danny Phantom, The Mighty B, or other cartoons from the 00s on the channel again? I recently counted that Nick plays almost 6 hours of SB! Come on now. That’s ridiculous!”