I had to doodle something from the latest chapter of Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear cos it gave me so many goddamn feels and if you aren’t reading that fic then you are missing the hell out like you don’t even know ok


“Stan Lee’s Mighty 7” Sneak Peek: Micro (Darren Criss) & Kid Kinergy (Sean Astin)

Shoes - Part 7 

Toshinori wasn’t sure how he had gotten himself into this situation. He sat cross-legged on the ground, slouched forward as Inko Midoriya wiped blood from his face with a stubborn frown. He blamed his inability to argue against the motherly instincts of particularly strong women.

The moment he and Inko separated, she had spotted the growing red stain marring the back left of his torn shirt in addition to the scrape at his temple. In seconds, she had ordered him to sit down so she could examine him and sent Izuku off to get the first aid kit she had seen hanging by the door.  
“H-here,” Izuku said as he jogged up to her and handed her the large box.

“Thank you, Izuku,” she replied, quickly opening the first aid kit and rummaging through it with a keen eye. Tears shined in her eyes but her brows were drawn in concentration. “Doesn’t have gauze,” she muttered with a frown. Without a thought, she took off her white cardigan leaving her with her floral, sleeveless blouse. She handed it to Izuku and ordered, “Tear this into strips.”

“That’s really not necessary,” Toshinori said with a tired sigh. He knew full well he was fighting a losing battle. “The target only just grazed me.”  

Inko ignored him, “You need to remove your shirt.”

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8 prescriptions, 7 supplements, numerous otc meds as needed, a mentally ill spoonie’s cabinet’s are never empty. 

Without these meds I nearly died over a dozen times, without these meds I wouldn’t be able to sit up, much less get out of bed and doing anything. 

There’s no shame in taking a pill, or a few, or a ton, sometimes bodies and brains just suck at doing their job, so we’ve got to help them out. 

I am Medicated. I am Mighty. 

If the new movie has you wanting to get into Power Rangers:

As you probably know, the show uses footage from and is an adaptation of a Japanese series called Super Sentai. Generally, Sentai is better than PR, so trying to watch ALL of PR is pointless. In most cases you might as well just watch whatever Sentai season they’re adapting.

However, the early years of the show were VERY different from Sentai and are worth watching as their own unique experience.

Seasons 1 - 7 (AKA Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Turbo, Power Rangers in Space, and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy) comprise a very different, more continuity-heavy and more scifi-themed experience than their Sentai counterparts. This is the golden age and its what anyone sensible will recommend to you. This is generally called the Zordon Era.

Beyond this era, there are only a few things worth watching:

Power Rangers Wild Force has an episode entitled Forever Red that brings together many of the classic characters. Wild Force in general is not worth your time, but this episode is worth watching on its own.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder brings back a major hero from the early years of the show and is strongly tied to the Zordon Era.

Power Rangers RPM is just a crazy season that you have to see. They took PR post apocalyptic, with Terminator-esque machines wiping out most of humanity and the survivors hiding out in a domed city in the wasteland. This has almost no connection to the Zordon Era, but its worth a watch.

Beyond this stuff, I really wouldn’t recommend watching anything else. If you want more, get into Super Sentai, its sister show Kamen Rider, and/or Garo, a show in the same style as Sentai, PR, and KR with an adult target audience.

Fursk and his mighty ax, Paul

So, for my very first time playing D&D, I was convinced by my brother in law (our campaigns only really experienced player) to take the role of tank, due to my excitement for smashing things in the face. I chose to play a Half-Orc barbarian named Fursk, who stood at a mighty 7'1" tall. Rounding out our party was a gnome alchemist named Gigs (played by my best friend), a human inquisitor named Anaris (played by my other brother in law), a human ranged fighter named Mara (played by another friend) and Loredan, the half-elf bars (played by the same brother in law who suggested I tank). We met in a tavern, as all great parties do, and proceeded to get rather drunk. Out of character, alcohol may have been involved as well. To help mover the action along, Loredan decided to jump up on stage and preform for his dinner, so to speak. His preform roll was a fantastic… 1. He failed so bad that he started singing “Springtime for Hitler” in the middle of Org the mercenaries bar mitzvah. As the stalwart comrade of mercenary Org, Fursk hurled his mug at the stage. Roll… And crit. I broke his face, leaving him with one measly hit point. Loredan’s pal, Gigs, helps him to his feet and restores his health, at which point Fursk is challenged to a duel, 2 v 1. Fursk accepts, and they step outside. Roll initiative, Loredan Gigs Fursk. Loredan stabs with his rapier, no damage. Gigs tries to throw a flask of acid, misses and melts part of a neighboring building. Fursk’s turn. Roll… And crit, again. With a great axe this time. Using full strength, killing Loredan so three times over. While Fursk’s chants his awesome great axe, the duel is called in his favor. And this my brother in law learned to never pick a fight with a brute who names his weapon Paul.

But that did not end his suffering, no. Gigs convinced the rest of the group to take the remains of Loredan to the local church, in the hopes of restoring his boon companion. Unfortunately, they only had funds for a reincarnation, so the once beautiful half elf bard was reborn… As a half Orc. A short, fat, half Orc. The shame was too much, and he decided to hang himself in the inn. In attempts to save him, Gigs and Mara attempted to break the door down, which resulted in failed rolls and the door breaking Mara. Gigs managed to get the door open, only to find Loredan strangling due to his own terrible rolls. In lieu of a chair or anything to stand on, Gigs climbed the strangling Loredan to get to the rope, only to be unable for three turns to cut it. By the time Gugs and Mara freed Loredan, he was very much dead… Again. Tear, sob sob, so sad.

Where was Fursk during this commotion, you ask? Sleeping. On the bed. In that same room.

erry Garcia
Garcia Compilation Vol. 1

Download: FlAC/MP3

1. Cats Under the Stars 3/18/78
2. Love in the Afternoon 11/23/77
3. New York City* 6/4/74
4. Rubin and Cherise 4/10/82
5. Neighbor, Neighbor 8/30/74
6. Heavens Door** 3/11/78
7. Ill Be With Thee 3/18/78
8. Drove Old Dixie Down 7/20/76
9. Ride Mighty High 7/9/76
10. Palm Sunday 3/18/78

*with Alice Stuart on Vocals
**At around 7:23, some guy in the crowd yells,
“Nice Ass Donna”; forever to be immortilized on tape as
The “nice ass Donna” guy.

3/18/78 sbd > fm > analog > dat > cdr
11/23/77 sony ecm 33p mics > sony tc152 by Jerry Moore
6/4/74 msr > p > dat > cdr > eac > shn
4/10/82 sbd > ? > dat > cdr > wav > shnV3
8/30/74 msc > cass > dat > cdr > eac > shn
3/11/78 sony ecm 99a mics > Technics 646ds by Tom Dalti
7/20/76 unknown sbd
7/9/76 msr > reel > p > dat > cdr > wav > shnV3

CD’s > EAC (secure) > wav > Flac (level 6)

From the original uploader:

–With the season of Jerome (8/1 – 8/9) nearly upon us, I thought I might make a little mix and seed it. No biggie, these arent rare recordings or anything. I do prefer many of these versions, and think of them as being well played, and extremely energetic. Jerry at his finest!

–This is just a fun little mix. Ive not even bothered name the tracks to etree standards or anything. Also this is my first time seeding flac, so it is an expiriment of sorts…enjoy….Chris Davis (7/19/05)

People were trashing Team Taka and praising Team 7 and look at them years later : we have Team 7, that I’m not even sure I can call teammates or friends in general that hardly keep in contact and don’t know anything about the other and here is Team Taka still together after all the bullshit. They stuck together and saved each other after Sasuke left them and it’s beautiful because they are like a little family and Orochimaru is the beautiful mom and they are his kids, basically. Then..look at the mighty Team 7.