mighty skull


With patience, collaboration, ingenuity, and a bucket of leaf eater biscuits, Fred, a 4-year-old giraffe at the Zoo, has been trained to participate in a diagnostic imaging procedure without anesthesia. Keepers noticed he had nasal discharge, so veterinarians were notified, and together they are treating the issue. Radiographs of his mighty skull could reveal dental, bone, and soft tissue abnormalities that could be causing the problem, but how to best get a crisp x-ray image of his head perched 14 feet above the ground? Find out how.


When Tommy hears Bulk is auditioning for the karate commercial too, he shows off—of course! MMPR 1x32 - A Star Is Born. (I love the way Tommy hands over his school stuff like he means business and that his folder is green, lol.)


Power Rangers Playlist

Extra Rangers and other characters

  • Bulk and Skull
  • Ninjor
  • Alien Rangers of Aquitar
  • Trey of Triforia
  • Blue Senturion
  • Phantom Ranger
  • Psycho Rangers
  • Magna Defender
  • Alex Drake
  • Sam
I have one critique of the 2017 Power Rangers move.

Aliens, monsters, battle suits that sit on the borderline of sci-fi & fantasy, giant dino mechas….My suspension of disbelief covers all of that.
There’s one thing I can not make my self believe

This guy

The clear homage to Bulk & Skull from the original series (In fact if you listen closely when he knocks himself out headbutting Billy I’m pretty sure you can here one of the crowd call him Skull)

That cannot possibly be the school bully…..I mean look at him?
What school is this? This guy is beneath grass on the social foodchain.

If this guy started talking shit at my school he’d be roasted to a crisp in seconds.
Here, let me make it clear just how easy it is. I’ll give myself 30 seconds.

1) With that hair and that outfit, you look like a literal dumpster fire. Well done.
2) You look like the lovechild of Ed Sheeran & Betty Boop.
3) How are you threatening? You’ve got a face like an abused pug.
4) You look like Kurt Cobain’s Hyena Fursona.
5) You’re so fucking generic even your Mum doesn’t know who you are you walking stereotype.
6) When you walk into a room old people who watch Fox News have a seizure and an orgasm at the same time.
7) You look like Ron Weasley if he attended Columbine.