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Noel Fielding as white blood cell does some green screen action whilst Julian Barratt gives naked encouragement. Journey to centre of the punk ep.

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one of the hands down, absolute, best things about Mighty Ducks The Animated Series is the fact that a bunch of ducks stopping crimes is considered to be done by mysterious strangers where, for all the earth knows, there’s only 6 alien ducks in existence, all of whom are players for the very publicly known Anaheim Mighty Ducks hockey team

who could these mysterious heroes be? definitely not the alien ducks who just joined the nhl

Review of Power Rangers (2017)

Power Rangers is a 2017 superhero movie - a reboot of the original television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. One of the main characters - Billy Cranston, played by RJ Cyler - is autistic.

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Mighty Magiswords Title Card: The Curse of Dummystein

Original Airdate: November 11th, 2016

-Master List of Mighty Magiswords Title Cards-

Power Rangers Movie was the most interesting movie adaptation of the 1993 television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers I watched as a kid.

This movie includes accurate representation of autistic character Billy that’s not downplayed or treated differently from the other members. He’s actually the first person to morph and is the heart of the movie.

Also, the movie shows a queer women on color Trini whose not only capable of fighting, but has her emotional struggles she’s dealing with as well. It’s difficult for her to express her feelings, which causes her to go into self isolation from other people.

What’s really amazing is the racially diverse cast for 4/5 of the cast is person of color. I also enjoy how none of the characters are walking stereotypes based on their cultural background. They have their own personalities, traumas, and internal struggles they deal with throughout the movie in themselves and the team. Plus the amazing chemistry if the cast help make the relationship seem more believable both on and off screen.

The female characters are not inferior to the male characters and on equal grounds in comparison. It also has some feminist elements but is not afraid to show emotion at the right moment and how both females can rely on each other. Plus the romantic subplot isn’t central towards the movie and focuses on the budding relationship between the team.

The director has brought this old concept and changed it in order to appeal to young audiences while still pertaining to the old tv series.

With all these concepts. Audiences should be rushing to see this movie especially those complaining about diversity, POC repreentations, sexuality, and mental illness. I’m not persuading people to see the movie, but telling my experience and how it delivers what people have been demanding to see.