mighty oaks


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PSA: Okieriete Onaodowan singing “If I Didn’t Believe In You” is a real thing that exists on the internet and it is FRIGGIN GLORIOUS

like there is literally no reason for oak not to be recognized?? he is a great actor and singer (im sorry have you even heard him???) and hes a fucking great guy and??? everyone holds daveed and jonathan and leslie and lin and basically everyone on a high fuckin pedestal but you guys are leaving oak at the bottom what the actual fuck is up with that?

“here comes the sun” spring  - mixtape

1) here comes the sun : the beatles
2) sun : two door cinema club
3) homesick : catfish and the bottlemen
4) she moves in her own way : the kooks
5) booty swing; parov stelar
6) only love : ben howard
7) lost in paris : josh savage
8) du : lukas herbertson
9) shine: benjamin francis leftwich kygo remix
10) upside down : jack johnson
11) if I had eyes : jack johnson
12) banana pancakes : jack johnson
13) love me : the 1975
14) sexual healing : kygo
15) brother: mighty oaks
16) shake it off : walk off the earth ( taylor swift cover)



Founded in 1379, New College, Oxford is one of the oldest Oxford colleges. It has, like other colleges, a great dining hall with huge oak beams across the top, as large as two feet square, and forty-five feet long each.

A century ago, some busy entomologist went up into the roof of the dining hall with a penknife and poked at the beams and found that they were full of beetles. This was reported to the College Council, which met the news with some dismay, beams this large were now very hard, if not impossible to come by. “Where would they get beams of that caliber?” they worried.

One of the Junior Fellows stuck his neck out and suggested that there might be some worthy oaks on the College lands. These colleges are endowed with pieces of land scattered across the country which are run by a college Forester. They called in the College Forester, who of course had not been near the college itself for some years, and asked him if there were any oaks for possible use.

He pulled his forelock and said, “Well sirs, we was wonderin’ when you’d be askin’.”

Upon further inquiry it was discovered that when the College was founded, a grove of oaks had been planted to replace the beams in the dining hall when they became beetly, because oak beams always become beetly in the end. This plan had been passed down from one Forester to the next for over five hundred years saying “You don’t cut them oaks. Them’s for the College Hall.”

For more details, and other fascinating histories, visit Atlas Obscura.

Just One Day
  • Just One Day
  • Mighty Oaks
  • Just One Day

I was introduced to this song by a tweet posted by the one and only Jack Harris, a well known english Youtube star. I’m sure most of you know who exactly who i’m taking about and watch his videos, if not, you should stop what you’re doing and click down below:


I’ve been listening to this song non-stop. Just today, I drove by the Milwaukee lake front listening to this song and I truly felt the definition of summer.