mighty oaks


It was a dark, primal place, three acres of old forest untouched for ten thousand years as the gloomy castle rose around it. It smelled of moist earth and decay. No redwoods grew here. This was a wood of stubborn sentinel trees armored in grey-green needles, of mighty oaks, of ironwoods as old as the realm itself. Here thick black trunks crowded close together while twisted branches wove a dense canopy overhead and misshappen roots wrestled beneath the soil. This was a place of deep silence and brooding shadows, and the gods who lived here had no names.

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The gods of Winterfell kept a different sort of wood. It was a dark, primal place, three acres of old forest untouched for ten thousand years as the gloomy castle rose around it. It smelled of moist earth and decay. No redwoods grew here. This was a wood of stubborn sentinel trees armored in grey-green needles, of mighty oaks, of ironwoods as old as the realm itself. Here thick black trunks crowded close together while twisted branches wove a dense canopy overhead and misshappen roots wrestled beneath the soil. This was a place of deep silence and brooding shadows, and the gods who lived here had no names.

Burgers In New York (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

Hi, so this is my first fic on here. I want to give a BIG thanks to my best friend @pumpernickelbae. She read this as I wrote it and she encouraged me to finish it, so thanks! Hope you enjoy, please like and reblog it if you liked it. 

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, some asshole kids


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You’d always hated working at the diner. Sure, you had a great boss and you made money, but come on. The diner itself was filthy; it always smelled of grease, artificial strawberries, cologne and perfume. The amount of people who walked in there with way too much cologne or perfume was ridiculous.  But also, the diner kept you from going to school full time. You had nowhere near enough money to go to college, so you had to spend as much time as possible working at the diner, which made for a barely there social life. For now, night classes were the only thing you could afford, and even that was a struggle to continue to pay for. It was hard to keep up school, a full-time job and a boyfriend.

“Y/N, do you mind handling the tables for now? Those guys came back and I don’t wanna deal with them.” Your annoying co-worker Dana whined to you and looking at you with a hopeful look.

You turned your back to her, rolling your eyes as you rinsed your hands of the soap on them.

“Yeah, sure.”

“Thanks so much!” She shouted, her already high-pitched voice rising to even higher decibels. You winced as you dried your hands on your apron and snatched the pen and pad away from her.

“Yeah, no problem.”

When you walked out into the dining area, you saw the guys that Dana was talking about. They were a group of high-school aged kids who always came in at this same time. They always tried to flirt with the other female waiters who worked with you, but they were especially annoying towards Dana. It was understandable though; Dana was the prettiest worker there by far, what with her big lips, curvy body and gorgeous eyes. It was the reason she got the most tips.

You walked to the same table they always occupied and, as always, made an effort to make yourself look as unattractive as possible. It didn’t work.

“Oh yeah, we got the prettiest waitress here!” one kid shouted, flashing his teeth at you.

“Y’all are sweet. What will you guys have?” you asked.

“Some of you, I hope.” Another kid mumbled giving you a smirk, he probably assumed was sexy. The other kids laughed loudly at what he said, making the other patrons in the diner turn towards you with annoyed looks.

Margo, your boss, walked out from her office next to the kitchen to see what the commotion was. She gave you an apologetic look, since she knew that these kids were always the hardest to deal with.

“Uh, we’ll have the usual.” Said one kid, with a dismissive wave of his hand.

“You guys always order something different every time you come here. I need y’all to look at the menus and give me some answers. I’ll come back in 10.” You said, turning around and walking towards Margo, who was leaning against the bar counter.

“Hey, girl. Your favorite customers came to visit you, huh?” Margot joked, her Brooklyn accent making its appearance.

“Ha, yeah. My faves.” You mumbled.

You heard the door jingle, indicating the presence of another customer.

“Better get back to the ol’ grind, babes.” She said, pushing you away from the bar counter. You turned to look for the customer who just walked in and found him sitting at a window booth, looking at a menu that was already there.

You walked up his table and put on a smile.

“Hello, I’m Y/N. What drink would you like?” you asked.

“Uh, some water I guess.” He answered, not looking up from his menu.

“Coming up.” You walked away and got his water.

A moment later you came back to his table to find him still looking at his menu.

“Need more time?” you asked, putting the glass down carefully and placing a straw next to it.

He finally looked up from the menu. To say that he was attractive was a serious understatement.

“Yes, please.”

Your face turned red as you nodded your head and walked away.

Dana was standing at the bar counter, staring at the customer who you were just helping.

“I want a piece of him.” She whispered in awe.

You chuckled. “Jesus, me too.” You turned to stare at him too. Margo soon came out to stand next to Dana.

“What are we staring at?”

“The hot dude by the window.” Dana answered.

Margo nodded her head. “He’s cute.”

Both you and Dana turned to her and were ready to criticize her for her dismissive response at his looks before you both remembered that Margo batted for the other team.

“Oh please, Margo. Even your gay ass can see that he’s hot as shit.” You said.

“I don’t know that he’s hot as shit, but yeah he’s cute.” Margo said. She turned to look at a different table. “Looks like our favorite customers are ready to order.”

You looked at the table that Margo pointed at and saw the high school kids were trying to wave you down. You gave Margo a dirty look before walking over to the guys.

“You guys ready to order?”

“Yeah baby. We want the other waitress to come over here and say hi.” One of them asked.

“Sorry, you got me instead. Are you guys ready to order?” you repeated.

They all rolled their eyes and one of the kids began to list off what they each wanted. You wrote down each order and walked to the kitchen to give in their order.

You made your way to the hot customer. “Are you ready yet?”

He looked up from his phone and answered, “Yes and no. I’m ready to order, but everything looks good here. What do you suggest?” He gave you a smile. How could you say no to his sexy smile?

“Uh, um yeah I guess.” Your face got red and you mentally kicked yourself. Why are you acting like a 12-year-old girl? “The burgers here are good, and uh, the fries too. You could get a smoothie if you’re thirsty, but I mean you already have water so why would you want that?” you stammered.

He chuckled as you continued your rambling. “And uh, the chicken fingers taste fine too.”

He nodded his head, seeming to consider the choices you gave him.

“I’ll take the burger. With extra lettuce please.” He said. You nodded your head vigorously and wrote down his order.

“Anything else?” you asked. He shook his head and you walked away from the table, trying hard not to trip over your feet, which you had a habit of doing in front of guys you liked.

10 minutes later you brought his order to his table.

“Anything else?” You asked. He said no and you walked away from his table.

You had since brought the annoying kids their food and now they were waving you down so that they could get their bill. Or so you thought.

“Hey baby, do you think you could turn around and give us a little peek at that fine piece of ass?”

“Yeah, it’s so good looking, ya know? Like something I’d really like to squeeze.”

“Do you boys want to order anything else?” You asked, ignoring their lewd and extremely loud comments.

“Aw, come on baby. We’ve had such a hard day today, if you know what I mean.” One of them said, winking at you.

“Yeah, we really need a little pick me up. So a little booty peek might make us feel better.” Another one said, leaning in closer to you.

“Yeah, or maybe flash us some of your tits. That might be better.” A third boy spoke out. Your face began to turn red with anger and you opened your mouth to tell them something before another kid began to speak.

“Or maybe a peek of what’s in those pants.” He said, grabbing onto your arm.

You flinched your arm away and felt it hit something hard. You turned around, worried that it might be another kid, coming to back up his friends. You were relieved to find that it was the hot customer.

“Do any of you boys want to repeat what you just said here?” the hot customer said, his voice rumbling loudly in your ear.  You resisted the urge to shiver.

All of the boys looked around at each other, unsure of what to say.

One of them decided to answer. “No, sir.”

“Good, now all of you get out of here, and go ask your moms the proper way to speak to women.” The customer said.

The boys hesitated for a second before they all scrambled to get out of their seats. You were about to stop them and ask for them to pay for their meal but they were all out of the restaurant in less than 30 seconds before the words came out of your mouth.

You turned around to thank the hot customer and saw him reaching to his back pocket.

“How much was their bill?” he asked, his wallet appearing from behind him.

“What? You’re not paying for their bill!”

He shrugged his shoulders. “I’m the one who made them leave. I should pay.”

“No. It’s because you made them leave that you shouldn’t pay. Not even for your meal.”

“It’s fine.” He said, pulling out a hundred dollar bill.

“Wha- No! Their and your bill don’t add up to that.” You shouted.

“Just take the rest of it as a tip.” He said, adding a wink to the end of his sentence. He walked back to his table, ignoring your protests. He sat back down and finished eating his hamburger.

You walked to the register, pushing aside the kid who stood in front of it and got the hot customer’s change.

You stomped over to his table and slammed the money onto it.

“Here’s your change.” You said. He just looked up at you and grinned. You walked away, suddenly flustered again.

20 minutes later, he got up from his seat, grabbed his jacket, and walked out of the restaurant.

The bus boy walked over and cleaned up the table. A few minutes later, he walked up to you and handed you the same change that you had slammed on the table a while before.

“I think this is your tip?” the bus boy said quietly. You took it from him and shoved it into your pocket.

At around 6:00, the end of your shift, Margo walked out of her office to say goodbye.

“Oh, and did you get “hot customer’s” number?” she asked, putting air quotations over the nickname you and Dana had started calling him by.

“No, why would I have gotten his number?”

“Cause he really seemed to tickle your fancy.”

You giggled. “’Tickle my fancy’?”

She giggled right along with you. “Yeah, tickled your fancy. You were acting super girly when taking his order.”

You shook your head. “Yeah well, I have a boyfriend.”

“Yeah, well. I met your boyfriend. And I fucking hate him.”

You laughed. “Okay, Margo. I gotta go.” You said, grabbing your bag from her office, which served as the worker’s lockers.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” She said, waving her hand at you.

You said goodbye to the other workers there and walked out of the diner.

Later that night, you got a text from your boyfriend.

From Jack:

Hey wanna hang tonight? ;)

To Jack:

Not tonight babe. I’m really tired.

To Jack:

Guess what happened at work today??

From Jack:

I thought you were tired now u want to talk?

To Jack:

I’m too tired to go over to your house and mess around. I’m not too tired to talk to you. I’m sorry that I want to talk to my boyfriend

From Jack:

Oh I’m your boyfriend?? didn’t realize, since you never make time 4 me

To Jack:

I have to work all the time in order to pay my fucking bills Jack, sorry I can’t be with you every second of every day.

To Jack:

I hope you realize, that I make time to text you every chance I get. Do you know how many times I almost get caught texting in class

From Jack:

sorry I make things so difficult 4 u

To Jack:

Whatever. So do you want to talk or not

From Jack:

We can talk at my house

To Jack:

Or we can stay texting

From Jack:

Okay, then I don’t want to talk

To Jack:

Fine, good night

You threw down your phone in frustration. Maybe there was a reason Margo hated him so much?

Ever since that day, the hot customer had come to the diner, and the high-school kids never came again. (Margo admitted that on the day you had taken off from work (to go out with Jack), the hot customer had driven the boys out of the diner after they’d said many inappropriate things to Dana. Each day he had come in, you’d tried to give him back the money you owed him. And each day, he refused to take it.

One day, you had even decided to be a little more creative with giving him the money, hoping that would compel him to actually keep the money. Before you had taken him his burger (his usual order when coming into the diner, always with extra lettuce), you’d slid the $30 in between the burger and the bun.

You’d brought his order, and asked if he needed anything else, trying to act as normal as possible.

You walked away and rested against the bar counter, watching his reaction. He took a bite of his burger and grimaced as his teeth made contact with the money. He spit out whatever food in his mouth and opened the burger. A smile moved across his face as he realized what was in the burger. Then all of a sudden, he began to howl with laughter. The few customers in the diner looked at him, wondering why he was laughing. The hot customer started clapping along with his laughter. He saw you leaning on the bar counter and pointed at you, continuing his laughter. You giggled at the sight and walked to the new customers that just walked into the diner.

After the hot customer had left, the bus boy came over and gave you the same $30 you’d tried giving back to the man, along with a note. The note read: nice try :), but please, keep the money. You deserve it –D.D.D

After reading that note, you decided to finally keep the money.

Now, every day after the note, you had been feeling even more flustered than before. You were extra cautious with every move you made, worried that he was watching you. And because you always had luck with things you wanted, you were constantly making mistakes in front of him. Like spilling people’s orders on yourself, tripping over your feet, and many other embarrassing things like that. Thankfully, every time you looked at him, he seemed to not be looking at you. Why can’t you just get over this ridiculous crush? You asked yourself everyday.

It was a Friday afternoon, the diner’s busiest time. There were two other waiters working with you. Unfortunately, you weren’t able to wait on the hot customer’s usual table. However, Dana, who had been about to wait on him, walked over to you as you walked away from another table.

“They won’t let me take their order. Hot customer keeps asking for you.” She mumbled, looking jealous as she told you this. Your face turned red but you still made your way to his table. You saw that he had brought a friend with him today. This man had a much broader body than he did, but no one else could match the hot customer’s looks. However, this man was a really close second.

“Hello, I’m Y/N and I’ll be your waitress. What’ll have?” You asked, trying to keep your voice from shaking.

“Oh, so you’re Daveed’s big crush?” the other man said, looking you up and down, a smirk playing on his lips. “I must say he has good tas- Ow!” the man groaned.

Your face was a dark red but you giggled anyway. “I highly doubt that.” You turned to the hot customer. “Your name’s Daveed?”

Daveed smiled widely and answered, “Yeah.”

The both of you stared at each other for a little too long before his friend cleared his throat. “I’m Oak.”

Your cheeks turned pink again and you turned back to the other man. “Nice to meet you.” You reached out a hand to him. He took your hand and gave it a light kiss.

You giggled and asked what they wanted to order.

“My usual please.” Daveed answered.

“And I’ll have the same.” Oak said.

“A burger with extra lettuce?” You asked, writing down the order in your pad.

“What the hell? Extra lettuce? Daveed, are you crazy? How about no lettuce, please?” Oak said, looking at you.

You nodded your head. “Anything else?”

“Yeah, some meds for my friend here, since he thinks a fucking burger needs to be ruined with lettuce.”

You laughed. “I’ll check up on that.”

You walked away to put their orders in. Almost 35 minutes later, you were rushing their orders back to them.

“I’m sorry for the long wait,” you apologized. “We’re extremely busy today. I’d be happy to give y’all something for free for having to wait.”

“No, that’s okay.” Both men chorused.

“Okay then. Anything else?”

“Yes, your number. Because I know damn well Daveed will probably be too chicken to ever ask you for it.”

“Uh…” you said, your cheeks turning pink. Damn it, stop fucking blushing.

“Oak.” Daveed groaned.

“Sorry, not sorry.”

“I’m sorry. Oak is under the impression that he’s actually funny.” Daveed said, shooting his friend an angry look. Oak only laughed.

You laughed along with him and walked away from the table. After another 30 minutes, you walked over to their table to hand them their bill.

“Shut up, she’s walking over.” You heard Daveed mumble.

“No, I will not shut up. You need to ask her ou-Ow!” Oak began saying before being interrupted by Daveed’s foot.

You handed them their bill and walked away with a big smile on your face.

Everyday after that, you greeted Daveed by his name every time he came into the diner. Most of the time, he would come by himself, but at least once a week he would bring in more friends. You’d already met Oak, Anthony, Jasmine (whom you’d figured was dating Anthony since you had seen them at a table by themselves once, making out) and Lin. Each time you’d met his friends, they teased him relentlessly over his “big crush” on you.

You and Daveed always only made polite conversation, asking how the other person’s day had gone. You were progressively getting to like him better, your crush on him relying less on his looks and more on his personality.

One day while working, Jack decided to come visit you. He’d rarely come to your job; he said the place was sickening and that every time he came in there, his expensive shoes always smelled of it. You hated the way he talked about the diner. Even though you agreed with him on everything, the diner was still special to you, especially since Daveed was there almost every day.

“Hey, sexy.” He said, giving you a sloppy kiss on your lips. You pulled away quickly and tried to keep your eyes from looking over at Daveed. You prayed he hadn’t seen the kiss. But unfortunately for you, he did. Anthony was there, and he gave Daveed a sympathetic look.

“I’m sorry, man.” Anthony said.

“Jack, what are you doing here?” You asked, hoping your voice didn’t sound too annoyed.

“Can’t a man visit his girl?” Jack said, reaching for another kiss.

“I’m working, Jack.”

He tried reaching in for another kiss. “Come on babe. We never see each other.”

“Jack,” you warned. He rolled his eyes and stepped away from you.

“Fine, I’ll stop.” He mumbled, his voice sounding angry. Well, you couldn’t give two shits if he was angry. “I’ll go sit down in a table and wait for my girl to actually find time for me for once.”

“Get over yourself, Jack.” You hissed.

“Excuse me? What the fuck did you say?” Jack growled, getting closer to you.

You weren’t backing down. “I said get over yourself.”

“Oh jeez, Y/N. Don’t start getting pissy with me.” He warned.

“Sit down, Jack, and maybe I’ll make some time for you.”

He stared at you a while longer before going to sit down.

Dana was standing nearby and she said, “Dump him already.”

You turned to her. “What?”

“Dump him. You obviously like hot customer better than him anyway.”

“His name is Daveed.” You mumbled.

“Oh god, whatever. Just dump that a-hole already, and get with that sexy hunk of meat before I go after him.”

You shook your head at her and continued working.

At the end of your shift, Jack walked with you out of the diner.

“So you want to tell me why you were attacking me in there?” Jack asked.

“Jack, can we please just get to your apartment and not fight?”

He dropped the subject quickly. “Anything for you babe.”

Jack quickly flagged down a taxi and set off for his apartment.

Daveed usually didn’t come to the diner at night. But he had just come from a party, where he’d drunk a little too much alcohol, and needed some food in his system before he set off to his bed.

When he had gotten there, he’d been damp from the rain that was pouring down. Maybe I shouldn’t have walked here. He thought to himself as he sat in his usual spot.

An hour later, he was mostly dry, drinking tea and scrolling through his phone.

Suddenly, you came barging in through the door. You were completely soaked, mascara running down your face and ugly sobs coming from your mouth. Daveed immediately stood up as you walked away from the door in the direction of Margo’s office. You glanced in and let out another sob as you realized Margo wasn’t there.

Shannon, one of the few people who worked this late at night at the diner, saw you and said, “Margo left early today.”

You nodded your head. “Okay thanks.” You started walking towards the door before you saw Daveed, standing up next to his table and staring at you.

You tried your hardest to put a smile on your face, but failed miserably. Daveed walked over, put his arm around your shoulders and walked you to his table. He sat you across from him and took his own seat.

“Are you okay?” he asked quietly.

All the memories of just an hour ago came flooding back into your mind, and you couldn’t stop the tears that poured out of you eyes. Daveed quickly rose from his seat and plopped down next to you, bringing your head to his shoulders. You wrapped your arms underneath his and cried for what seemed like hours. After you had calmed down, Daveed loosened his grip on you and repeated his question from before.

“No,” you answered. “My boyfriend of four fucking years just broke up with me.” You sniffled.

Daveed shook his head. “I’m sorry to hear that.”

You started ranting, your sadness leaving your body and anger taking over. “God, I gave him four years of my life, for him to just break up with me. Do you want to know what he told me tonight?” You didn’t wait for Daveed to answer. “He told me that two years ago, he had an affair with some woman for like two months. Not a one night fucking stand, no. He had an entire relationship behind my back. Who does that?”

Daveed just sat there, listening to your ranting. When you finished your rant with a rough “Damn jackass”, Daveed finally responded.

“Well, he didn’t deserve you. Anyone who’s willing to cheat on you is not worth your time.”

You nodded your head. “Damn right. I’m done with his shit.” You sat in silence. “I don’t know why I still feel so sad, though.”

Daveed began rubbing circles into your back. “You were with him for four years. You loved him. But you’ll get over him soon.”

You nodded your head, and tried to keep the sadness away. You gave Daveed a watery smile. “Let’s forget my tragic love life. Let’s talk. Let’s have an actual, full on conversation.”

Daveed smiled widely. “Let’s.”

You two talked for hours about everything. What you wanted to do (become an English teacher), what he did (He’s on Broadway?!) and what ever else you two could think of talking about.

2 a.m. was the closing time for Thursday, and since you had been sitting there with Daveed, Shannon gave you the keys to lock up everything for when after you guys left.

At 3 in the morning, Daveed said that he had to leave so he could get some sleep before his show later that day.

“Yeah, definitely. Sorry for keeping you from your rest.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I enjoyed every second.” He grinned.

After locking everything up, you both gave each other a goodbye hug. “See you later.” He said.

You giggled. “Yeah, see ya.”

You both walked your separate ways.

After that day, you both had been much more friendly with each other, giving each other flirty looks when you could. Every time his friends came in with him, they would continue to tease him.

On one amazing day, Daveed came in with Oak and Anthony.

When you got to their table, Daveed gave you a huge smile. You returned the smile and said, “Hey, what do you guys want today?”

“For you to go out with our big boy Daveed here.” Anthony said, giving his friend a hard pat on the back.

Oak looked at you with a hopeful look. “God, please go out with him. He won’t shut up about you still. It has been weeks and he still won’t shut up.”

Both men kept insisting on going out with Daveed. You giggled throughout their proposals.

After Daveed looked properly embarrassed, you cleared your throat and both men promptly shut up. You cocked your head and said, “Daveed?”

He looked up, his hair covering some of his face. “Yes?”

“I’d love to go out with you. I don’t know what took you so long to ask.”

A smile grew on Daveed’s face and both of his friends stood up in their seats and began to hoot and holler.

Oak began to grind the air, shouting out “Oh, yeah! My man gon get it!”

Anthony started doing a little dance and shouted, “Daveed and Y/N sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.”

You giggled and tried to get both men to sit down before Margo came out and yelled at you. After a moment, they sat back down, with Daveed laughing just as hard as you.

“You guys are gonna get me in trouble.” You chastised, but a smile was on your lips.

“We’ll leave you two love birds here for a sec. But don’t talk too nasty, we’re only gonna be a few tables down, listening to every word being said.” Anthony said. Oak and Anthony stood up and did what they said they were going to do. They both stared at you and Daveed, their hands tucked under their chins like children.

Daveed turned to you. “So,” he started.

“Are you gonna ask, or…” You asked.

“Oh shit. Yeah, um… Do you wanna go out?”

“Like… On a date?” You teased.

Daveed chuckled. “Yeah, like on a date.”

You nodded your head, smiling. “Yeah, I’d love to.”

He smiled and took his phone out. You did the same and the both of you interchanged phones, putting your phone numbers into each other’s phones.

You handed each other back your phones and looked at the name he put himself under. It read Hot customer ;)

“Wha-” You looked up, your cheeks red. “How’d-”

“You guys were kind really loud every time you talked about me.” He chuckled.

You shook your head. “Good to know.”

You both laughed, and Oak and Anthony stood up from their table and walked back over.

“Great, we finally got that out of the way.” Oak said. “Now time for some grub.” He said, rubbing his hands together. You slipped your phone back in your pocket and took their orders.

You walked to the bar counter and Margo stopped you.

“What took y’all so long to finally agree to go out?” she asked.

You laughed in response.

She continued. “Y’all are gonna be good together; I can see it.”

You nodded your head. “Yeah, so can I.”


indie movie playlist

budapest - george ezra // little black submarines - the black keys // i had me a girl - the civil wars // arabella - arctic monkeys // dog days - eagles in drag // chelsea dagger - the fratellis // brother - mighty oaks // mykonos - fleet foxes // flowers in your hair - the lumineers // talking dreams - echosmith // gold on the ceiling - the black keys // girls - the 1975 // take a walk - passion pit // birthday in los angeles (flying blanket session) - the maine // get the girl back - hanson // taste it - jake bugg // twin size mattress - the front bottoms // love it when you call - the feeling // bones - ms mr // slow it down - the lumineers // roll with it - oasis // another day - paul mccartney // hell of a woman - nick santino & the northern wind // sing - travis

Working with Plants

The witch’s garden is more than just a source of ingredients. It is a collection of living plants that have a mutually beneficial relationship with the witch that cares for them. As with spirits in occult practice, they have their own loyalties and strengths. By the time one’s practiced for a year or two, they’ve most likely become aware of the spirits that inhabit the world around them. While going out into the wilder land, it is important to remember that your own plants have their own spirits, just like a mighty oak tree or the moss that grows along the riverbank. Unlike these wild plants, the witch’s plants know their keeper and assist as they can, even if the witch is not aware of it. When the witch is aware of their own plant spirits, though, the combination of magic and the plant’s passive effects can create powerful wards and barriers. 

How does one become aware of their own plant spirits, then? How does one communicate and work with them, beyond harvesting bits for future spellwork? 

Plants are different than we are and different than the more human spirits. You’re already actively keeping them alive and helping them thrive. Beyond that, it can be as simple as singing to them and/or meditating with them. Open yourself to the plant spirits and just listen. Write them poetry or tell them about your work. Relax, they already know you. 

While I only have experience with seedlings (I’ve got a bit of a black thumb, so attempting to grow plants from seeds is something I won’t be attempting for a while), even seedlings bought from a nursery or store can become strong allies. Again, you’re the one keeping them alive and giving them a permanent home. We don’t tend to guard ourselves against things like plants, so it doesn’t take long for them to get to know their keeper. 

To work with them is also fairly simple. Open yourself to the plant with properties that match what you’re attempting to achieve and be honest about your intention. Touch the plant itself and allow yourself to feel the spirit within it, entering a sort of meditative/trance state. If you’re attempting to create a protective area around your home, then push some of your own energy into the plant so that its properties can expand and strengthen. You can offer it blessed water to help maintain the new boundary (do not bury gemstones around it unless you’ve extensively researched to make sure that the stone will not change the soil).

The plants are living, so the protection they offer is able to adapt as needed, unlike something like a general ward. It’s also not a barrier, but a solid area of effect. To explain better, it’s not a bubble that they sustain, but a solid sphere. The particular effects of what happens in that sphere can vary. 

When choosing plants to help with household protection or other areas of effect, spend some time figuring out 1) what plants you are capable of growing and helping thrive and 2) what plants have the properties you want. Household protection favorites of mine that have been easy to grow are fennel and rosemary, with basil providing a purification effect. 

The witch’s garden is more than just a quick source of ingredients. It’s a place of passive effects and living spells that are already loyal to you. Keep this in mind when tending to your own.

Promise Me: Part 4 (Anthony Ramos x Reader)

Hey everyone! So sorry to everyone who’s been waiting for an update to this!! I know I’ve taken too long to finish this and I am so sorry! I really hope you guys aren’t too mad at me, but I really hope you enjoy this guys <3

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader, Platonic Phillipa Soo x Reader

Word Count: 5394 (the word most said was Anthony lol)

Warnings: Lots of cursing, a smidge of sex talk, embarrassing moments for reader lol

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The music was loud when you and Phillipa stepped into the venue where the party was being held.

“Let’s go look for Lin.” Phillipa shouted to you over the noise.

You nodded your head and followed her as she walked around looking for her cast mate. You watched as she greeted almost every person she walked past, and you occasionally said a hello to some people too. Phillipa stopped in front of one group of people. Lin stood in the middle of them, with his arm around his wife.

“Lin! Vanessa!” Phillipa shouted as she opened her arms out to Lin’s wife. She hugged Lin after, and then turned to you.

“This is my sister, Y/N.” Phillipa said.

Lin reached out a hand for you to shake, which you took (all while trying not to freak out, since you were meeting Lin-Manuel Miranda, one of your inspirations). Vanessa opened her arms out to give you a hug.

Phillipa began introducing the other people in the circle.

“This is Daveed, Oak, Anthony, Renee, Jasmine.”

Each person gave you a big smile and shook your hand. When you got to Anthony, the both of you looked at each other then awkwardly grabbed the other’s hand, shaking for a little too long. With an awkward chuckle, the both of you let go.

Everyone each gave you and Anthony a look at how weird the both of you had acted. Phillipa didn’t seem like she noticed anything. Lin and Vanessa both excused themselves, and walked around the venue.

“Where’s Leslie?”

“He’s with Nikki, over by the bar.” Daveed answered.

“Well, aren’t these the Schuyler sisters?” A man asked from behind you and Phillipa.

Renee, Phillipa and Jasmine all turned towards the man and answered with a yes.

“I’m a little bored of the music here; maybe we can get a wonderful song sung by these sisters?” The man said, holding a microphone up to them and pointing towards the stage.

Each girl laughed.

“We’d love to.” Renee answered.

The man began walking towards the stage to set them up and Phillipa turned to you.

“Stay with the guys, don’t get lost. Boys, watch out for her.” She pointed a finger to them then ran off to follow the other women.  

You turned to the guys and smiled.

“So you’re the girl Anthony’s always talking about?” Daveed asked.

Your smile faltered. “Uh…”

“Diggs, what the hell?” Anthony said, hitting him on the arm.

“I’m just asking a question.” Daveed said, raising his arms up as if to say I’m not sorry.

You smirked. “Always talking about me, huh?”

“Naw, I don’t talk about you, Daveed’s just always grabbing my phone and looking through my text messages and shit.” Anthony rambled nervously.

Oak laughed loudly and said, “Yeah, sure, we grab you phone and look through it, not you show us your texts.”

Anthony hit Oak on the arm too and looked at him angrily.

Both Daveed and Oak just laughed.

“All he ever does is show us your guy’s texts and ask if what you’re saying is flirty.” Daveed said.

You start laughing as Oak continues. “He’s constantly asking us what he should text back to you.”

“Oh,” Daveed interrupted. “And that one time he sent you a picture of his outfit, we were there, and we watched him take picture after picture, then ask us afterwards which one was the best one. I swear we looked through 100 photos.”

You were bent over as you laughed. “Oh that’s great.” You said.

You turned to look at Anthony and saw his face was completely red. You laid your arm on his shoulder. “Aw, its fine, baby.” You cooed, pinching his cheek.

He swatted your hand away but smiled. “I swear to you, none of that happened.”

“Yeah, I definitely believe you.” You said sarcastically.

“Moving on from Anthony’s embarrassing crush on you, how come we haven’t met you earlier? Phillipa’s been telling us all about her wonderful little sister, but we never had a face to match the description.” Oak asked.

“Oh, I spent a year backpacking through Europe after high school. I only got to the States a couple months ago, and spent most of that time with my parents before coming here.”

“Really? How was it?” Daveed asked.

“It was great. A lot of fun.”

“What was your favorite place?” Anthony asked, looking down at you where you were standing next to him.

You thought about if for a second. “Probably Italy or France. They had the best parties to go to there.”

“Ah, a party girl. A woman after my own heart.” Daveed said. Oak laughed and Anthony stayed silent. He was giving Daveed a warning look. Daveed only smirked, already planning on how to flirt with you and further antagonize Anthony.

“Ha, yeah. But it was really fun, even when I wasn’t partying. The food was phenomenal and the weather was beautiful everywhere I went. I’d recommend it if you guys weren’t so busy working.”

“Yup, that Broadway schedule’s crazy sometimes.” Daveed said. Oak and Anthony mumble agreements.

“You never wanted to get into theater or any entertainment?” Oak asked.

“Not really. I don’t like to do the performing thing. Being up on stage is scary.” You answered.

“She likes writing.” Anthony said. You turned to give him a dirty look. “What?” he asked. “You do.”

“What do you write?” Daveed asked.

“I don’t really wri-” You started before Anthony interrupted.

“She likes writing poems, songs, but she’s been writing a musical recently.”


“Its actually pretty good.” Anthony said as he continued to ignore your protests.

“Oh that’s so cool! What’s it about?” Oak asked.

“It’s about nothing and if Anthony says another word, I’ll kick his ass.”

“I’ll take it. Its about a small town girl who moves to New York looking for her mom.” Anthony said. You stomped on his foot and he shouted out in pain.

“Sounds cute.” Daveed said.

“It’s stupid I know, it’s a work in progress.” You stuttered.

“No, no. It’s not stupid. It’s good that you’re writing something. And if you need any help, I’m pretty sure Lin would be more than happy to help you.” Oak said.

“She’d like that; she’s, like, seriously in love with Lin.” And with that, you hit Anthony behind his head, making an audible thump.

“Jesus, what the fuck?” he shouted.

“You idiot, why would you say that?” You said, your face red with embarrassment.

“Its true,” he mumbled, rubbing his head.

Oak and Daveed both giggled at the exchange between you and Anthony.

“Y’all two are adorable.” Daveed said. “But yeah, Lin could help out, and if you need help with the music, I’d be happy to help too.”

“Oh that’d be awesome.” You said.

“She probably has a crush on you too.” Anthony mumbled. You stomped on his foot again.

“Don’t be annoying.” You warned. Anthony just smiles. You noticed Daveed and Oak are just giggling to themselves.

“How’d you react when you found out Pippa was going to be in Hamilton?” Oak asked when his laughter died down.

“I cried.” You said. “Mostly because I just got to Europe and I didn’t have any money to fly back to the States.”

“You want to go meet someone?” Daveed suddenly asked. He smiled at you.

“Uh, yeah sure I guess?” You said, glancing at Anthony. He only shrugged.

Daveed grabbed your arm and begun  to drag you away. You quickly turned to Anthony and reached out for him to grab your hand. He looked surprised for a second but his surprise turned into a smile and he gripped onto your hand. Daveed navigated the three of you across the venue. Daveed continuously looked around, as if he were looking for someone.

“Aha.” He said when he’d found who he was looking for. He tapped on a man’s shoulder and you gasped when you saw who it was.

Chris Jackson stood in front of you, smiling as he greeted Daveed and Anthony. You’d yet to meet Chris Jackson yet, despite the fact that you’d visited the Richard Rogers theater twice already.

“Chris, this is Y/N. She’s a big fan of In the Heights.” Anthony said. You gripped onto his hand harder and reached your other one to shake Chris’s hand.

“Hi, its so great to meet you. Benny is my favorite character in the show so its such an honor to meet you.” You stammer.

Chris smiles. “We’ve heard a lot about you, you know? Phillipa just wouldn’t bring you around.”

You chuckled nervously. “Ah, yeah. I’ve been getting that a lot.”

Chris nods his head. “Did you ever get to see the show live?” He asked.

You shook your head. “Nope. I was pretty young, so I didn’t get into In the Heights until it was too late.”

“Oh that sucks. Well maybe one day some of the cast can get together and perform something for you.”

You nodded your head enthusiastically. “That’d be so great.”

Chris smiled again, before he looks at something behind you. “Well, it looks like my beautiful wife is calling me for something. It was nice finally meeting you Y/N. See you both later.” He said, before walking away, giving Anthony a friendly pat on the shoulder before walking away.

You turned to Anthony. “You stayed.” You said.

Anthony’s brows furrowed. “Of course I did. Why would I leave?”

You shrugged your shoulders. “I don’t know. Daveed did.”

A look passes Anthony’s face before he smiles again. The look passes by so quickly, you can’t help but think you made it up. “I’m not Daveed.” he mumbled.

“Yup.” You said, smiling at him. “Wanna go get me some alcohol?”

“Sorry, you’re too young.” He said, shrugging a shoulder.

“Don’t be a prude. Get me-”

“Y/N, I’ve been looking all over for you.” Phillipa said, walking up to you and Anthony. “What were you guys talking about?”

“Nothing.” You and Anthony answered at the same time. She looks between the two of you before dropping it.

“I want to finally introduce you to the girls.” She said. You nodded your head.

“Uh, yeah. Let’s go do that.”

Phillipa smiled before walking away, expecting you to follow.

You turned to Anthony. “Get me that alcohol now.”

“Jaz and Renee aren’t that bad.”

“I don’t doubt they’re not sweet. I would just prefer to stick with not having to keep up conversation with strangers.”

“You’ve been speaking with strangers all day.”

“Only Daveed, Oak and Chris. Three is my stranger quota. I don’t go over.”

“Well, you kinda have too.” Anthony laughed. “You’ll be fine. Those girls can ramble on and on about anything. You won’t have to do much talking.”

You nodded your head and hurried to meet up with Phillipa before she asks too many questions about why you’re suddenly buddy-buddy with Anthony.

Renee and Jasmine were sweet, just as Anthony said, but you still wished you were talking to Anthony, Daveed and Oak again.

Or maybe just Anthony. You could talk to Anthony for days without getting tired of him.

Renee and Jasmine are suddenly dragged away from yours and Phillipa’s conversation with them.

“I’m going to go get a drink. Want to come?” she asked.

You shook your head. “I think I kinda want to go look for Daveed, Oak and Anthony.”

Phillipa nodded her head. “Remember what I said about Anthony. I don’t want you getting hurt okay?”

“Yes, mom. I remember.”

Phillipa laughed at you and walked over to the bar. You found Anthony, Daveed and Oak not too far away from where Phillipa walked to. You walked up to them.


Daveed smiled at you. “Welcome back.”

Oak gave you a smile too. “We were just talking about what we wanted to do tomorrow. Wanna join?”

You looked to the other two men. “Yeah sure. If everyone else is cool with it.”

Anthony and Daveed nod as if they can’t believe you would ever say something like that.

“You’re always invited, Y/N.” Anthony said, giving a light punch to your shoulder.

Daveed takes out his phone. “Give me your number.”

“Excuse me?” Anthony sputtered out.

Daveed smirked before saying, “I was just going to add her to the group chat, man.”


You gave Daveed your number. He typed on his phone before your phone dings with a message.

You saw you were added to a chat named “BOYS WITH BIG CATS”

You giggled. “Boys with big cats?”

Daveed grinned. “Well it was originally something a lot more inappropriate, but when Renee saw it she almost slapped me in the face so I had to change it.”

You shook your head. “Well, I think you need to change it again if I’m in it now.”

“Oh no. You being added right now is your audition. You need to prove you’re entertaining enough to stay in the chat. If you’re not, we give you the boot.” Oak said.

“Am I seriously being discriminated against? Because I’m younger? Because I’m a woman?” You asked, faking your exasperation.

“Oh shut up, Y/N.” Anthony laughed. Everyone laughed along too.

The rest of the night was fun. You and the boys got a lot closer that night. The minute you and Phillipa announced that you were leaving to go back home, the boys started to spam the group chat with messages. Daveed would write things letter by letter, then would start over if Anthony or Oak interrupted the flow. Anthony sent in different lyrics of the song that was playing at the party. Oak just kept sending emojis that were related to whatever song Anthony was sending.

On the cab ride home, you giggled at the messages.

“What are you giggling at?” Phillipa asked with a smile.

“Daveed added me to some group chat with him, Ant and Oak, and they keep spamming it with stupid messages.”

Phillipa laughed and you showed her the messages until you reached home.

When you were ready to go to bed, you had to silence your phone because the boys kept sending too many messages.

“Ok im gonna go cause you guys keep sending too many damn messages.” you texted.

No don’t go!!” Anthony said.

Yeah your audition isnt over yet” Oak sent.

“Tbh dont care. You guys are sending too many messages lol”

Naw, youre just too lame to stay up with us cool kids” Anthony said.

“Good night”

“We decided at the party that we’re hanging out tomorrow at a diner that Oak found the other day, wanna come?” Daveed asked.

“Yeah sure, sounds cool”

We’re meeting up at noon” Oak said.

Daveed sent the address. “Dont be late, if you are, youre not our friend anymore

“Yeah yeah yeah, see you there. Good night”

The boys all texted good night and you tucked your phone under your pillow, a bad habit that made your phone overheat, but you still did it anyway.

The next morning, you woke up at 11. Phillipa was already awake.

“Morning. Glad you finally decided to join the living.”

“Phil, we got home at like 1 in the morning. I needed to sleep in or else I wouldn’t get a good night’s rest.”

Phillipa rolled her eyes. “I woke up early and I feel fine.”

“Yeah but you’re old. Old people like waking up early.”

“Shut up. I’m not old.” Phillipa laughed, throwing a pillow at your head.

You dodged it and stood up from the bed.

“I’m going out with Daveed, Anthony and Oak in about an hour.” You called to Phillipa as you walked to the bathroom to brush your teeth and take a shower.

“Alright cool. Where are you guys going?”

“Some diner.”

“What’s the address of this diner?”

“I don’t know. It’s in my phone somewhere.”

“Okay, when you get out I want it.”

“Sure mom.” You chuckled. You grabbed your toothbrush, put toothpaste on and began brushing.

A moment of silence passed. “How long are you going to be out?”

“I don’t know.” You said while you brushed the back of your teeth.

“They didn’t say how long you guys would be out? I’m gonna call them and ask.” she said. Through the doorway, you could see Phillipa grabbing her phone and unlocking it.

You spit the toothpaste out of your mouth. “Phill, I lived in Europe for an entire year. I’m pretty sure I can navigate through New York on my own, and especially with the boys, who would protect me.”

“That’s not the point, I want to make sure you’re safe. And Daveed and Oak are much older so they might go too fast for you. Maybe you shouldn’t go out with them. They’re way too old.”

“Phillipa, I’ll be fine. I promise. If anything happens, I’ll call you.” You said.

“Maybe I’ll go out with you guys, at least for an hour to make sure you-”

“Phillipa. I will be fine. We most likely won’t even make it out of the diner. We’ll be there, for god knows how long, and we won’t move. If it makes you feel any better, if they suggest going out to someplace else afterwards, I’ll tell them no and just come back home. Sound good?”

Still looking unconvinced, Phillipa nodded her head. “But I’ll walk you there, since it’s on the way to the little shopping plaza. And I will walk you back home, okay?”

You rolled your eyes, an action that, thankfully, didn’t catch Phillipa’s eyes. “Fine.”

When you guys finally left, Phillipa walked you to the diner. It was a 15 minute walk, and you got there only 5 minutes late.

When you opened the door to walk in, you noticed Phillipa was trying to follow you in.

“I’m good now Phil.” You said.

“I’m just gonna say hi to the boys.”

“As long as it’s that, and you’re not going to lecture them.”

“Yeah, I swear it’s that.”

Except it wasn’t that.

“You boys better not buy her any alcohol. You better make sure she’s safe, and she is not allowed to leave this diner, understand? You will stay here until I come, just to make sure she makes it home with me, and only me.” Phillipa said, waving a finger at Ant and Oak, since Daveed hadn’t arrived yet.

“Yes, sir.” Anthony said. Phillipa rolled her eyes, and walked away after saying goodbye.

“Jesus Christ.” You mumbled under your breath, as you sat down in the booth next to Anthony. “She’s a monster.”

“She’s just looking out for you.” Oak said, giving you a pat on the shoulder. “Be happy you have someone like that.”

“No, yeah. That’s fine. But she’s crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a tracker in my phone.” You said, staring suspiciously at your phone.

“You wanna order something to drink?” Oak asked, beginning to wave down a waiter.

“Yeah, can I just get some Coke, please?” You said to the waiter. He nodded then walked away to get your drink. He came back with your soda and Anthony and Oak’s refill.

“Where’s Daveed?” You asked.

“Had some last minute clipping. things to handle. He’s coming in a couple minutes.” Anthony said.

Ten minutes later, Daveed walked in. By that time, you, Ant and Oak were already having a conversation.

“Hey guys.” Daveed said to the boys. To you, he gave you a cheek kiss and sat down next to you.

Anthony gave a dirty look to Daveed, though you didn’t see it. When Daveed looked over and saw Anthony, he smirked and shrugged his shoulders.

“What?” Daveed mouthed.

Anthony only shook his head in response, and focused his attention back to the conversation.

“So did you bring your musical over Y/N?” Daveed asked, putting an arm around the back of your chair.

“I, uh, no. Why would I bring it?”

“We want to read it.” Oak said.

“Just talk to Ant, and he’ll tell you how shitty it is.” You said, pointing over at the him.

“Shitty? That thing is fucking brilliant.” Anthony said, sitting up taller in his chair, getting ready to praise your writing. “She’s only halfway done with it, but I can already tell it’s going to be a smash. The storyline is so good, and compelling, the way she writes about the girl being angry with her mom for leaving her but desperate to still know her anyway. And the music she has written for it is crazy good. The lyrics are mesmerizing and there are some raps in it too, good raps at that. And her voice is just… ” Anthony trailed off when he noticed you staring at him with you mouth wide open. “Yeah, no. The musical is okay I guess, yeah.”

“Ant…” You said, unsure of what to say.

“Well, now we have to listen to it!” Daveed said. “Just sing us one little line, please?” he asked, intertwining his fingers under his chin and giving you puppy dog eyes.

“Ah, no. I’m good. I don’t like singing in front of people.”

Each one of them nodded their heads, understanding.

“We’ll get a tune out of you one day.” Oak said. “If Ant shook it out of you, we will too.” He said, giving a wink.

You giggled.

The conversation was led into other topics, and it never faltered once.

“Y/N’s told me about some of her embarrassing stories.” Anthony said, after having admitted his own (a sex story, a different one from what you’ve heard before.) “They’re priceless.” Daveed and Oak looked at you expectantly.

“Oh no. Jesus, no.” You said, laughing.

“Come on, we all shared our own, Ant shared one that none of us really needed to hear, but he still did it. Now you need to.” Oak said.

“Ah. Fuck it, fine.” You said. “So I had a crush on this guy one time and my friend gave me his number, and I was really annoyed cause she kept insisting I text him. So I started typing out this really long and intense text, talking about how I’d been in love with him and what I really wanted to do with him and shit as a joke, and I accidentally sent it to him.”

“Oh no.” Daveed said. Suddenly all the boys burst out laughing, and you couldn’t help but join along with them. Even though at the time it was a tragic thing to happen, looking back at it now made you realize how stupidly funny it was.

The waiter came and took you guys’s orders (You and Ant ordered a burger and fries, Oak ordered pasta, and Daveed ordered steak.)

The conversation changed again.

“The professor was just a massive asshole. He’d announce a test like only two days before, and then give you a study guide that had nothing to do with what were were learning. The tests were like 10 questions each, so you couldn’t get more than 2 wrong because he didn’t consider a 70% a passing score. It was hell. College was horrible.” Oak said. He then looked at you. “That’s not to say not to go to college, definitely go to college. Education is important.” He finished.

You rolled your eyes. “Not going to college is in no way an option. Phillipa and my family would kill me. Well, mostly Phillipa but yeah.”

The waiter came around and gave you all your food. The conversation started up soon after the waiter left.

“No, no. Please explain when this crush started. This is gold.” Daveed laughed when the conversation shifted from when you all first started liking musicals to your crush on Lin.

“Shut up, don’t make fun of me.” You said, giving Daveed a hard punch on his shoulder.

“I’m going to throw you a bone, and give you his number.” Daveed said, taking out his phone and typing stuff into his phone.

A message came through “BOYS WITH BIG CATS”, and you opened your phone to read it.

Daveed had added Lin to the chat and wrote “Here, have fun Y/N.”

“What in the hell was I just added to?” Lin typed.

“Hey, Lin. Y/N is totally in love with you and would love for you to help her with her musical”

“Anthony, what the fuck?” You shouted out loud in horror. You started to push and hit Anthony, making him bump into Oak multiple times.

“What?” He shouted, trying to push you away from him. You sat back and stopped hitting him.

“Why,” you asked calmly. “The fuck. Would you say that?”

“Because I love embarrassing you.” Anthony responded.

“Oh wow. Yeah, no that’s a great excuse. No I completely understand now, thanks.” You said in a monotone voice.

Anthony smiled as wide as he could. “Sorry?”

You didn’t respond, and only took a couple of Anthony’s fries and shoved them into your mouth.

“Hey!” Ant shouted. “Don’t take my food!”

“Then don’t take my dignity!” You mumbled, your mouth too full of fries to speak clearly.

You and Anthony started having a little cat fight, giving light hits to the other’s body. Oak reached over and broke up the fight.

“We are in a public place. Stop fighting.”

You and Anthony sat back in your seats, having a stare off. Anthony quickly moved to your plate and took a big bite of your burger.

“No!” You shouted.

Daveed and Oak both looked around the diner, trying to make sure no one was staring at you all making so much noise.

“A fry is nothing like a burger! I can’t believe you just ate my food!”

“Well, I had to punish you for being bad.”

“There are other ways to punish a bad girl than by taking her meat away.” You said. You grabbed a fry, from you own plate this time, and ate it, unaware of the boys all giving you shocked looks.

When you saw their faces you said, “Get you mind out of the gutter guys. I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Well, Anthony sure thought you meant it like that.” Daveed said. “I think he’s prepared to give you some meat now.” You didn’t hear that last comment.

“Jesus, if I knew hanging out with you guys was going to get dirty, I wouldn’t have come.” You shook your head. “Not come as in come. Come as in like arriving at this diner to hang out with you guys.”

“Yeah, we understood you that time Y/N.” Oak chuckled.

You looked back down at your phone to see that Lin had sent a message to the group chat during your fight with Ant.

“Oh hey Y/N! :) I would love to help you with your musical. I didn’t know you were writing one! Im busy today and tomorrow, but after that you can call me whenever you have time and I’ll help you with whatever you need :D”

You were giddy to learn that Lin was an emoji type of guy. You were actually texting Lin-Manuel Miranda, a man you’d been obsessed with for almost five years, about your musical. Life was too good.

“Yeah, sure. Thanks Lin!!” You texted. You looked back up at your phone to see the boys staring at you.

“See, that wasn’t so bad right?” Daveed asked.

“Shut up,” you laughed.

You and the boys spent another hour at the diner before Oak said he had to leave to meet his girlfriend before their date.

After that, Daveed left too. You and Anthony were the only ones left in the diner. You texted Phillipa to tell her that you were ready to go home.

Anthony yawned. “Jesus, I’m so tired.”

“Yes, I’m pretty sure being annoying can be very tiring.”

“Yeah it really is, but I’m pretty sure you understand.”

You nodded your head. “Oh, yeah I sure do.”

Anthony shook his head and laughed. “Today was fun.”

“Yeah, it really was. It’s nice to just sit down and chill.”

“Pippa say when she was coming?” Anthony asked.

“She’ll be here in like 30 minutes. She found some old friends and they went out to a bar, which is kinda far from here.”

“Do you want me to walk you to your apartment?”

“Trying to get rid of me?”

Anthony laughed. “No, never.”

“I’ll just text Philli and tell her you’re walking me.”

You texted Phillipa and she responded quickly. “Just Anthony? No Daveed or Oak?” she texted.

“Yes, Phillipa. Just Anthony. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

She agreed and you closed your phone.

“Let’s go.” You said, nodding your head towards the door. Daveed and Oak had already paid their part of the bill, and Anthony insisted on paying yours.

“Anthony, I have money.”

“Doesn’t matter, I’m still paying for you.”

“Ant, let me pay you back.” You said as he stood up and already started heading for the door.

“No, don’t worry about it. It was literally just 20 bucks.”

“20 bucks that could go towards your very large and impressive comic book collection.”

“Don’t make fun of my comic book collection. I could very easily make fun of your collection of Smurf figurines.”

“I wasn’t making fun. I was just stating that those 20 dollars could have very well have gotten you a third copy of a Wolverine comic or a sixth copy of Batman Begins.”

“Only one comic is doubled. Stop exaggerating.” Anthony said, giving you a light push.

“I love exaggerating though.”

“I know you do. Its another very annoying thing you do that I love.”

You laughed. A breeze blew through, making you suddenly very cold. Cursing yourself for not bringing a thicker jacket, you hugged yourself.

“You cold?” Anthony asked. Before you could answer, Anthony wrapped his arm around your shoulder, bringing you into his embrace.

You instantly felt warmer and snuggled in closer to him.

“Better?” He asked.

“Much.” You said. You both stayed like that the rest of the way, only letting go when he opened the door to your apartment building.

You started rubbing your hands together when you both got in the elevator.

“Why the fuck is it colder in here then outside?”

“It’s always like this.” You answered. Anthony started rubbing his own hands together.

“You should get that fixed.”

“Yes Anthony. I’ll just fix the entire AC unit in this entire building by myself, with absolutely no knowledge of how to do that.”

“See, there’s a trooper.” Anthony clapped his hands. “I love how ready you are to solve problems.”

“Mhm. Why don’t you fix it then? Don’t you brag about how you’re perfect at everything? Here’s your chance to prove just that.”

“Oh no. I think I want to give you a chance to actually be good at something.”

“Mhm, sure.” You said, sarcasm dripping from your tone.

“Here’s something you could fix. How come the elevator hasn’t moved?”

“here comes the sun” spring  - mixtape

1) here comes the sun : the beatles
2) sun : two door cinema club
3) homesick : catfish and the bottlemen
4) she moves in her own way : the kooks
5) booty swing; parov stelar
6) only love : ben howard
7) lost in paris : josh savage
8) du : lukas herbertson
9) shine: benjamin francis leftwich kygo remix
10) upside down : jack johnson
11) if I had eyes : jack johnson
12) banana pancakes : jack johnson
13) love me : the 1975
14) sexual healing : kygo
15) brother: mighty oaks
16) shake it off : walk off the earth ( taylor swift cover)

Voltron playlists for when you're feeling_____

F e e l i n g m e l a n c h o l i c ?

Voldemort- With Confidence
LUST- Outthepond
Long Nights- emaycee
Melancholia- greetings from
Heartbreak- Don Juan
Fragile touch (go to YouTube, it’s the first one)
Mom- through and through
Tycho- daydream
Koi pond- James
On the way out- Home
Hot milk- Snails House
Cry baby- The neighborhood

F e e l i n g a n x i o u s ?

Keeper- With Confidence
Dreamcast- Blank Banshee
I can’t do this- Lil Lotus
I guess is okay- utsush
Robotic- Frank Flektor
You me- nion
Unsaved info -junyii
Trees- twenty one pilots
s o l i t u d e- BONI
Secret for the mad- Dodie Clark
Afraid- the neighborhood

F e e l i n g a b a n d o n e d,
b e t r a y e d ?

Archers- With Confidence
Fools- Troye Sivan
Pure imagination- ROOK1E
Tokyo train- Klimeks
THE QUIET- Troye Sivan
Fun- Troye Sivan
Brother- Mighty Oaks
Don’t wake me up- Robots don’t sleep.
Northern lights- Jaymes Young
You- Dodie Clark
Beach- the neighborhood

F e e l i n g l i k e a b u r d e n ?

Dinner Bell- With Confidenec
We are finally landing- home
Ghost Under my bed- Johnny Goth
Easylike- corya
Lost and different- Nymano
The eye of the truth- driver
Lonely- idealism
Besidju- Joji
The loser- zach farache (bimyo remix)
War of hearts- Ruelle
Johnny boy- twenty one pilots
Sweater weather- the neighborhood

N o t f e e l i n g e n o u g h.

Higher- With Confidence
6/10- Dodie Clark
Implicit demand for proof- twenty one pilots
When- Dodie Clark
Sick of losing soulmates- Dodie Clark
Talk me down- Troye Sivan
Sippy cup- Melanie Martinez
Soap- Melanie Martinez
Gasoline- Halsey
Roman Holiday- Halsey

F e e l i n g n o s t a l g i c ?

Waterfall- With Confidence
Hometown- Twenty one pilots
So sad- Varsity
Home- before the night
Her- eery
Netflix and Chillwave- cameragrammar
Flood- HOME
Drive- Halsey
S p r x n g- invention_
Smile from you-jinsang
Daddy issues- the neighborhood

Promise Me: Part 5 (Anthony Ramos x Reader)

Hey everyone! I know its taken me a while to get to this update and I’m sorry! But I’ve been pretty good with my writing lately, so the updates will come out a little more often (at least until school starts, which is why I’m rushing to write everything now lol). But yes, I hope you all enjoy :))

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader, Platonic Phillipa Soo x Reader

Word Count: 4468

Warnings: Cursing (like always, Idk how to not curse), some NSFW, underage drinking

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7



“The elevator hasn’t moved.”

“Oh no.” You said, looking around the small space as if you could find the answer on the floor.

“Holy shit, is the elevator stuck?” Anthony shouted. “The elevator can’t be stuck!”

“I don’t know! This has never happened before.” You shouted just as loud.

Anthony walked over to the doors and started trying to pry them open. You started jumping up, trying (unsuccessfully) to reach the hatch at the top.

“Stop jumping. You’re going to make the cords snap!” Anthony said after he gave up with the doors.

“I don’t even weigh 145, and you’re worried that the cords will snap under my weight?”

“Well we already have bad luck being trapped in this elevator. What makes you think we won’t get more bad luck?”

“Anthony Ramos Martinez, I’m pretty sure my small ass isn’t going to break the fucking elevator.”

“You never know!”

“I do know!” You screamed, stomping your foot on the floor, earning a warning glance from Anthony.

Anthony shook his head. “I can’t believe we’re stuck in here.”

“We’ll be okay. We just have to call the authorities.” You said calmly, taking out your phone.

No bars.

“Well, we’re fucked. No bars.” You showed Ant your phone. “Now we have to wait until someone comes.”

“Fuck that.” Anthony said before he started shouting, his voice cracking. “Help! We’re stuck! Help us!”

Suddenly the elevator doors opened.

“What are you screaming about?” Phillipa asked when the doors were completely open.

“Oh my god, Pippa. I’ve never been happier to see you.” Anthony said, trampling Phillipa with a hug.

“Oh okay.” Phillipa laughed before hugging him back.

“The elevator wasn’t stuck. We just didn’t push the button.” You realized.

Anthony pulled back from his hug with your sister.

“We didn’t? I could have sworn we did.”

“No, you started whining about the cold and none of us pushed the button.”

Suddenly you and Anthony just started laughing. Phillipa laughed too, although not as hard as you and Anthony.

When your laughters started dying down (almost 10 minutes later), you both looked up to see tears in each other’s eyes.

“Are you crying?” You asked through your giggles.

“I was scared.” He defended. You shook your head and let out a couple of more giggles before stopping.

“Are you both sane now? Can I go upstairs and sleep?” Phillipa asked.

Anthony nodded his head. “Yeah, sorry Pippa.”

“It’s fine. Thanks for walking Y/N home.” She said, opening her arms out for a goodbye hug from him. He hugged her, gave you a pat on your shoulder and left.

“Did you both seriously think you were trapped in there?” Phillipa asked while stepping into the elevator.

“It didn’t move! What were we supposed to think?”

Phillipa only laughed and put her arm around you.

Since it was late, you and Phillipa decided to just watch a couple episodes of Gilmore Girls, then went to bed.

The next morning, you woke up to a bunch of texts in yours and the boy’s group chat.

Daveed and Oak were making fun of you and Anthony for the night before.

“How in the hell did you guys find out anyway?” you asked in the group chat.

“Pippa told everyone right as she got in.” Anthony explained.

“What a fake.” you said, referring to your sister.

“Y/N you should come visit us at the theater. And bring food b4 you come” Daveed texted.

“Only if you guys pay for it.”

Daveed, Oak and Ant all sent “Deal”, and you stood up to get ready.

You ordered Chinese food for you and the boys.

When you stepped into the theater, you could see everyone’s head turned. They could smell the food, you guessed.

Daveed suddenly came bouncing towards you.

“Thank you for this, you can leave now.” He said, grabbing the food then shooing you away.

You just stared at him until he smiled and put an arm over your shoulder. Because you were much shorter than him, he had to bend pretty far in order to properly wrap his arm around you.

“We’re all in our dressing room.” Daveed said, guiding you to the room.

Once you stepped foot in there, Ant and Oak both cheered.

“The food is here!” Ant shouted.

“Yes she is.” You mumbled than you shook your head. “Wait, no. That’s not what I- No! I swear that came out wrong I- Daveed stop taking a video of me! I didn’t mean to say that!”

Daveed put his phone down and, while still laughing, asked, “What did you mean to say then?”

“I-I- ugh! I don’t know, but shut up and pretend like that didn’t happen.”

“That was hilarious, Y/N.” Oak said, patting you on the shoulder before sitting back down on the floor and grabbing his food from the bag.

You sat next to Ant, who was also sitting on the floor (opposite of Oak), and crossed your legs.

“I- I didn’t mean what I said.” You explained to Ant. His face was red as he nodded his head, telling you that it was okay.

You didn’t see Daveed give Anthony a wink, making him blush even harder (if that were possible).

Whatever conversation the boys were having before you got there continued. You laughed, not giving your own commentary to the topic, but laughing at the ones the boys gave while eating your rice.

“Woah is that a tattoo?” Anthony asked, pointing at your thigh. His fingers gently touched your skin, and you immediately got goosebumps.

“Yeah, I got it before I went to Europe.” You lifted up your shirt, revealing the elephant that was on your inner thigh.

“Why an elephant?” Daveed asked, an egg roll stuffed in his mouth.

“Phill and I loved elephants when we were younger. So I got one so that she would always be with me.” You blushed. “God that’s cheesy.”

The boys laughed. “It’s cute.” Anthony said. “Do you have anymore?”

“Yeah, I have one on my foot, another two on my back, one right here,” You pointed underneath your breast.  “And one on my stomach.”

“Ooooh, let’s see them.” Oak said, shoving a wonton in his mouth.

You put down your own food and lifted up your shirt then angled yourself to reveal the ones on your back. The names Eliza and Natasha were written below your shoulder blade.

“Eliza for Eliza Hamilton, and Natasha for Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet?” Daveed asked.

You nodded your head, then turned back around to show the one on your stomach. It read In the Heights in bold letters.

Daveed gave you a face saying “Really?”

You giggled and shrugged your shoulder. You dropped your shirt so that you could show the one on your ankle. All you had to do was lift down your sock. The tattoo read Libertyville.

“Gotta remember where you came from.” Oak commented. You nodded your head while smiling, then grabbed your food to start eating again.

“What does the other one say?” Anthony asked, eating some noodles.

“It says mine and Phillipa’s name.”

“Nice.” Anthony said.

The boys had another hour before showtime, so you all decided to play a game: Uno.

You and Oak decided to be on the same team, while Daveed and Anthony were on the other.

You stood up to swtich to your team’s side then the game began.

Daveed was getting annoyed with you and Anthony. If he had to watch you two give each other more flirty looks again, he was going to shoot himself. If he had to hear you tw giggle at each other’s mistakes one more time, he was going to shoot you both.

“20 minutes till showtime!” somebody called from outside the room.

“Oh thank God.” Daveed groaned, standing up from his seat on the couch.

“If I had to hear you guys giggle at each other one more time I was gonna kill myself.” Oak added. Daveed was glad he wasn’t the only one annoyed by the two.

“We’ll leave the room, so you guys can do whatever to let this shit out of your system.” Daveed said, walking out of the room, grabbing the remnants of his costume from the seat in the corner.

Oak did the same, and soon you and Anthony were alone in the room.

“We weren’t doing anything right-”

“Yeah, no we weren’t!”

“They’re just being assholes-”

“That’s exactly what they’re doing.” You said, ending the back and forth between you and Anthony. You both sat in silence before Anthony decided to speak.

“Maybe I should finish getting dressed.”

“Yeah. You do that and I’ll leave.”

“No, you can stay. If you want.”

“And watch you get undressed?”

“I only have to change my shirt.” Anthony shrugged.

“As appealing as that is, if Phillipa wonders where I am, she can’t find out I was in here watching you take off your shirt.”

Anthony nodded his head. “You’re right. I don’t want her to kick my ass.”

You laughed and walked out of the room, closing the door as you left.

You stood backstage, keeping whoever wasn’t on stage occupied. By Act 2, Anthony was pretty much the only one you were consistently with. At one point, you guys were too busy laughing for Anthony to notice that it was his time to go on stage.

As you watched Ant die on stage, you started crying. That entire scene never failed to make you shed tears. As the scene ended, Anthony bounced to where you stood, off to the side of the stage.

“Are you crying?” he asked, a teasing lilt in his voice.

“No,” You wiped your tears from your face. “I’m sweating. It’s hot as fuck back here.”

Anthony laughed and he stood beside you, watching Lin and Phillipa mourn over Anthony in It’s Quiet Uptown.

“I think Phillip is my favorite character to play.”

You turned to look at him. “Why?”

“I don’t know. He’s just so innocent and trustworthy. The way he just assumed Eacker would be respectable and not shoot him. It’s just… Really commendable, you know?”

Your eyes starting tearing again, thinking about how poor Phillip only deserved the world and all he got was shot in his stomach. “I know.” You said, nodding your head.

“Oh jeez, are you crying again?” He laughed.

“No. Like I said, it’s hot.”

“Yeah sure it is.” Anthony said sarcastically.

The both of you watched the show in almost complete silence, only sharing commentary at the most interesting moments.

When the show was over and everyone was out of their costumes and ready to head home, Daveed invited you out with his a couple of his friends, Oak, Ant and Renee among the group.

As you were about to accept, Phillipa butted in. “It’s really late, so we should be heading home.”

“Sorry Phill, my bed time isn’t until, like, midnight. And it’s about 10 now, so…”

Phillipa didn’t respond, just gave you a look from the side of her eye, telling you that you should decline the offer.

“I’ll take a raincheck on this one, Diggs.”

Daveed nodded, said his goodbyes then left.

Once he was gone, you turned to Phillipa. “Why did you do that?”

She looked shocked. “Do what? It’s late, we should go to sleep. Tomorrow’s a busy day.” She hiked up her bag higher on her shoulder and started walking.

“What are we doing tomorrow then?”

“Steven and I are going out tomorrow.”

“Are you seriously inviting me to your date? With your fiance?”

“You like Steven.” Phillipa defended.

“That doesn’t mean I want to go on a date with you guys!”

“You know he wouldn’t mind.”

“I’m not going on a date with you tomorrow Phill.”

“You’re not- ugh, fine. What are gonna do tomorrow then?”

“Stay home, sleep, eat food, sleep.”

“You see that’s not productive.”

“Oh and being a third wheel is?”

“You’re not going to be a thi-”

“You of all people should know that being the third wheel isn’t fun.” You said as a taxi finally stopped to let you and your sister on.

“I- wha- That was once! I was only 15! And I didn’t even know I was being a third wheel!”

“Doesn’t erase the fact that you were one.” You said, raising up your hands in surrender.

“God! Okay fine, you don’t have to come. You win, happy?”


Back home, you and Phillipa got ready for bed and went to sleep. You stayed up a little longer, scrolling through instagram before you finally felt tired enough to fall asleep.

The next morning you woke up pretty early. Phillipa already left, her and Steven obviously wanting their date to last the whole day.

Since it was only 10 in the morning, you decided to just laze around, doing small chores. You collected up your dirty clothes from that week so you could walk to the laundromat across the street. When you grabbed your phone, you noticed a text from Anthony.

“Wanna hang out today?” he asked.

You typed out a yes and asked when and where.

“Anywhere you want you sexy thang ;)”

“Wow” you sent, with a crying laughing emoji behind it

“Ha I know, you’re probably drooling rn”

“im really not though but we could meet up at Mulligan’s?” Mulligan’s was a bar that was a couple blocks away from the theater where Phillipa worked.

“Sounds great. See ya in 10?”

“make that 15, I dont have appropriate clothes on”

“Alright, see ya”

You quickly got dressed in jeans and a tank top that you had bought months ago but never got a chance to wear. You only put on mascara then walked outside your apartment building to hail a cab, completely forgetting about you laundry.

I could do it later after we hang out. You thought to yourself.

Only five minutes late, you step into the bar and look around for Anthony. You found him sitting at one of the few tables in the bar and walked to the table to sit across from him.

Anthony smiled wide when he saw you.

“Hey!” He said. He stood up and took out your seat for you. When you were sitting is when he finally sat back down in his own seat.

You smiled at him. “What’s up?”

He shrugged. “I don’t have anything else to do today so I called you up.”

“Umm, okay so I see I’m second rate. I’ll just leave then.” You joked.

Anthony shook his head and laughed. “Chill. Anyway, I thought you’d be pretty cool to hang with.”

“‘Pretty cool’.” You mocked. “So I am second rate?”


“Asshole.” You laughed.

The waitress came by and put a cheeseburger down on Anthony’s side. She looked to you, her eyes unfriendly.

“Do you want anything?” She asked in a bored voice. She rolled her eyes when you took a second too long to answer.

“No, I thought I was just gonna sit here and stare at my boyfriend eat.” You answered, earning a baffled look from Ant. He opened and closed his mouth before deciding to keep quiet. You didn’t notice the light tint of pink on his cheeks, or the smile that was spreading across his face. He liked you saying the word boyfriend.

“He’s your boyfriend?” The waitress said. “You managed to snatch him up?”

“Yup. Are you jealous?”

She rolled her eyes. “Please. If I wanted to, I could take him from you.”

Anthony snorted. She looked at him before looking back at you.

“Not with those shit stains on your shirt.”

Her eyes darkened with anger. “It’s food.” She walked away, mumbling under her breath.

“Boyfriend?” Anthony said.

You looked up. “She liked you, and when she thought I was moving in on you she got pissed at me. I had to mess with her.”

Anthony laughed. He grabbed the knife beside his plate and cut the burger in half. He handed you one half.

“What if I didn’t want a burger?” You asked, taking a bite out of it.

“You, not eat a burger?” Anthony said. He snorted. “Not likely.”

“Fuck you.” You mumbled with food in your mouth.

“Besides, she’s not coming back over here. Ever again. And I also wanted to go restaurant hopping. I’ve never done it.”

“Oh that’s so fun!” You said. “We did it all the time in London, there are so many restaurants over there. But I can’t.”

“Why?” Anthony said after swallowing whatever food he had in his mouth.

“I have chores to do.”

He shrugged. “I’ll help you with them, what do we have to do?”

“First laundry. Then after that I was gonna go shopping cause none of my clothes really fit me anymore.”

Anthony was nodding his head. “Alright, alright. What else?”

“Umm… I was also gonna check out the NYU campus.“

That made Anthony turn his head. “Why?”

“I kinda want to go back to school. Or at least take some classes so I’m not behind when I decide to go back full time.”

He nodded his head. “Alright, that’ll be fun.”

You both finished your meal quickly and stood up. You started taking out some cash before Anthony stopped you and took out his own cash. He paid for the meal (a guesstimate, since the bitchy waitress never gave you guys your bill), leaving no tip for the waitress and put his hand on the small of your back, guiding you to the door.

“Ant, I can pay for my own meal, you know?”

“It’s cool.” He said, shrugging one shoulder.

“Stop being nice to me, oh my god.”

He smiled and put his arm around your shoulder. You were glad he did, because the air was colder than when you first went out.

“Where to first?”

“My apartment so I can grab my clothes.”

After grabbing your laundry, you and Ant walked to the laundromat. Directly in front of the laundromat was a hotdog stand and Anthony bought one, for you and him.

“This counts as restaurant hopping right?” He asked.

“Yeah, definitely.”

Your laundry didn’t take long, since you didn’t have too much clothing. After dropping off your clothes, Ant led you the opposite direction of where you wanted to go.

“Uhh, Ant? The mall is that way.” You said, pointing behind you.

“There’s a clothing shop a couple blocks from here. You’ll like it.”

The walk was short, as he’d promised, and you soon stood in front of a store called, “European Fashion.”

“Nice.” You said. “Is this just because I went there?”

He nodded. “Pretty much, yeah.”

Inside, the store was normal. Nothing special, just regular clothes that you would’ve found at the mall.

You tried on a few outfits. You stepped out to ask Ant his opinion on one of them only to find him gone.

“Anthony?” You called out.

The lady who owned the store stepped from around a rack of jeans. “Your friend stepped out.”

“Oh, okay.” You said. “Thanks.”

You stepped back inside the dressing room and changed back into your own clothes.

You weren’t worried, cause you knew Anthony would never leave you. But you did wonder where he went.

By the time you had all your clothes picked out, Anthony stepped back into the store.

“Your girlfriend was looking for you.” The owner of the shop said again.

“Thanks.” He said, smiling. He came up to you and you noticed he had two small cups in his hands.

“What are those?” You asked, placing your items on the counter. The owner started ringing everything up.

“Italian ice.” He said, handing you one and making a spoon appear from his back pocket.

You thanked him and started eating it. It was almost $100.

“Do you have enough?” Anthony asked, staring at the total like it was gonna form into a human and attack him.

“Yeah.” You said, unsure if you actually did. Miraculously, you had 4 20’s, 3 10’s and 2 5’s in your wallet. You paid the owner and soon you and Anthony were walking back out.

Taking another quick trip to your apartment, you and Anthony then decided to go to another restaurant.

“After this, we’ll go to NYU.” He said.

“Nah, I think we can do that next time. I really just want to eat food right now.”

Anthony gave you a look.

“What? Don’t look at me like that. I like food.”

Anthony rolled his eyes.

“Okay, but next time we’re seriously going to go check out, alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, Mom.” Anthony rolled his eyes again, but let the subject go.

The rest of the afternoon was spent restaurant hopping. Everyone continuously confused you and Ant as boyfriend and girlfriend but neither of you corrected them. With the way you two were acting, it was no wonder anybody thought you were together.

Any time the other would do something, you both would giggle and laugh until people gave you weird looks. Any time you could, you snuggled up close to him and tucked your head underneath his chin.

And the thing that made everyone believe you two were together was something neither of you noticed the other doing. Every time you smiled, Anthony stared at you as if you were sent from heaven above. And every time Anthony would start talking, you would stare at him and only him, a smile playing at your lips.

When you and Ant were at your fourth restaurant, someone walked up to your table. It was an old friend from high school.

“Oh my god! Y/N! How have you been?” he asked.

“Hey, Andrew! I’ve been great, you?”

“Good too, college sucks, you know?”

You laughed. “Can’t relate.”

“Lucky.” He said. “Hey, my frat is having a party tonight at 8. You should come over, bring your boyfriend too.”

“Oh… He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Oh really?” Andrew said, now giving Anthony a flirty look.

“Sorry, man. Don’t bat for the other team.” Anthony said chuckling and putting his arms up in surrender.

“Ah, I’m just messing with ya. I have a girlfriend anyway. But yeah, you both should come.”

“Yeah, definitely.” Anthony answered. You looked at him. He only shrugged one shoulder.

“Yeah, I guess we’ll go. Where is it at?”

Andrew gave you the address. “Knock twice on the door and that’s how they’ll know not to charge you guys.”

“Alright cool. See ya man.” You said. Andrew hugged you, gave Ant a fist bump then left.

You looked at the time on your phone. It was currently 7:30.

“Well, I guess we could start walking there. By the time we get there the party will have started.”

You nodded your head. For the fifth time that day, Anthony paid for both your meals.


“I can pay it. Just relax.” He said. Once outside, Anthony took out his phone and typed in the address.

“Its this way.” he said, pointing to the left. The moment you both started walking, Anthony put his arm around you and you responded by snuggling closer to him.

Halfway to the party, you and Ant decided to take a cab the rest of the way. When you finally got there, at 8:27, Anthony paid for the cab. You gave him a dirty look and he just took your hand. You both walked to the door and you knocked twice.

The guy at the front let you both in, free, and you stood by the doorway.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’ve never been to a frat party.” You said.

“It’ll be fine.” Anthony said. He gripped your hand tighter and you walked deeper into the house.

The music was pretty loud and the entire house was dark too. Eventually you and Anthony reached the kitchen, where you saw Andrew talking to a girl.

“Hey, it’s Y/N and her boyfriend!”

Andrew’s girlfriend came up to you and hugged you. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Same to you.” You said. She hugged Anthony next. When she pulled away, she took a good look at Ant.

“You’re right, babe. He is hot.”

“Told you.” Andrew laughed, putting an arm around her. “Beer is in the fridge, and there might be some vodka bottles floating around somewhere. Have fun, and if you guys need anything, let me know.” He gave you a wink before walking away.

You walked to the fridge and grabbed a beer for both you and Anthony.

“Well, this’ll be fun.” He said, opening his beer and taking a sip.

Fun it was.

About two hours later, you were completely wasted. An hour after you, Anthony himself got wasted.

There was, in fact, lots of vodka bottles floating around the frat house, and you and Ant drank your fair share of it.

With now no inhibitions, you and Ant flirted freely.

“Blue looks so fucking amazing on you.” Anthony said, grabbing your hips and pulling your dancing body closer to him.

“Everything looks amazing on you.” You giggled. Another guys walked up to you both, asking you to dance with him.

Anthony gave him a dirty look and said, “If you touch her, I’ll break your fucking hand.”

The guy walked away, finding another girl to dance with almost immediately after.

Even though he couldn’t, Anthony kept trying to bring you closer to him. You were practically humping on his leg, but you were so drunk you didn’t even notice.

A new song started playing, and it was much slower and sensual than the last few songs. The few people on the dance floor who didn’t have a partner left.

You and Anthony stayed dancing, slowing down your rhythms until your grinding matched the song.

Anthony’s mouth trailed slowly up your jaw before his mouth reached your ear.

“It’s 2 o'clock… I’m driving home.” Ant sang into your ear. “Texting you… tryna wrap your legs around my face.” His hand started trailing up and down your arm. His other hand moved from your waist, lower and lower until it was grabbing your ass, pulling you down more onto his leg, until the only thing that you were grinding on was his leg.

“But have no fear… Cuz’ what we did… Scratches on my back… That good love.” Anthony continued to rasp into your ear. He bit your ear, making you inhale quickly at the sharp pain. Anthony’s lips started moving lower, kissing your neck then kissing whatever other skin he could find.

“You tweet but you ain’t calling… And now I’m feeling horny… I got no patience.” He said, before moving his face up. Your noses were touching, your breaths mingling. Anthony’s lips moved closer to yours, until they were barely touching.

“I got no patience.” Anthony sang once more before his lips covered yours.