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Gender Fluid Loki Matters

Al Ewing put a close to the amazing story arc started by Gillian for Loki. This amazing ending finally gave genderfluid people a character who was beyond the binary role they were placed at birth who came above it. Cut to only a few months later and Jason Aaron makes a terrible Loki design and writes Loki back as the wicked “man” that she had just escaped being. Now this Loki could not be the Loki that became goddess of stories escaping fate. This Loki could indeed be a new Loki created to fill the gap when 616 was remade. That said they sure do act like it is the Loki that had escaped their fate.

It’s like they are proud of the story but not of the results. With Loki 2016 announced, the Mighty Thor’s look at Loki, and Marvel’s editors constant refusal to address Loki as gender fluid. Now these could all come around and be good things but I just somehow doubt it (More so Marvel constantly needing to refer to Loki as different genders as different people). Loki’s story and evolution started from Kid Loki from Journey into Mystery is a powerful metaphor for what many genderfluid/non binary people experience in their lives.  This metaphor made Loki a powerful force for the community if only they had know it existed. Loki Agent of Asgard works hard to remind people Loki is non binary although Marvel never really helped people be aware of these facts.

Many non binary people are told they must make a choice, they were born this way and must live out life as this way they were born. Loki’s journey is the attempt to escape this in metaphor while allowing Loki to also be gender fluid in actuality too. Were often give a metaphor for being trans like X-men but without any kind of character that actually represents the group. We had finally in agent of Asgard see Loki flip genders, we see real representation with a very distinct visual. We also had it made clear with Odin as well as Loki that this isn’t just flipping forms like a shapeshifter. Loki says it’s still them in whatever state and Odin says “My child who is neither my daughter nor my son.” to clearly state Loki is neither gender. This is a very important part of making a metaphor also treat the marginalized group well.

So when Loki makes their escape from the fate of being Evil Loki becoming the goddess of stories we see how Loki finally won. Loki had never really been fighting Thor, Odin, Asgard, but fate itself. We see as Loki overcomes their struggle with having to chose who they would be, when Loki decides I am the goddess of stories, that’s who I am not taking the choices they were dealt before it’s an insanely important moment. Loki making this happen is able to escape the end of reality, is able to save good and evil, is able to scare away the oldest gods, is able to defeat evil Loki. This freedom shines in a moment that made me go, “That’s me, this is my hero, this is the person I want to see more of.”

Loki is my hero because Loki represents more than just tricks, quips, Tom Hiddleston’s career, Marvel’s best baddie but Loki represents a community of people who have long been told they don’t have the right to exist. Loki much like the god in Norse mythology truly is only bad because the others want them to be that way.  Loki as a person who has gone beyond that, who has gone beyond a binary morality, who has gone beyond a binary gender, that has gone beyond what we’re told. Loki gets to create their own story, Loki gets to give Loki the agency Loki needed. It’s stunning and wonderful and I feel like non binary people need this character. This is a character who deserves more books, this story arc matters, it’s the most interesting character I’ve ever had the pleasure to read and Loki is truly my hero. I can only hope one day my dream will come true.  

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13  Hawkeye

14  Hawkguy

15  Pizza Dog

So Hawkeye is probably one of the greatest monthlies in print at the moment.  It’s a perfect version of itself, a perfect fusion of artists and writer, of Hawkeye and Hawkguy, of pizza and dog.  Read it.  Read it all.  Let Hawkeye, starring Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) and Hawkeye (Clint Barton) and Pizza Dog (Arrow Lucky), become your monthly present to yourself.

Because every month could use some sprucing up.  Even a Mighty Month of Marvel.  Spruce it up by VOTING for the Marvel character you love best.

I love Pizza Dog best.

Drawing by me, Jake Wyatt

The Mighty Thor #701 and Loki: Sorcerer Supreme, Thoughts and Spoilers

The Mighty Thor #701, part one of The Death of the Mighty Thor arc

-Mangog is back and goggier than ever

-War Thor wants to tap* that**


-**that big Mangoggian Tiki god face

-Oh hey, there’s the Roxxon guys again! I guess Dario’s out of jail maybe? We don’t see him really, just the dragon-juiced muscle heads fighting the Vanir

-And oh look a hefty dose of napalm isn’t that nice

-There’s a bit of backstory given regarding the whole ‘creature born from the rage of a billion+ victims’ origin and a fairly decent upgrade to Mangog now being strong(er) due to taking on the mantle of a sort of judge/jury/executioner of ‘failed’ gods, those deities who do not answer their supplicants’ prayers or else go around, you know, slaughtering entire races or whatever. At least this is his Big Motive now

-He beats Volstagg to a pulp (RIP Ultimate Mjolnir, thanks MCU synergy) 

-Balder greets Karnilla in Helheim! There’s a loving embrace! Yay!

-also fire giants are there to cook their immortal souls to a crisp golden brown and put Sindr on Hel’s throne*

-*seriously Hel’s throne has been holding more asses than the knife chair from G.o.T. at this point

-War Thor loses :c

-and is left to dangle from his less-mangled hand on the edge of Old Asgard :C

-and Mangog wants to know where the rest of the gods are so he can keep doing his Mangogging but Volstagg says him NAY >:C

-Malekith: Hey, guy. Manny. My gog. 

Volstagg: Bitch don’t

Malekith: ;)

Volstagg: Do Not

Malekith: :3c

Volstagg: NO

Malekith: Fine, fine I won’t tell him

Mangog: Tell me what?

Malekith: That the gods are now residing in scenic Asgardia, right next to Saturn, big shiny chunk of god junk just floating there, defenseless, with your mortal enemy Odin sitting in it like a creamy, killable center. In case any mans or gogs wanted to know. 

Mangog: :D

Volstagg: D:

Malekith:  ❤️

Doctor Strange #381, first part of the Loki: Sorcerer Supreme arc

-I don’t know where to start hold on just hold on j





-I don’t know Ms. Zelma Stanton well, but I think I’ll like her. As far as I know she’s an established Doctor Strange character and Dr. S’s assistant/apprentice, so it’s understandable that we (S T I L L) can’t have Verity in the supporting character spotlight. We can’t tell yet if she’s playing a part to get close to Loki, but seeing as she seems to appreciate his humor* even when he’s out of earshot and is willing to trade phone numbers, I think this bit’s genuine**


-**Loki now has two (2!) bespectacled friends (we’ll give Zelma the benefit of the doubt)

-Question for Doctor Strange fans: Did the Sanctum Sanctorum always have a plethora of snakes roaming the halls ranging from safely noodle-sized to the size of a scaly redwood tree? 

If so, cool. 

If not, Loki introduced talking snakes to the Sanctum Sanctorum. 

Either way, the green fucker has put the Fear of Loki into the house-snakes to the point of them anxiously wheedling the apprentice into telling the house’s new master that they are Good and Respectful snakes, please tell him, p l e a s e

-Okay, artist, you’ve got some hits and some misses here with the characters. Mostly hits (I do like Wanda’s look in her costume and her civvies) but there are some bits where Loki looks a bit too much like he spent the night in a dumpster even for my questionable taste. Though, again, more hits than misses, because hey! Crazy-eyed, insomnia bags, scraggly-edged God of Stories is coming through again!

-Also, Loki is Not Good at playing with the other magical kids on the block. He comes off like the really eager newcomer who goes up to the cool people clique with cookies and questions he’s too new to know are out-of-place, the clique mocks him, Loki gets frustrated and picks a fight, then sulks off to text a friend about the mess :c

-Sidenote, the actual suggestion Loki brings up during the bar scene is really pretty interesting. If it hadn’t been Loki making the suggestion–and seriously, it’s a hell of a thing to want to try, even for a masochistic, slightly-deranged god trying to do his unique version of Good–my bet is the bar-goers would’ve been more inclined to just tell the guy, hey, wow, it’s super nice that you want to do this incredibly insanely dangerous task on our behalf, but how about you…maybe not? Do that? How about therapy instead, lets try magic therapy

-Zelma and Loki emoji back and forth. Excellent.

-Zelma should be Verity and Is Not. Less excellent. 

-Loki uses a lightning bolt emoji rather than Thor’s name. Excellent again.

-oh shit shit oh shit Shit here we go Fu c k


-Jane Thor arrives

-Jane Thor confronts

-Loki surrenders

-Jane Thor is ???

-Loki is–he’s–he’s this:

You think I’m kidding. You think this is hyperbole. It isn’t. This is actually 110% less fucking heartbreaking than the Look he gives Jane Thor when she asks what he’s up to. Not demands, by the way. Asks. Civilly.

-Loki tells her he sewed the red cape back together with thread he made himself. Jane Thor compliments his knitting ability, but asks again what his game is.

-”There is no game, Thor. I just want to help.”

-Fast forward thru some heartfelt motive talk from Loki, Jane Thor hearing him out, and then cutting him off with…

-Jane Thor: ”Loki…” (cue an actual goddamn SMILE) “…dost thou ever tire of thine own bullshit?”

-Loki. Smiles. Back.

-And then takes them both to the Appalachian Mountains. And then shows Jane Thor a camp of frost giants about to spring an attack on Midgard. And then Jane Thor thanks him for the assist but warns that she’ll be keeping an eye on him. AND THEN.

-Loki: “I know you will be. Good luck…Doctor Foster.”

-Also Dr. Strange is a vet now, so there’s that woo (if the cover art for the next comic is any indication I think they’re setting the stage for Loki having done some Enigmatic Trickery to make this sudden job change happen, but it could also be a red herring dealie, we’ll see)

-Also also Wanda is rocking this art style and That Coat*

-*Loki, I’m impressed by your needlework, honest, but that coat is the better red look, let’s be real


20.  The Future Man

21.  The Girl Who Leapt Through TIme

Future Daddy Cable loves Future Baby Hope, you guys.  But you can’t tell, ‘cause they’re both super-pissed about that Future Winter Snow at the moment.

A buddy of mine (who is also named Jake) asked me to draw a Cable, as did quite a few of you, dear followers.  So I did.  I could draw/watch/read this kind of Lone Wolf and Cub crap ALL DAY LONG.  It speaks to my paternal instincts.  Leaves me wanting to save the baby of my besieged feudal lord/fallen nemesis/doomed comrade/dying romantic rival and then PROTECT THE HELL OUT OF IT.  IN THE FUTURE.

Anyway.  I’m trying to finish ALL of my Marvel drawings this week so STAY TUNED.  It’s happening.

Cable created by Louise Simonson, Rob Liefeld and the 90’s.  Which were amazing.

Drawing by Jake Wyatt.