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On Ugly Gods

My favorite Greek god may come as a shock to some. The usual favorites are Zeus, Aphrodite. Maybe even Apollo or Athena. Someone flashy, beautiful. Maybe with a blazing chariot; everyone loves a good ride. But no.

My favorite Greek god is Hephaestus.

For those of you who didn’t study Greek Mythology (or did but forgot this name because it wasn’t important at the time), Hephaestus was the smith god, the god of metallurgy. He was also the god who, upon birth, was thrown from Mt. Olympus by his mother for being “crippled” and too unsightly for even his own family’s godly eyes. Or, if you prefer, there is a second branch in the mythology which explains his disability that contradicts the Hera-threw-him-overboard story: he tried protecting her from the advances of Zeus, and Zeus threw him off the mountain. Either way, everyone agrees he was thrown from the heavens by an all-mighty monarch. Hard. (And that he was no Apollo.) 

But, Hephaestus was the smith of the gods. He built Zeus’s and Hera’s thrones. He built Eros’s bow and arrows. He crafted Hermes’ sandals and helmet. He made Aphrodite’s girdle and the chariot that carried the sun across the sky. The fire that Prometheus stole and gave to humanity came from his forge. Everything that made the gods what they were, he had a hand in building. His fingerprints cover the heavens.

It’s sometimes the unseen, the disregarded, the unacknowledged, the ugly gods, that make the strongest impacts on the world. History pays much more attention to the people sitting on the throne, shooting the arrows, or dragging the chariot across the sky than the people or systems that made those things possible. No one does anything alone, and no one can claim that their success and/or power is entirely their own. We all have our ugly gods in the background, for better or worse, helping to forge our positions in this world.

And it’s our job to celebrate the good and navigate the bad, no matter how uncomfortable that may be. 

So I showed my friend the earlier Yellow Diamond video and he said that she’s more like the Monarch…. I just had to make this.  Though finding a good Monarch clip that could fit her currently ONE SCENE OF DIALOGUE was hard.

But I found out one thing that’s going to help out a lot with future videos.  There’s a screencap freeze frame option that is going to help with lip flaps.

More points for Vendata being the Monarch’s dad:

– He’s super tall (6'05") and has a moderately light frame compared to most of the giants in VB. Of course both could be attributed to the cyborg parts so alone it’s not much, but still worth considering.

– Look at that overbite.

– Little dubious given the discrepancies with the timeline but. Hear me out here and let’s pretend that when the series started it was set slightly in the future, and when Bot Seeks Bot aired in 2013, it was also 2013 in the Ventureverse, with maybe a little leniancy on the exact month.

That would make 37 years since he became Venturion the Bicentennial Man.

Let’s say Jonas Sr. had been working on the android part for a while, and intergrating the human half was a last-minute addendum to save his friend, meaning it didn’t take very long: hours, days, weeks. Something like that as opposed to months or years.

If the information that Monarch was supposed to be born in 1968 is correct, and his dad both ‘died’ and was 'reborn’ as Venturion in the summer of 1976, then that works out perfectly with Malcolm being 8 years old when the plane crashed as he says in Dia de los Dangerous. ;D

It would also make the Monarch ~45-46 years old in season 5 (since his birthday wasn’t long after the crash), to Rusty’s.. what, 48-49 now? Slightly younger, but close enough in age for the family photo to work and for them to have been in college together. (Rusty’s a bit older than Brock, too, having complained about getting a freshman roommate and all.)

83 So yeah. Just some things to note for those who may still be on the fence about it, or those (like taustekli, this is partially for you~) who just like having even more support for it.

whoadoctorfreeman  asked:

How intense do these super RP adventures usually get? Like if Asgore didn't show up, would things have gotten even more nuts

It so happens that Asgore interrupted before they actually got to “attack” each other. It usually ends up with something like, Asriel throws a pillow saying it’s a super hyper powerful shooting star that DOES INFINITE DAMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Chara is like YES BUT MY HP IS INFINITE TOO ???? I DON’T DIE SO EASILY!!!!

Chara then hits Asriel with that piece of rolled up paper they’re holding and says THEY HIT THE GOD OF HYPERDEATH WITH A CURSED SLASH!!! NOW HES LOSING HP PERIODICALLY!! AND HE CAN’T USE STRONG SPELLS!!!

Then Asriel is like AH YEAH???!?!? BUT *he approaches Frisk, holds their hand and make them touch his head* THE MIGHTY MONARCH OF THE UNIVERSE GRANTED ME A BLESSING!!! I AM HEALED AND IMMUNE TO CURSED ATTACKS!!!


from here they’ll either:

-laugh and leave to do whatever they were doing before the Intense Roleplay
-asriel won’t accept defeat and he’ll struggle to get up
-if asriel struggles too much chara will tickle him and theyre merciless!!!!
frisk usually joins the child pile and hugs either asriel or chara or both while giggling adorably

Fan Sites

I think it’s just me, but I’m starting to get pissed off with how people from fan sites act. It’s like, they’re the superior fans who get all the updates, while we “inferior” fans must wait on their HD pictures/updates/whatnot. 

I know someone who is a photographer for artist XX’s fan site, and we went to the artist’s band’s concert back in October, and for the first time in my life, I saw her shove, yell, and hit someone with a camera. I was so shocked and embarrassed when she even told those poor girls that if it weren’t for the photographers of the fansites/fansites itself, the whole fandom would have nothing.

Not being racist, but some Korean/Chinese fansite staff members also are very rude. Whenever they go to concerts overseas, the path must be cleared and they must be escorted to their place. They even have the nerve to look down on the natives of that country. Tut.

Bottomline, the fansites are basically making themselves fandom gods, while we non-fansite fans must bow down to the high and mighty HD monarchs.