mighty mollusks

The farm-to-table movement has caused oyster farming on the East Coast to double in the past six years, and the industry has shown no signs of slowing. But not only is the mollusk’s mighty comeback good for consumers and fishermen — it’s also good for waterways.

Jimmy Parks, longtime chef and owner of the Butcher Station in Winchester, Va., says the way we eat oysters has changed in the past decade.

“As much food as possibly can go on my plate at the least amount of money I can spend used to be the way things were,” says Parks. “Now people are getting away from that, and they’re gravitating toward … cleaner sources.”

The Oyster’s Mighty Comeback Is Creating Cleaner U.S. Waterways

Photo: Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images


I love octopuses. I love cuttlefish. This video leaves me very conflicted.