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After hearing Mighty’s countless tales of strange and wonderful new zones, Tails grew so curious that he built a camera for him.  Though Mighty admitted being quite witless with technology, the thought of other people seeing all the places he wandered filled him with joy, and he now takes pictures at an enthusiastic rate (+ some selfies from time to time).



/v/ Drawthread request.

“Draw Shantae trying to not make eye contact with Beck or otherwise trying to awkwardly ignore him.“

Plus bonus Excalibur face because my copy finished downloading and I’m about to go play it.

How exciting!

Mighty No. 9

Budget: $3.8 million - Delayed 3 times

End result:

Shantae ½ Genie Hero

Budget: $776 thousand - Not delayed

End result:

I know that Comcept is working with 3D models and such but, I mean, really. The PS4 and XBox One models look like they should be on the 3DS and Vita versions, which I honestly believe aren’t going to come out.

In other news, new Shantae is beautiful.

Universal’s Fifty Shades of Grey enjoyed a massive bump on Valentine’s Day, putting the female-fueled film adaptation of EL James’ S&M-laced romance novel on course to earn a mighty $90.7 million in North American over the long Presidents Day holiday.
That includes $81.7 million for the three-day weekend, the No. 2 February opening after Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ ($83.8 million), and the biggest Valentine’s Day/Presidents Day gross of all time, not accounting for inflation.
TMNT 2012: The Evil of Dregg

That got to be the most heartbreaking, heart-stopping, and heart-warming episode I’ve ever been watched.

Guys, I give my feels:

I love seeing Raph getting all gushy when he sees Mona Lisa.

Then, when their hands touched like two pieces of the puzzle fit together they forget the universe around them and focus on each other with love glazing in their eyes.

Sometimes, I wonder if Casey got his head stung by a bug or something when he was baby because he gets all gogo gaga over Dregg

Dregg’s homeworld is horrifying…probably, every women’s worst nightmare & Raph’s worst nightmare come to life.

Raph get itchy when he’s walking in a home populated by nasty bugs!

Donnie got stung by an alien bee thing and his face…

Shame on you, Casey. Laughing at Donnie’s dismay.

Donnie going to get injected…with THREE NEEDLE OF MASS-NESS

Mona Lisa & Sal Commander ultimate betrayal and Raph’s mighty heart shattered into million pieces.


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Mona Lisa’s deepest regret of seeing her dear Raphael so broken and it’s all her fault.

Raph can no longer fight, his will to fight has been gone the moment his heart is broken.

The Turtles fought back with Mona Lisa and Sal Commander who they truly sorry for what they did to them. But, Raph could not, even when Mona Lisa told him her reason why she did, the fact still remains, that Raphael trusted her more than anyone on Earth and the universe because he loves her with every fiber of his being.

But then, Mona Lisa and Sal Commander willing to sacrifice their lives for the turtles to escape so they can save their world, and Mona is deeply sorry for what she did and she never lied about her feelings for Raph because she too, love him…and Raph’s heart has been healed and he’s back!

To our extreme horror, Mona Lisa got hurt.

And Raph went to full-out rage on Dregg

Mona is saved, and she asks Raph to find in his heart to forgive him……and the most magical moment when his hand touch hers that could only “I already forgive you” and both share a kiss of their renewed love.