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Season 5 feels

I am ugly crying because of episode 5x08, the one where everyone hugs Theo after he’s found Liam and Hayden and now I have a mighty need for a rewritten series of at least the episode, maybe the whole season, where Theo is actually one of the good guys and deserves nice things and gets them, for all it’s worth with not a dash, not a pinch but a whole damn barrel of Thiam thrown into the mix…


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The Confession-Part 2


Here, have the second and final part to this.

Part 1 - Part 2

@susybird gave me the prompt for this part, and I will bold the prompt but I don’t want to spoil the cuteness so it will not be featured up here in the notes lol.

Part 2: The Reply

Song rec: Shelter by Lyves

Word count: 1,092 words filled with cuteness

Warnings: Swearing (duh at this point), hospitals, quick mentions of needles.

Read the story with your name (and other info like eye/hair color!) by clicking here and downloading this extension!!!!

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Teen Wolf, deleted scene
  • Scott McCall: mighty, earth shattering alpha ROAR!
  • The Chimera Pack: Whoah! What was THAT!?
  • Tracy: I do not know, but it was sexy.
  • Corey: Was that Scott McCall?
  • Josh: Is this what an Alpha sounds like? Because THIS is impressive.
  • Tracy: Wow,this is so amazing! Can you do this, too Theo?
  • Corey: No, he cannot. Because he is not an ALPHA. Scott is. He is a true alpha, actually.
  • Josh: Theo is not even a real werewolf, right, Theo?
  • Theo: Shut up.

It is Operation Positivity’s distinct pleasure to present to you our very first character week: 

Scott McCall Appreciation Week!

Starting Sunday, July 21st, we will bring to you seven days of activities to help fandom show its appreciation for our lead character, Scott McCall! Below we have listed our schedule of events for the week! 

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Sunday, July 21st - Scene Selection Sunday

Monday, July 22nd - Meta Monday

Tuesday, July 23rd - True Love Tuesday

Wednesday, July 24th - Writing Wednesday

Thursday, July 25th - Turn Table Thursday

Friday, July 26th - Fanart Friday

Saturday, July 27th - Sharing Saturday 

Of course we encourage you to spend this week creating fanworks that revolve around Scott McCall, and we would be very happy to see any of the above activities completed on any of the days!

When you make a post for this week, make sure that you tag it #Scott-McCall. However, we would love for you to also tag it as #Mighty-McCall so we can track this particular week’s creations! Additionally, we’d love to see these creations in the #Operation-Positivity tag as well as the #Mission-Constructivity tag! We will be taking the best works from the latter two tags to reblog onto our Positivty Feed throughout the week! 

Remember that this week and all of the events associated with it are here to promote a positive atmosphere in our fandom. This is about sharing our love and appreciation for elements of our show, so please bear that in mind when creating or sharing in fanworks. Let’s work together for a happier, more positive fandom through spreading some love in the weeks to come!

See you in the tags!