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NEW CADDICARUS VIDEO - and I sing The Circle of Life in it. Sort of. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLKRbrs7ApU&list=PL2BA0240B5A0F2773&index=104

So I have this head-cannon that the paladins have obviously seen The Lion King and they would often sing songs from the movie when there’s down time because like, it’s The Lion King


  • Hunk busting out Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase~ When someone is feeling down
  • When the Castle of Lions passes a circular galaxy and Pidge runs up to the window with their arms out yelling It’s the circle of life!
  • Shiro pulling out the Can you feel, the love tonight~ card when arguments break out (unaware he ends up making them worse)
  • Oh~ I just can’t wait to be king~ is what Keith sings when he thinks he’s alone when in actuality both Shiro and Lance hide out nearby to listen in
  • Everyone singing In the Jungle when they’re around the dinner table or lounge together
    • Pidge and Hunk: Aweeboway Aweeboway  Aweeboway~
    • Shiro: Bass-y Background of humming Hmmmmm~
    • Keith and Lance: Harmonizing In the jungle, the mighty jungle~ The Lion sleeps tonight~ In the jungle, the mighty jungle~ The Lion sleeps tonight~
    • ^courtesy of Lance

Sometimes when you ask God to give you strength, He doesn’t make you the mighty lion with a fierce confidence. Sometimes he makes you the lowly donkey that carried the King.

Tokyo Jungle is an amazingly unique survival game that offers you the chance to play as a huge variety of animals just trying to live their lives in post-apocalyptic Japan.

But, most importantly, there’s a huge variety of cats.

From the standard, sweet house cat to the large, mighty lion, you can live out your feline-based hunter-gatherer dreams. Or, well, a simplified version thereof. 

The game is a 2.5d survival simulator. The goal is, essentially: live, eat, breed and become the strongest version of your animal of choice. Through surviving and passing your genes onto the next generation, you can get certain bonuses toward your stats. Health, power, the usual. Of course, the challenge here is to find a member of the same species that’s interested in your amorous advances. 

There’s a story mode, which puts you in the shoes of various animals as you uncover the secrets behind human-kinds sudden disappearance. There’s also a survival mode in which the goal is to basically last as long as you possibly can. 

For some cats, this is easier than for others. The humble house cat, while being an amazing predator, has plenty of larger animals coming after it in turn that it has to either flee from or attempt to fight. If you work your way up to the lion, however, you’ll find that you’ll have a much easier time. 

You can also form a pack, or a pride, or whatever the group of animals of your cat of choice is called. A purr of cats, perhaps. That’s not a real collective title, I just like to pretend it is. 

If the gameplay sounds simple, that’s because it is. But the fact that Tokyo is so large and there’s something incredibly addictive about hunting, exploring and trying to get the strongest member of your species possible, there’s a lot to do. 

Starting off as a standard house cat, out in the world killing mice and rabbits, working your way up to possibly even taking down a wolf or a kangaroo, there’s just something special about that. 

You both sleep side by side in the bed.

You’re both on your back, and you’re staring rather intently at the ceiling, while Hal’s staring at you.

You don’t really know what to say to him. You don’t even know where to start. Every time you think about whatever he did, you get uncontrollably upset at him all over again. Half of you wants to roll over and sling a violent string of curse words at him. And half of you just wants to move on.

You continue to glare at the ceiling, letting your anger simmer inside as your eyebrows thread together.

You catch a flash of green from the corner of your eye, and then splayed across the wall is an image of a mighty lion, it opens it’s mouth to roar, or yawn you can’t really tell. Almost instantly you feel yourself relax a bit.

The next image is a bouquet of your favorite flower. It stands proud, swaying on from an unseen breeze. You unconsciously smile, your lips curving up and your eyes squinting slightly.

The final image, isn’t a picture. It’s two words, and they make whatever anger that’s been boiling inside of you dissipate.

I’m sorry

You turn your head to the right, taking in his tired eyes, bright eyes peering into your face, and then into your eyes.

“I really am sorry,” he murmurs, his voice breaking the heavy blanket of silence. Your hand crawls over his own, your thumb brushing against the back of his hand.

“It’s okay, I’m sorry too.” His lips curl into a sweet smile. It’s a smile full of relief, you can almost feel him deflate as he sighs. He holds out his arms, and you almost immediately curl into his side.

“I love you, so much.” He mumbles in your hair, holding you tight against him.

“I know.”

At some point the sun will rise in the west , and the rivers will start flowing upstream , and the birds will stop traveling , and the moon will stop rising . When the mighty lion gets scared by the antelope and elephant becomes smaller than an ant , and then when the earth no longer keeps on turning , and people are neither being born or dying and trees begins to walk , and miracles can be achieved and the bright stars in the sky begin to fade , you should know that my love for you never will .
—  voks
attention vld fans!

the vld fandom has to stop bashing one another because of ships (sheith, klance, kallura, etc.) people need to recognize that ships definitely AREN’T everything in voltron. this show is just about some teens + shiro who are all good friends and paladins of the mighty robot lion voltron who fight against evil emperor zarkon in order to save the universe. Realize how in that short summary NOWHERE in there did I talk about ships.

these shipping wars must stop because even the executive producers said that so far there isn’t any romantic interactions because they want to take it slow and let the relationships happen over time.

here’s part of a recent interview the two had talking about ships:

Obviously, a lot of viewers do ‘ship characters within the show. But in two seasons you haven’t really touched on romance. Is that intentional or is it just that these characters don’t have time, with the Galrans always about to attack?
DOS SANTOS: We don’t really shy away from it necessarily. We’re not against it. But there’s business at hand that they have to attend to. When you really think about it, they’re on a ship with each other, but they haven’t really had time to do a ton of socializing and really get to know each other. Our relationships build just like our backstories do. We like to let it happen over time.
MONTGOMERY: Ultimately the big thing is, these characters have a lot on their plate and had we had a situation where the world was not at stake and they were just allowed to hang out more, we would have gone more heavily into that romance realm. But right now anyone in that situation would be like, “All right, maybe my personal love life’s going to be on the backburner. This thing is pretty important.” That’s how we treat the characters and how we feel that they would actually react in that situation.

(link to interview: http://ew.com/tv/2017/01/20/voltron-legendary-defender-season-2-postmortem/2/ )

No matter what you ship or how many “moments” they had together, in the end we don’t know what ship will be canon and what will happen. So, just respect everyone’s opinion and do not give hate towards them for loving their ship. let people be happy if their ship has a moment, not give them a hard time and make them feel bad for shipping what they love.

we live in a world completely full of hate and we tend to focus on the bad side of things, but just because we tend to doesn’t mean we should. let’s not be know as the fandom that bashes on each other because of ships and discourages one another because of their opinion; instead let’s be a fandom that respects everyone so that everyone can have a place to put out their thoughts on what they like and not be afraid of being smashed with hate. let’s show people what a great fandom we are.

 I love this fandom so much and I hate to see it get torn apart because of ships.

Yoooooo someone NEEDS to make an A:TLA/Lion King Cross-over with the following cast

Zuko as Simba, 

Iroh as Mufasa, 

Ozai as Scar, 

Azula, Mai, Ty Lee as the Hyenas. 

Katara as Nala (only slight Zutara even though I’m a Zutarian through and through)

Sokka as Zazu

Aang & Toph as Timon and Pumbaa

King Bumi as Rafiki


list of things to say to anon hate
  • drag me i love the adrenaline
  • f i r e i n t h e h o l e
  • ayyyyy macarena
  • in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight
  • new phone who dis?
  • damnnnn daniel back at it again with the white vans
  • what are thooooooose 
  • what starts with an f and ends with ‘uck’? FIRETRUCK

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There’s a slight turn of eyes on her as she walks across the restaurant room to him. In her stride lies the confidence of a king, but the smile of a mother rests upon her face. Her hands clasp behind her back, and she gives a curt bow.

“I was told by one of my waitresses there was a problem you had with your food. What exactly was the issue?”