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Birthday King

Lance Week Day Six: Birthday

Ok, I’m going to admit that this took a completely different turn than I was expecting it to, but I like the outcome and I hope you will too.

He should be fighting. Lance should be in Blue, besides everyone fighting the Galra and helping to liberate this planet. What if they needed Voltron and Lance couldn’t make it in time? Allura was out of commission and Coran needed to man the ship’s defenses, so they chose Lance to watch over the planet’s Royal Family and citizens while they handled everything else. They would’ve sent Keith seeing as though he’s the best at close range combat, but after what happened the last time they let Keith near a royal he held them hostage. So, that was not an option for them. They needed Shiro’s leadership, Yellow’s strength, and just felt Pidge was too young to be left alone. Lance was the next best option, especially since he had great skills when it came to diplomacy. No one said it out loud, but not only were they depending on him to keep everyone safe, they were also hoping that Lance would be able to talk them into an alliance with Voltron.

Lance wanted to try, he really did, but he couldn’t help but think of the date. Before they left and before all the fighting Lance saw the calendar Pidge managed to whip up and saw that it was July 28. His birthday. He knows since they’re in the middle of a war he shouldn’t expect anyone to notice or plan a surprise party for him, but it still hurt when no one wished him a happy birthday, not even Hunk. He was used to waking up to chocolate chip pancakes in bed that his mom made. It was the only time he could get away with eating on the bed without his mom catching a fit. If he took too long to eat, his nieces and nephews would barge in telling him to hurry up or ask if the reason he’s taking too long is that he’s getting old. Every year like clockwork, his family made sure that Lance knew he was loved, and that they were grateful that he could be in their lives for yet another year.

He wondered briefly what they were doing now. Was his mother making pancakes out of habit? Did they mourn for him, not knowing where he is or if he’s alive? Were they sad that they couldn’t have him for another year? Honestly, all Lance would ever ask is to be with them for one day so that they know he’s alive. So, that his family can finally have closure and know that he didn’t just abandon them or whatever stupid story the Garrison decided to go with. Lance knows this isn’t the time to be having these thoughts, but he couldn’t help it. Maybe if he hadn’t looked at the colander this morning he could’ve pretended that this was just any other day. Just another regular day fighting a 10,000-year-old war with big metal cats. It’s saddening to think that this has become the norm for him. Normal used to be fighting with brothers, playing with young ones, shopping with sister, or sneaking out of the Garrison. Things Lance dared to call boring or annoying, but now he craves.

The King, Dragdox he believes, must have noticed his dampened mood because he decided to bring it up.

“What bothers you young one? I know that we are currently in the midst of battle, but I sense there is something else that weighs down your heart.”

Something about the king’s concern made it impossible for Lance to lie. “It’s just that, it’s my birthday today, and I guess I just didn’t expect to celebrate it by fighting the Galra this year.”

“Birthday, huh? I’m curious to know how your species celebrate the day of birth. I’m sure my people would like to know as well. Won’t you share it with us and take our minds off the battle that rages on the outside?”

“It’s not really that easy. Everyone has a different way of celebrating it. Whether based on religion or tradition, no two households do it the same.”

“Fine, tell us how you are celebrated on your birthday.”

So, Lance did just that. He explained to King Dragdox and the citizens the usual routine in his home. It was essentially a day celebrating the fact that he was alive, that he was Lance. He told them of the endless gifts and money relatives showered him with. How basically everything he said was law, even if just for that day… and within reason of course. Lance tended to get a little carried away with that one. There was a time when he was younger he ordered his brothers to carry him, his feet never allowed to touch the ground. He also used it to cheat at Monopoly, but who cares. He was king from the moment he woke up, to the second he lies down. His family refused to let him think for even a moment that he was anything but royalty. Even the younger ones played along. They had fun announcing Lance’s presence for some reason.

The party at the end of the day was the greatest. They would set up the pool, bring out the grill to cook all of Lance’s favorites, and just have a blast. There was a display board they’d set up with pictures of Lance to show a timeline of growth. Each year adding more and more pictures. Once everyone had a plate of food, they’d go around sharing their favorite memories of Lance. Most were embarrassing since Lance had a tendency to be very spontaneous in his youth and had a very vivid imagination. But each memory was filled with love and care that Lance couldn’t possibly be mad at them for sharing such an uncool moment of him. Usually, around the time the stories are done, everyone’s ready for cake, so they sing happy birthday to him. At the end of the day when everyone went home and most of the mess was cleaned up, his parents would set up a tent for him outside, so that he could sleep beneath the stars. It was always the perfect end, to the perfect day. Once every year, Lance had the best day ever. Seems he’ll just have to skip it this year, and who knows how much more.

Once he was done recapping his usual birthday events, he realized he’d manage to capture the attention of everyone in the room. He was starting to feel a little bashful with all eyes on him, but at least they were no longer concerned about the fighting going on outside.

“I wasn’t aware that I was in the presence of fellow royalty. You must excuse me if I said anything inappropriate earlier,” King Dragdox said at the end of the tale.

“Oh no, I think you got it wrong your kingliness-”

“I most certainly do not. Royalty is royalty, even if for a day. The battle may be over long after the day, but I assure you that once it’s won we shall have a celebration in your honor, worthy of a king. Though I know not of my people’s ability to share tales of you since we have only just met.”

“That’s alright, and thank you. I appreciate the thought King Dragdox.”

“Not a problem, King Lance.”

The King was right to assume that the battle would last longer than a day. So while Lance’s birthday was technically over, Dragdox still insisted on having the party. Allura had recovered after some rest and was pleased to hear that the king was more than happy to form an alliance with Voltron. They were concerned however when he wouldn’t release Lance until it was time for the celebration. Hunk’s concern went through the roof thinking that maybe they were planning on using Lance as a sacrifice. This caused everyone else to worry a bit since they weren’t aware of any of the people’s traditions. Shiro warned everyone to be ready just in case they needed to save Lance.

When the party began and everyone was mingling in the crowd still wondering where Lance was, two young kids grabbed everyone’s attention to make an announcement.

“Now presenting, his majesty the King. Lance the Blue Paladin of Voltron, Pilot of the mighty Blue Lion, and Teller of Tales.”

The doors opened slowly to reveal Lance dressed in royal blue robes and garments completed with a crown. To say everyone was shocked would be an understatement. Lance walked with his head held high and exquisite posture as though he was born to wear those clothes and that crown. Everyone thought it was a prank at first, but when the room erupted with cheers and applauds as Lance took the throne next to King Dragdox, they realized that the boy had somehow convinced an entire planet that he was royalty. Allura was furious thinking that Lance took advantage of the situation and had lied to everyone. She was about to storm up there and demand Lance to tell the truth until the King started to speak.

“A toast to King Lance’s birth! May he live long and prosper for many years to come, and that he be returned to his family so that they won’t have to wait too long for their King’s return. To King Lance!!”

“To King Lance!!”

How could he have not told anyone that it was his birthday? How is it that an entire planet, not even the one he was born on, know that it was his birthday before them? Feeling a little guilty for not knowing or remembering, everyone made a promise to do something special for Lance the moment they got some down time.

The party carried on well into the night, everyone celebrating both Lance and the fact that they get to see another sunrise. Lance found that he had fun talking with all the people he had spent time with in the underground bunker. They taught him a dance they do for parties, gave him gifts, and literally tried to shower him with money. He should probably learn to start being specific because man did some of those coins hurt. Lance was about to retire for the night when he saw King Dragdox and stopped him.

“Your majesty, this was amazing, thank you. I promise I’ll return the clothes before I leave. You don’t understand how much this meant. Even if it’s not what I’m used to, I really appreciate the effort put into everything.”

“Not a problem King Lance! Keep the clothes. Wear them every year around the time of your birth to remind everyone, including yourself, that you are a mighty king, and you will return to your people. Feel free to keep the crown as well, I have plenty. I can’t even begin to explain the amount of times I’ve lost this thing.”

Lance laughed at the mental picture of a closet filled with completely identical crowns. He thanked the king one last time before going to bed. When he woke up, Lance would no longer be a king, but that didn’t matter. He could always wait until next year.

  • Hufflepuff : in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight...
  • Slytherin : there are no lions in the jungle.
  • Hufflepuff : what ?
  • Ravenclaw : Slytherin's right, I think. No lions in the jungle. Their mane would get tangled in thorns and shit.
  • Slytherin : no lions in the jungle. This song is incorrect. Stop singing.
  • Hufflepuff : artistic license, Slytherin. Not everything has got to be accurate. Isn't that right, Gryffindor ?
  • Gryffindor : Go the fuck to sleep it's 2 a.m. I don't want to be part of an argument over a bloody song.
  • Slytherin :
  • Ravenclaw :
  • Hufflepuff :
  • Hufflepuff : hey, isn't "go the Fuck to sleep" a bedtime song or something ?
  • Gryffindor : *throws pillow*
The Lion And The Lamb

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 jaime x Reader

Jaime almost fell over you as you sat in the long grass, fingers playing with a silver lamb which hung from a chain around your neck.

“Forgive me my lady I did not see you there.” He said calmly despite the slight frustration and your utter determination to ignore him.

“I am not a lady.” You sighed and glared up at him until he sat next to you.

“Your father is a lord I recognise your Sigel.” He smiled when you rolled your eyes.

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So I have this head-cannon that the paladins have obviously seen The Lion King and they would often sing songs from the movie when there’s down time because like, it’s The Lion King


  • Hunk busting out Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase~ When someone is feeling down
  • When the Castle of Lions passes a circular galaxy and Pidge runs up to the window with their arms out yelling It’s the circle of life!
  • Shiro pulling out the Can you feel, the love tonight~ card when arguments break out (unaware he ends up making them worse)
  • Oh~ I just can’t wait to be king~ is what Keith sings when he thinks he’s alone when in actuality both Shiro and Lance hide out nearby to listen in
  • Everyone singing In the Jungle when they’re around the dinner table or lounge together
    • Pidge and Hunk: Aweeboway Aweeboway  Aweeboway~
    • Shiro: Bass-y Background of humming Hmmmmm~
    • Keith and Lance: Harmonizing In the jungle, the mighty jungle~ The Lion sleeps tonight~ In the jungle, the mighty jungle~ The Lion sleeps tonight~
    • ^courtesy of Lance
Cardboard Castles

Thiiiiiiiis…probably sucks, but eeeeeeeey, there might be something enjoyable inside, maybe? something? I dunno.

AnYWAYS, hope you like it @eleedoesart ! This is me taking you out on a most promised date and I hope I do good, bc I suck at dates and stuff. 

It’s a one shot of these idiots moving in together to a new apartment in the modern au, so yeah! Shklance for the soul, hope you like it <333 

2.5k words under the cut, so yeah, clic on read more if you see it and want to. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

Lance wakes up with tickles.

More than tickles, the familiar feeling of butterflies kisses against his face. He smiles unconsciously and leans closer to their source. There’s a low chuckle near him and Lance cracks one of his eyes open to meet a familiar gray pair.

“Morning,” Shiro mumbles, nuzzling his face closer to his boyfriend’s, earning yet again another giggle from Lance.

“It is now,” Lance sighs contently, shifting on the bed to wraps his arms around the other man’s shoulders, pulling him down, “What got you into the romantic mood so early?”

Shiro hums. “Well, it is a especial morning; it’s our first morning together in our new place. A especial wake up method was required.”

“I like this method.” Lance declares softly, dropping a kiss on the pink scar over Shiro’s nose.

“Well, that’s good, because then you have the honors to wake up the last sleeping beauty in this bed.” Shiro looks to the side, eyes turning fond at the snoring figure next to them.

Lance follows his gaze, snorting quietly when a loud sharp snore shakes Keith’s entire body.

“Oh, such an honor.” Lance teases, rolling his eyes but grinning playfully. He untangles himself from Shiro’s embrace and turns his body, groaning with pleasure when his muscles stretch and bones crack at his movements.

He crawls on the bed until he’s knee sitting besides his still sleeping boyfriend.

Lance goes with the tender fluffy option first.

He places his hand over Keith’s disheveled bed hair and strokes it gently, not at all surprised to see that it has no knots whatsoever, one of his boyfriend’s many lucky miracles.

“Babe, time to wake up.”


Lance frowns and purses his lips.

Welp, he tried. Time for teasing playful option.

“Babe.” He calls again, finger up and poking one of Keith’s pale cheeks.

Still a big nothing.

“Keith, honestly.”

A loud exaggerated snore answers him, and Lance gasps dramatically.

“You little shit! I knew you could hear me.”

There’s a moment of silence and then,


“Oh my god.”

Shiro barks a laugh from his side of the bed, shaking his head in amusement as he watches his boyfriend failing to make their lover to move in the least. He raises his hand in surrender when Lance turns back to glare at him.

“Alright,” Lance shrugs, smirk growing on his face and Shiro knows what’s coming, “You asked for this, mullet.”

Keith barely has time to register the words before Lance’s lifting up his shirt and blowing a loud sloppy raspberry on his stomach.

The reaction is immediate. Keith squeaks and turns sharply, laughter escaping his mouth and struggling wildly when Shiro joins his other side and hold him down by the wrist.

“No, no! Don’t you dare -! Lance! I see you! Don’t!” Keith laughs, fighting against his boyfriend’s hold with no success whatsoever; for only using one hand, Shiro has quite the strong grip, “Shiro, let go! Oh my god!”

He hears Shiro chuckle above him, lips pressed against the top of his head. “You had it coming, baby. I can’t interfere with Lance’s vengeance.”

“Wise choice,” Lance muses, dropping a quick kiss to Keith’s stomach before using his fingers to tickle him, “Last time, mullet! Surrender your sleep or suffer the consequences!”

“Never!” Keith shouts back, voice cracking in the middle by a hiccup, grin still wide and big in his face.

Both Lance and Shiro share a look before nodding.

“Then a war shall we have!” Lance exclaims, leaning away from his boyfriend before grabbing a pillow and holding up high in his head, not hesitating to bring it down to Keith’s face.

“Lance!” Keith shouts, finally free from Shiro’s hold but only to be attacked by said partner with his own pillow, “Not fair!”

“You’re getting slow, love,” Shiro cackles, dodging the hit coming from Lance effortlessly before throwing his pillow to the brunet, effectively hitting him in the face.

“Ack!” Lance yelps, throwing himself back in the bed and clutching his chest dramatically, pillow still covering his face, “Blue down! Blue down!”

“Red is on the move! I repeat, Red’s on the move!” Shiro mockingly gasp, grinning wildly as Keith jumps on the bed, lifting his own pillow up, eyes narrow with challenge.

“He’s going for Black! He is defenseless! Will this be the end of the Black Lion?” Lance narrates from the bed’s edge, using his phone as microphone while pulling his own pillow closer to his chest.

“Not helping!” Shiro groans as he blocks with his arm another pillow attack from his smaller boyfriend.

“He’s losing strength! I repeat! Losing! Strength!”


“He’s calling for Blue but Blue’s on the other side of paradise by his own fault! There’s no one to help him!”

“The Mighty Black Lion is weakening!” Keith joins in with the narration, dodging one of Shiro’s attacks, a wide exciting grin decorating his face,  “He’s getting slower by the second! He is now Red’s prisoner!”

“He’s making breakfast!” Lance adds, laughing and launching himself to hug Keith’s waist once Shiro flops down on the bed and raises his hand in surrender, “The legendary waffles of the Mighty Black Lion make a comeback!”

“And the kingdom has been restored!” Keith cheers, leaning down and dropping a kiss on top of his brunet boyfriend.

“Can the black Lion get kisses too before he goes into fulfilling his punishment, which he will do with pleasure and love?” Shiro chides in, lifting his head to look at both of his boyfriends.

The pair share a grin before throwing themselves on their boyfriend.

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You ever notice how Shiro kinda embodies the traits of all five Lions? I mean if we consider how Allura describes the Lions in the first episode…

The Black Lion

“The Black Lion is the decisive head of Voltron. It will take a pilot who is a born leader and in control at all times, someone whose men will follow without hesitation.” ~ we obviously already know this is true, because the other Paladins all followed Shiro without hesitation even before they had their Lions, and it’s clear from the first two seasons that Shiro is ideally suited to be the Black Paladin and is the Lion’s first choice to lead Voltron.

The Red Lion

“The Red Lion is temperamental and the most difficult to master. It’s faster and more agile than the others, but also more unstable. Its pilot needs to be someone who relies more on instincts than skill alone.” ~ “difficult to master” would sum up how Shiro behaved in Galra captivity: always fighting his guards, always resisting, defeating monsters he wasn’t supposed to defeat, planning his escape even though it seemed hopeless. Shiro is also fast and agile, and he has a bit of a temper: more in control than Keith’s (which is why Keith is the Red Paladin and not Shiro), but it’s there. You see it when he fights Zarkon on the astral plane, and in the way he talks about Lubos in 2x04.

The Blue Lion

Although we don’t have canon traits for the Blue Lion, it’s implied she’s gregarious, friendly, and nurturing. Shiro’s approach to leadership sits into this perfectly: he nurtures others, encourages them, and takes an interest in people’s problems. He’s also very perceptive and quick to pick up on other people’s emotions: he figured out Pidge was Katie; he expressed concern for Keith when he blew up at everyone in 2x08, and he completely sincerely referred to Lance as the team’s “sharpshooter” in 2x10 - because he knows that Lance feels insecure about himself, even though no one else picks up on that.

The Yellow Lion

“The Yellow Lion is caring and kind. Its pilot is one who puts the needs of others above his own. His heart must be mighty. As the leg of Voltron, you will lift the team up and hold them together.” ~ we’ve seen plenty of examples of Shiro uplifting the team when they give up, and I’ve pointed out before that he’s excellent at managing interpersonal conflicts and bringing people together. He’s a genuinely kind person who usually hides his own needs and struggles so as not to bother the rest of the team. And seriously - listen to any one of Shiro’s speeches and tell me he doesn’t have a ‘mighty heart’.

The Green Lion

“The Green Lion has an inquisitive personality and needs a pilot of intellect and daring.” ~ Shiro was an explorer and an astronaut before he joined Voltron, so it’s safe to say he has an inquisitive personality. If you watch the way he fights, you can tell how daring he is: he’ll run up a wall and ride a barrel into a droid’s face and then do a backflip like it’s nothing.

The fact that Shiro reflects something of the traits of all the Lions (and therefore the Paladins) is why he’s such an effective Black Paladin. He’s the perfect choice to lead Voltron because he understands all the Lions and their Paladins, so it’s easier for him to bring them together and bring out the best in them.

But it also hints at the fact that Shiro IS Voltron - and that’s a theme that comes up repeatedly on the show. He embodies all of Voltron’s traits to one degree or another, and as such he’s able to bring Voltron together - even when everyone else gives up. He’s like the spirit of Voltron - and there’s a reason why the team feels so disjointed without him.

Aquarius Full Moon - August 7th 2017 ✨🌕🦋♒️

Opening your heart to new beginnings *******************************

This Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius during Leo season is calling us and reminding us to transcend the mind and ego, to seek new perspectives and change, to awaken the light in our souls, and most importantly, it is calling us to open our heart and to set ourselves free.
Not only is tonight’s moon a Full Moon, but it is also a Lunar Eclipse. A Lunar Eclipse is when the moon appears darkened as it passes into the Earth’s shadow. Eclipses are very powerful for times of new beginnings and endings,and for birthing new life. Eclipses are known for bringing great changes to our lives, as it ultimately shifts the Earths energies moving forward for months ahead.
The sun, set in 15 degrees Leo, is opposing  the Moon, set in 15 degrees Aquarius, while both happen to be set in the degree of 15, which is also something to look at and consider. Number 15 is a blend of the vibrations of the number 1 and number 5. Number 1 correlates to new beginnings, assertiveness, activity and achievement. Number 5 resonates more or so with making important decisions/changes, motivation, idealism and doing things your way. Combing the two numbers into 15 makes this a number of independence, creativity, originality as it breathes the energy of love. Seeing the number 15 is a message from the Divine, calling us to make some much needed change in our lives.The Number 15 is also a message to keep your thoughts and actions focused on your goals and aspirations in order to manifest them into your life.
Is there something that is holding you back? Something that is keeping you unhappy? This Full Moon is the perfect time to break free from those chains of restraint in order to change your life for the better, to turn it around and create a new path for yourself. Have no fear about making these major changes, as in the long-run they will prove to be of great benefit to you, to others, and to your life. With the Sun in warm and positive Leo, the sign of the heart itself, make sure you are using positive affirmations and outlooks in order to keep your outlook on these dreams bright and receptive. With the Full Moon in Aquarius, the sign of the higher mind and future, you will have the ability to find the inner wisdom to set your heart on the right path and to achieve all that you strive for.The time has come to end old patterns that we repeat that do not serve us any growth in life. These can be any kinds of restraints that are holding you back, whether it be of thought, speech and/or action, these things are ultimately holding you back and not allowing you to move forward with Aquarius, the sign of the future and new beginnings. Once we let go of these patterns and old ways of doing, we are opening our souls to a myriad of paths that waiting to be walked down.
With the Sun in Leo accompanying and being conjunct with Mars throughout the month of August, also being opposed to the Moon, comes extra intensity to not only the energies in the sky, but to our hearts feelings, as well. With Mars, the celestial body of anger and aggression, opposing the Moon, the celestial body of our souls and emotions, comes surges of all kinds of emotion rising to the surface, which is more than important during an Aquarius Full Moon, often a sign known for closing off emotions. Because of these emotions arising so intensely, this is the Full Moon telling us that we need to end the inner battles we have with ourselves, especially when it comes to being vulnerable. The time has come to honor and embrace our emotions and to let our guard down, especially in the area of life/house this Full Moon Eclipse is happening in your Natal Chart transits. With the Sun in Leo, the sign of the heart, it will accompany and help the Moon in Aquarius, working together to open your heart to the world around you ―after all, the sign of Aquarius represents universal love, while lovely Leo represents self love. The two will work together in opening your heart to the beauty of love itself.
With Mars accompanying the Sun, this is also a sign to put your more aggressive and angry emotions into positive, creative outlets. Showing your anger and emotion is an important part of life, as long as we’re putting those energies into non aggressive means, which is something we often forget to do. But with the help of this Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius, and the beautiful Sun in Leo, we can expect inner callings to direct those feelings into positive outlets. We as humans are Divine Creators and using those emotions as our drives is more important than we know.
No matter what area you are working on in life, or where you find yourself during this Full Moon, the main calling of this Full Moon is to follow your hearts desire and to make sure you’re taking time to make the decisions necessary to change your life for the better. Stay focused on your goals and aspirations in life and set them in motion instead of restraining yourself in fear. Aquarius is the sign of new ideas and innovations, and with the passionate and confident energies of Leo accompanying you this month, with the intuitive callings of the divine, everything will be set into motion, as long you are helping yourself and making those changes for the better. Set yourself on the path that your soul is being called to and follow your heart because nobody is going to do so for you. With the help from the divine Mother Moon, the Wise Water Bearer, the Golden Rays of the sun, the Lovely Lion and Mighty Mars himself, and most importantly, help from your decisions, you’re on the path of opening your heart to new beginnings and setting your soul absolutely free.

The Full Moon in Aquarius is good for:
*Banishing old patterns
*Making changes for new beginnings
*Acceptance/self love
*Setting goals and new ideas into motion
*Charging/cleansing crystals, stones and items

Crystals for the Aquarius Full Moon/Aquarius in general:
Amethyst, Selenite Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite,Garnet, Aquamarine, Amber, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Opal ✨✨✨

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius to everyone celebrating! May today bring you all of your manifestations, Divine energies and all of the love and freedom you deserve ✨🌕🦋

  • Lance: well you know what they say
  • Keith: what
  • Lance: the urge to sing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" is just a whim away, a whim away, a whim away...
  • Keith: don't
  • Hunk: [starts chanting a-weema-weh]
  • Pidge: [starts wailing shrilly]
  • Keith: i swear to g-