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Scribble-Doodle: Forbidden to Know

Teen parabatai story! Set in 203, following their final test. I’m tagging it as Jalec because Alec’s feelings for Jace play a part here.

Alec suggests it’s time to celebrate. Jace wholeheartedly agrees. Because they made it. They passed the last test. Now nothing can stop them from becoming parabatai.

Laughing, Jace throws an arm around Alec’s shoulders and they start for the door when…

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Swap AU

When Ludo first got the wand, I knew it should be easier to take it. He’s Ludo. But I was sadly mistaken. The annoying bird is actually powerful, and has this bodyguard. Karate Boy…


Marco stared at the bird in front of him. He was smiling happily as this little rattle or wand as he said it emmited a rainbow with some green going through it over his head.

Is that supposed to be a… uhm… rainbow?! Marco thought as he watched it catch fire.

“Crap! Uhm…! Water! I need water!” This so called Ludo waved his wand and shouted, “Tsunami blast!“ at the top of his lungs making blue and green water spout from the stick.

“Ehm… so your name is Ludo of Avarius? And you’re from another dimension called Mewni?” Marco asked, watching Ludo run around in panic as water flooded the middle hall.

“Yeah! Help?!!!” Ludo stopped running when all the water miraculously disappeared, leaving the floor wet and slippery though. “Oh… never mind. Forgot this was magic.”

Marco gulped. I can stay away now that I know his name… The boy backed away, a smile plastered on his face. “Well, that’s the end of our tour! I’m going home now.”

Ludo looked at Marco, an eyebrow raised as he ran off. “He does know I’ll be staying with him? Right?”

“Who are you talking to?” Ludo turned to see this girl in a beanie looking at him confused.

“No one.” Ludo stared back to where Marco had gone. He was now a spot in the distance. "Gotta blast!“


Today was… different.Marco thought tiredly, rubbing his eyes and yawning. I can’t wait to get home and go to sleep. Crash on my bed… Marco grabbed his house keys from his pocket and unlocked the door.

Sleep till dinner. He slowly opened the door. Go take a nice shower… WHAT.Marco’s eyes widened when he saw that magical prince from another dimension siting on his couch in between his parents.

“Marco!” His mother, Angie, stood up and showed Marco Ludo. “This is Ludo. You’ve met him.” An edge sounded in her voice. “He said you ran off?”

Marco’s jaw hit the floor as Ludo gave a kinky smile. “Yeah you did. You said ‘Well, that’s the end of our tour! I’m going home now.’ I’m a foreign exchange student? Right? Wouldn’t I come here?”

Marco faced palmed.

“It would be nice to have a little glimmer of magic in this house, right Raphael?” Mrs. Diaz looked up at her husband.

“Yes it would!” He answered, an accent tinting his voice.

“Could you show Ludo to his new room?” Angie asked, looking back at Marco.

“Sure…” Marco looked at Ludo’s giant trunk of stuff from his home. “You can carry that, right?”

Ludo nodded. “Levitato!” A blast of green magic came from his wand, taking the trunk and levitating it. “I’m ready! Show me where to go!”


A Frog like monster watched a boy and Ludo go up to a higher level in the house through the window. An evil laugh escaped his mouth, his webbed hands reaching to grab a pair of scissors.

Opening them, he tore a rip in the air and a portal opened before him. With a mighty leap, he jumped into the portal.

The Frog monster landed on the other side of the portal in a crouch, his evil grin still on his face.

“Princess, muah muah!” Buff Frog said, putting two fingers to his mouth and kissing them. “They hid the prince in the Earth dimension! And he’s… unguarded.”

“Really?” A bubbly yet dark voice emitted from a colorful throne. The chair turned around quickly to show a pretty blonde girl with hearts planted on her cheeks.

The girl leaned forward on her arm, her elbow resting on the plush blue armrest. “Unguarded? In the Earth dimension? This will be a piece of cake! I can get the wand easily!

"I’d have the power to take over Mewni! I’d have the power to he—…”

“Star?” Buff Frog asked, looking at the blode girl as her sapphire eyes downcast. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine!” She said, jumping out her throne. “I have to change the wallpapers here! Looking at red brick covered with red is irritating my eyes!”

Buff Frog watched as Star grabbed her scissors from her pocket. They were blue and pink speckled scissors with a golden gem in the middle.

“To Earth!” She cried.


“I’ve never seen a room so bland before.”

Marco slouched as Ludo walked around examining his new room. He gave comments on the interior of the dressers and the exterior of the twin bed.

He waved his hand/wing toward to floor saying the tile was only one color and not marble. The bird even commented saying the window had no balcony and was not big enough.

Marco had had enough. "THEN CHANGE THE ROOM.“He started to rub his temples.

"Oh, you’re right! Magic!” Ludo waved his wand. “Dark night room expand!”

Green and blue magic blasted from his wand, circling the room. Soon, a green brick castle tower appeared at the side of the Diaz house.

Marco’s eyes widened. Stairs twirled up toward the pointed roof, a pole following them. Green fire torches lit the room along the wall with a chandelier dropping from the roof.

It was a nice 3 story room.

Over done? Marco nodded at the thought.

“Much better!” Ludo exclaimed, dropping onto his blue canopy bed.

“I want a room like this…” Marco muttered under his breath, but Ludo seemed to have heard him.

“Really?!” Ludo jumped from is canopy bed and stared at the boy. “I can do that!”

“Could you do—” Marco was cut off by the little bird running to his room. Oh no… he might do something wrong…

Marco quickly ran after him. “Wait! I change my mind!!!”

But it was too late. Ludo’s wand was already pointed at his room. “Dark night suck portal!!!”

Marco watched in horror as a huge black hole appeared in the middle of his room. Everything… everything… was sucked up into the portal… including them almost before Marco closed the door.

Marco’s breath heaved, his brown eyes looking anywhere but Ludo. "SUCK?! WHY WAS SUCK IN THERE?!“

"I DUNNO IT JUST CAME OUT THAT WAY!” Ludo held his wand at his heart as his little chest went up and down at hazordous speeds.

“You know what?!” Marco gave Ludo a hard, cold look, making the bird flinch. “If you’re staying here, then I’m not!”

“Fine!” Ludo yelled back.

Marco moved to the hallway window, giving him a hard stare before he fell out.

Ludo couldn’t help but run to it. “Are you okay?!”

“The cacti broke my fall.” Marco said, his voice deadpanned.

“Want so—”

Before Ludo could say anything, Marco simply got up and ran off.



Ludo looked at the boy leaning on a building. He was drinking something, his eyes cautious.

Ludo sighed, sitting on his fluffy green cloud. He doesn’t want my help. But I feel bad. I’ve never felt bad before. He looked up to see Marco sighing, sitting on the ground.

He needs help.

Quickly, Ludo flew over there. Marco jumped away when he saw a green cloud zooming at him.

“Wha!” He jumped up off the ground, looking at Ludo.

Ludo jumped to the ground, the green cloud disappearing, making him shorter. He bowed his head.

“Look, I’m sorry about everything. Your school, room. Everything. Kinda messed up your house.” Ludo bowed his head more. “I should’ve been more cautious. I don’t know how to use the wand very well.

"I’ll live somewhere else.” Ludo nodded.

Marco didn’t like Ludo apologizing. He should’ve been forgiving and helpful. As he was about to say something, his eyes caught something behing the bird.

“L-Ludo…” Marco pointed behind the kappa.

Ludo turned around only to gasp. “Star!” An army of monsters stood behind her.

“Prince Ludo.” Star, the pretty girl with Sapphire eyes stared at the little guy. She tipped her skull hat. “I’m here to take the wand. I’m sure you know?”

“You’re pretty.”

Star’s head snapped up to see a boy in a red hoodie staring at her.

“Marco!” Ludo whisper yelled. “You can’t say that to the enemy!”

Marco shook his head and nodded.

But Star was still staring at him. Her eyes wide and mouth ajar. He called me pretty.

Buff Frog looked at his frozen leader and sighed. Lovestruck, Star Butterfly. You are lovestruck.

“Attack!” Star cried out finally, still staring at Marco.

Ludo braced himself, that kinky smile appearing before Marco jumped in front of him. He kicked a charging monster, chopped it, and then kicked it to the ground before planting his foot on its head.

“You can fight?” Ludo asked.

“He can fight?” Star asked, turning to Buff Frog who simply shrugged.

“It’s called… KARATE!!!” Marco said, karate chopping another monster.

Star watched as her monsters went to work in retrieving the wand. He’s good.

Before she knew it, Ludo was looking up at her. “Want some of this Star?” He asked smugly, pointing his wand toward the defeated monsters.

I actually don’t want some of that Marco kid… Star sighed. “No. Retreat.”

Star pulled out her scissors and cut a portal through Earth’s existence. “Into the portal. I’ll make sure you all have nice glasses of water and juice, kay?”

“Yay!” With that, the monsters rushed into the portal.

Star turned to Marco and Ludo. “I’ll get the wand soon. Be ready when I do.”

And with that, she jumped into the portal.

The portal closed and Marco turned to Ludo. “Look, I’m sorry. I should have been kinder. Wanna be friends? You can stay with us.” The boy put out his hand.

Ludo looked at it and smiled. He grabbed Marco’s hand and shook it, quickly letting go.

“Would we fight monsters all the time?” Marco asked excitedly.

“Yeah,” Ludo answered, looking at the boy jump and yell “So dangerous!” at the top of his lungs.

We’ll be good friends.


“Princess Star!” Buff Frog called, pointing to the red wallpaper on the brick wall. “You said you’d like it removed?”

Star looked up from her throne, the hourglasses on her cheeks being replaced by her hearts.

She gave the wallpaper one look. It reminded her quickly of that kid in the hoodie. Marco…

“Nevermind. I like it. Go take your break, Buff Frog,” Star said.

He nodded and walked off.

Star leaned on her plush armrest and gave a sigh, looking at the wallpaper.

I like it.


After I met and “fought” that Marco kid, I always look to that wallpaper and think of him. Sounds crazy, right? Today we’re going to attack again. For some reason I can’t wait to see him.

I think I’m… lovestruck?


Swap AU made by p-valley on tumblr. If you want to see the comic, go to his blog.


Copy and pasted from Random Starco One-Shots om fanfiction.net.



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anonymous asked:

hello, may I ask what "giant leaps of doom" is in your review of Earl Carpenter's performance that you have watched?

Aaaah, the giant leap of doom. Epic.

Basically, Earl Carpenter stood on the Mausoleum bridge with the cross, and towards the end of the scene, when Christine and Raoul is about to run off, he ran from the side, took a giant leap over the cross base, and landed on the other side. With skull stick in hand!

How he did not fall down or crash land is beyond me. It looked quite terrifying. It was also mighty cool. Hence, “giant leap of doom”.

The Unexpected Arrival: Part Four

The Unexpected Arrival: Part Four

This story was inspired by Acid/C2ndy2c1d (http://c2ndy2c1d.tumblr.com) and her undying loyalty for one of my favorite cartoons, Courage the Cowardly Dog. And since she’s shown so many wonderful drawings to help sate my cravings, I thought I would write something in exchange.

This particular scenario is inspired by her awesome comic:


Rating: K (for Katz~) 

Summary: After Muriel and Eustace’s passing, the Middle of Nowhere finally seems too empty for Courage. But some familiar, frightening faces will soon change all of that.


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A Quest for Vengeance: Heroes and Champions: A Short Story

Time for another episode from my “A Quest for Vengeance” series!

In today’s episode we bring together @baldore-of-the-boros‘s fanwalker, Kheve and @foilmountain‘s fanwalker, Ellis.

If yall want me to tag you in future episodes, let me know!

To catch up on the other episodes click –> here <–. They’re not related enough for you to need to read one before another. They’ll eventually line up though. Several episodes from now.

Gather `Round! It’s Storytelling time!

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Imagine: Having to leave the Jedi Order because of your feelings for Obi Wan

For anon… Enjoy!

You zipped the last bag and loaded it onto your small ship, ignoring the constant dread that had pitted itself in your stomach. 

You were leaving. For good. 

It was almost disgusting to you, how you felt about Obi Wan. He had practically raised you since your were small, teaching you everything about the Force that there was to know. He was like your father and you thought about him romantically. Even worse, love was a path to the Dark Side. It transforms the way you act and feel which, as Yoda taught you, was an immediate and inescapable route to the darkness. It was better to leave than to give in to the evil of the Dark Side.

You shook your head and climbed into the vehicle, strapping yourself in and grasping the steering wheel, your knuckles whitening. This was it. 

Slowly, your index finger tapped a flashing red button and the engine whirred to life, making the ship rattle unnervingly. 

You took a deep, shaking breath and pushed on the steering wheel, causing the ship to skip forward. You jumped slightly, as if you were still surprised you were actually doing this. 

Swallowing down any thoughts that screamed at you to stop, you pushed the steering wheel upward. With a mighty roar, the ship leaped off of the ground, blasting towards the atmosphere of Coruscant. Before you knew it, blackness surrounded you and the urban planet, with the Jedi Temple and beautiful lights that lit up the night, were far behind you.

“But why?” Obi Wan asked for the fourth time, running his fingers through his fair hair anxiously. It had been three days since you went missing and Obi Wan was almost enveloped in full blown panic, his face beginning to look gaunt. 

The Jedi Knight was standing in front of Yoda. The little green Jedi’s three fingers hands were clasped together and his chin rested on top of them. His eyes looked glazed, as if he was deep in thought. 

“Know, I do not.” He croaked, looking up at Obi Wan. The Jedi gritted his teeth in frustration. 

“You must have some idea!” Obi wan almost yelled, throwing up his hands. 

Yoda merely looked up him. 

“An idea, I have. Like it, you will not.” He rasped, sitting up in his chair. 

Obi Wan narrowed his eyes. 

“What are you talking about?” 

Yoda cleared his throat. 

“Loved you, Y/N did. Their only solution, leaving was.” He whispered, staring at his feet. “Sorry, I am.”

Obi Wan’s mouth tightened into a thin line and his eyes grew glassy, blurring his vision. 

“Are you sure?” He murmured, even though the answer was obvious. 

Yoda nodded slowly, his gaze slowly drifted up to meet Obi Wan’s.

“Unfortunately.” Was all he said. 

Obi Wan ran his fingers through his hair again, blinking rapidly. 

“Excuse me.” He muttered before turning abruptly and leaving the room, the door closing halfway behind him.

Noiselessly, the draconequus slides forward, eyes sharp and intent on her sleeping prey. Each step is slow and deliberate, her padded paws allowing her to come on in deadly silence. The teenage dragon continues to slumber, oblivious to his impending fate. With a mighty leap, the draconequus cub sails through the air, boosted by the haphazard (but of course graceful) flaps of her still-developing wings.

In one swift motion, Spike swings his lower body up and inward, neatly catching his little sister with his hind legs.

“Nice try.” Spike said, smirking, “But next time, try not to narrate yourself while you ‘hunt’, oh swift and mighty predator Panny.”

“Rawr!” said Pandora, still struggling to boop his nose with her paw.


I get a lot of requests to draw more of Spike and Pandora’s relationship. They’re pretty close, despite the age gap (Spike is in his late-ish teens, Panny is school aged). Panny thinks her brother is the absolute coolest and annoys the hell out of him with sticky sweet little sister wuv~
Spike is really is a cool BBBFF and enjoys having somebody looking up to him for once

DeanCas + ridiculous, couple-y, fluffy autumn things

“Get back here, Dean!” Castiel laughed, his face flushed pink from the cool bite of the November breeze. His boot slipped on a stray, dew-laced leaf, causing him to lose his footing and fall backwards into a pile of freshly raked leaves.

He landed with an explosion of color, leaves in brilliant hues of reds and yellows bursting out from beneath him. The sight had Dean curled over himself with laughter, wracking through his body.

Their rakes had long since been forgotten, tossed lazily to the edge of the lawn when the game of chase had been initiated. 

With a mighty leap, Dean joined Castiel in the mess, tossing a handful of leaves at his boyfriend’s face. Castiel glared playfully, his azure gaze taunting, and Dean didn’t hesitate to crawl forward and take his face in his hands.

Cupping his chilled cheeks with gloved hands, Dean guided Castiel’s lips to his own. The kiss was brief and loving, filling them both with brilliant warmth. Dean pulled away only slightly, a sly smirk on his lips.

“What d'ya say we take a break from raking, and share a shower?” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively, and Castiel couldn’t suppress a fond chuckle, before nodding eagerly.

The fireplace bathed the room in a soft, golden light.

Dean was sprawled out in front of the source of heat, skin still bare and hair damp. Castiel padded out of the bedroom, drying his hair with a towel.

Caught in a post-bliss state of comfort, Castiel sank to the floor beside his beloved. Immediately his hands reached out for Dean’s bare skin, rubbing circles into his sore muscles with practiced movement.

“Mm.. feels so good,” Dean murmured, eyes slipping shut. It was ironic that he had been gasping out the same sentence only moments before, in an entirely different situation.

Cas smiled to himself and continued to rub soothing shapes across Dean’s back.

“Cas, it’s a tradition,” Dean insisted, thrusting the coffee mug towards the other. “You can’t just say no to a Winchester tradition!”

“But Dean, I don’t even like cinnamon,” Castiel pointed out, though he took the cup in his hands regardless.

“You’ll like this. I promise. Have I ever broken a promise before?” Dean countered, flashing one of his signature smiles. The kind that make his eyes crinkle at the corners. The kind that make Castiel melt.

“Alright. I trust you.” He brought the cup to his lips, taking a sip of the hot, sweet liquid. Chocolate and cinnamon melded on his tongue, a strong and spicy flavor that tasted like Dean’s lips. 

Immediately, he loved it. “Cinnamon hot chocolate. Who would’ve known,” Castiel replied after a moment, taking another generous sip.

Dean chased the cocoa with a kiss, pulling his boyfriend close by his belt loops. Suddenly he pulled away, green eyes wide with horror.

“Cas. We missed something on our agenda.”

“..What, Dean?”

“Pumpkin pie. Let’s get started.”

The Carol Corps and the Kamala Korps Are Changing the Way Marvel Thinks About Female Superheroes

When Marvel Comics announced that their newest superhero would be a Muslim teenager from New Jersey, the Pakistani-American girl Kamala Khan, the New York Times headline read like it could have come right out of the pages of the Daily Bugle: “Mighty, Muslim and Leaping Off the Page”! After only two issues, Ms. Marvel has indeed become quite mighty, garnering rave reviews from readers and critics and becoming a top-selling digital comic.

t-a-c  asked:

Today's my birthday. I'm considering the foil Gilt-Leaf Winnower I pulled from my draft prizes to be my present. Since I'm 26 today, do you have any fun facts about card 26 from Origins, Mighty Leap?

What I love about the design of Gilt-Leaf Winnower is how the design captures the sense of hypocrisy.

“Wait, aren’t you the very thing you claim to hate?”

“It says non-Elf. I’m an Elf.”

Happy Birthday!

EDIT: Oh, you asked about Mighty Leap. Yeah, I don’t have any trivia on that.
fic: in the still of the night (i hear the wolf howl, honey) (Thorki, Explicit)

Loki goes to bring oil and wine to his grandmother and meets the big, bad wolf.

The Little Red Riding Hood AU you thought I’d never finish. Woefully unbetaed, but after so long it was post it now or never.
Warnings: dub-con, bestiality (really, don’t read if that’s not your thing)

Read on AO3

The dim twilight lingering in the great hall is a perfect match for Loki’s mood. Only tendrils of light illuminate the short days, never quite able to chase away the dark curtain of night at this time of the year, washing the harsh planes of Jotunheim in various shades of grey.

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